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Good graphics100% agree

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Starcraft Brood War

Love it! My favorite rpg game from the 90's! A great value! Thank you!

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I have always heard good things about this game looks great

The &a​mp;a​​mp;quot;snake game&a​mp;a​​mp;amp;quot; (it has several names) is one of the simplest game concepts ever, and just like Tetris it&amp​;amp​​;amp;apos;s very addictive. There are a lot of variations of this game written in Flash, and this tutorial will explain one way to create it. It&amp​;amp​​;amp;apos;s a relatively easy game to code, but many fail to make sure that when keys are pressed in rapid succession they are all registered. This is necessary if you want to have full control of the snake at all times.Read full review...


good old game, buy something newer

I played this game years ago and recently purchased it online for like 4 bucks, both games together (no manuals, though, or walkthroughs).

It was fun for the first disk, though the non-resource missions are very boring, running around looking for something without getting killed.

The graphics are puny, like 800@600... yawn

Best thing about this game is the "Polishing"... it doesn't have any glaring flaws and it works very nicely. Still, it is a very basic game. It is an early RTS that got the genre right back in 1999 or so.

By today's standards it is wimpy.

The second disk is lame. Like they thought they could make people happy with stuff like "medics". Lamest character ever, it shoots a medic-ray-gun at wounded soldiers. I gave up about halfway through the missions, don't even want to play it at all anymore.

It is old.

Starcraft 2 better be way, way, way, way better that starcraft I... after 10 years... cmon!
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I love this game. It really is a classic. It has a great plot that carries through with the expansion set. Basically, you create your own army and control what happens to it. If you are at war, you are constantly mining for minerals and creating new guys and still controlling your fighters. It's an intense game. I highly recommend it to anyone.Read full review...


War Games in Space

The thing that I liked most is being about to configure the game to suit me. I can pick the races that are playing against me. There are many pre-made game files. I like them better than the campaigns which can be difficult. It is only fun to use the cheat codes. You can find them with a web search. Sometimes if you have seven players against you it is difficult to get the research to build the enough units just to defend yourself. Especially in a ex large game area full of enemies. This is one of those that can use all your spare time.Read full review...


great older game.

can play on almost any system. Online play. leave it to blizzard to create a game that is fun15 years later.


Zerg, Terrain, Protoss...your Choice!

This game is one of a kind! I would say that when it came out that it was a great game to play and even now...it is still a great game to play in your spare time. With its great campain mode and its great online play where you can either play other gamers that are on the network or play the computer (up to 8 players may play in multiplayer mode) This is a great game that is easy to set up and esay to understand. I am sure that this game will still be played many years from now!Read full review...


This game is the ****

i lost my old copy, the damn thing is so much fun to play i had to get another copy. It is old school, but never not fun. Can't get enough of this game. Maybe one day i'll actually pony up the cash for the second one, but right now i dont see any good reason to. =DRead full review...


Good game

I bought the Game because I Loved the origanl game "StarCraft". This expansion set is a good game and I would recommend it to anyone who Liked "StarCraft".


Great classic game.

Nothing new here, Brood War is on of the most brilliant PC RTS of all time.

Blizzard made and will always make excellent games for the fan base and the E sports.

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