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Revenge of the Sith

I have been vaguely aware of the story for years. This is really the transition of Anakin going from Jedi apprentice to Sith Apprentice. The emotional turmoil that is required to get someone to go from always fighting for good to good being dependent upon perspective is quite intense. This is probably the most intense of the Star Wars Saga (Episodes 1-6) so far. Yes, Anakin comes across a bit bratty at times, and undisciplined but as he was introduced into the Jedi program late (most childhood development scholars agree personality is set by age 5 & as he was considerably older than that when he started in the Jedi program it is expected he would have a different temperament and it becomes apparent in his patterns of behavior. When we toss in the torment of dreams about loosing his mother, then the actual way he lost his mother, it is to be expected that he seeks out a new paradigm for making sense of the way things need to work.Read full review...

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Very happy for the movies thank you

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star wars epi. 111

Bought for Grandson. Really likes it!

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The start of it all

I watched the first three episodes before watching the one released last year, (Episode 7). Episode 3 is the only one I would qualify as "essential viewing." But if you're a fan of Natalie Portman, the first two episodes give her character more to do and showcase her strengths better than episode 3. Her character just seemed weaker in her final appearance. I would watch it again.Read full review...

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star wars



Thank You sooooo very much!!!

This is the first time I bought something used (specially a movie). Was very skeptical about it.........NO MORE!!!!.....You can't ask more for the price!!!! Well packaged, in excellent condition (IMPRESSED - BY THE WAY-), and arrived before Christmas!!! Thank You soo much!!!!Read full review...

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Best movie, great second trilogy finale

This movie was great! The special effects were realistic and well done and the characters were even better!

I am very pleased with every aspect of this product

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It could have been better

Star Wars Episode III brings the prequel trilogy to an end in the usual dramatic starwars fashion. This movie focuses largely in over the top lightsaber battles between the most powerful of force-users.

I have several problems with this movie, and I'm not particularly disappointed with any of the actors but on the script itself. The brief dialogue and over emphasis on action sequences take away from the overarching plot, which is the rise/revenge of the sith. Darth Vader was not what I expected him to be in this movie, he was somewhat resentful of his turn toward the darkside and wared within himself at times. Not the powerhouse of the sith that would become consumed with reaching new heights of strength, but rather motivated by his love for his dying wife. On the otherhand; emperor palpatine was spot-on, an aged tyrant who has been manipulating the strings in politics for decades as well as waging a war spaning the galaxy all as a ruse for granting himself enough political power to become a dictator. The jedi as well as the rest of the allies of the republic are largely helpless or overpowered here. I liked what they did with count dooku, obi-wan, windu, and the twins; they covered a lot of bases. General Grievous, who was very interesting; it would have been fun as well as adding more depth to the movie to spend time developing his character, before killing him. There was not a real sense of loss when he died as opposed to when Darth Vader died in episode VI, in which you felt like something had happened.

Its an entertaining movie with a sad tale and lots of lightsabers but you will find yourself saying: "they could have done that better".
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very well pleased been looking for this episode for awhile

I have been looking for this episode for my collection and am very happy

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Star Wars III

We enjoyed this movie. Thanks

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