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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree

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A must have.

The story is one of betrayal. combat can be erratic at times but not so that it takes away from the actual enjoyment of the game. there are many elements of action and storytelling that bring you in but overall it is an experience that needs to be had at least onceRead full review...

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Good game

Fun game nice graphics looks clean no scratches looks brand new

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Thank you re

I love it

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The game was a Christmas gift for my son he loves the game plays the game all the time -has not said anything he does not like

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Great game great price

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Llegó antes de lo previsto y en excelente condición. Gracias

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I give this an average rating only because it's Star Wars, the graphics are great, and because like the first game, it does make you feel like you are a powerful dark Jedi "unleashing" the Force. But this game was a disappointment. Despite all the issues, the original Force Unleashed was a great game in my opinion. Unfortunately Unleashed II does not address any of the flaws that plagued the first game. Essentially it is the exact same game, just more of it. And I was happy about that. But there were far more things that I was unhappy about.

When you first start the game it's great. I felt very excited to be controlling this character again. Using the Force to grab Tie-Fighters from the sky and hurl them or shatter them to pieces is great. You destroy a bunch of Stormtroopers, some walkers, a couple other missile launching walkers and your like, "All right, here we go. This is going to be awesome."

But then you spend the remainder of this VERY short game waiting for it to get better. You never encounter any different enemies than you do in the first two levels. You're fighting the same enemies over and over and over again. For the most part, the boss fights are long and tedious, not fun and challenging. The Gorog is by far the highlight of the game. The levels are the same... generally boring. You spend most of the time going from room to room or platforming around fighting barrages of identical enemies. And sometimes it can be very difficult, but not in a fun and challenging way. More in a "this is a ridiculous pain in the you-know-what way."

Then comes the kicker... Darth Vader. Before you know it (that is after an unnecessarily long and boring platform session) you are fighting Darth Vader and thinking, "wait, there is NO WAY this is the end of the game!" But after a long, boring, and EASY confrontation with Vader you get to choose the light or dark side ending. Then of course you go back and fight Vader again to see the other ending. You are left feeling like Lucasarts pulled a fast one on you (no pun intended).

The cinematics are great and the story is good, but it is not long enough and it doesn't answer the main question: Is Starkiller really Starkiller? Makes it seem a little pointless. Being a huge SW fan, I enjoyed the game but it was disappointing. One reason why it is so disappointing is because of how much potential there is for this to be an amazing franchise of games. I HOPE they do better on the third one. The time period that they are dealing with is the only time period in the Star Wars universe where they really have an opportunity to do some creative story-telling. They may have wasted a large chunk of it with this game. The next one almost certainly has to segway into "A New Hope"

I'm not saying do not buy this game. It's worth it because you can play it and resell it, but don't have as high of expectations that I did.
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Satisfied customer

shipment came quickly, good communication ~ works fine & grandkids are enjoying it.

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Star wars the force unleashed II

Excellent game

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Enjoyable game

Buy it

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