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Good graphics100% agree

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Best Spongebob Games

Finnaly, A Spongebob games that are not just generic platformer or racing.
This games retains all homour from Spongebob series by making the genre as a collection of minigames (just like Warioware series, Rhythm Heaven, or Rhythm Thief). Worth to play.Read full review...

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Spongebob Squigglepants is nice good fun for you DS!

I am enjoying this game very much. It contrives of a bunch of mini games and the really cool part is that Patchy the Pirate is in the game (just like if you were watching him on tv!.) He is really funny and he kind of tells a story. It's not a lot of words though...he gets right down to the game playing...and teases you if you fail! This game kind of reminds me of Rythym Heaven which got really frustrating. I'd much rather play this ANYTIME. Games should be fun, not make you feel like you want to throw your DS out the window! I recommend this game. It's just a lot of fun, nothing real serious and not real hard either (once you get used to how to play.)Read full review...


My son loved it and plays it often! Great item!

MY SON LOVED it! and it is a cute game! Thanks again! It is played often and I would recommend it to a friend or relative for their child! It seems to keep both boys entertained and its fun for the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read full review...


If you're looking for a good Spongebob game, keep looking.

I bought this product because I love the Spongebob TV series. However, this game is pretty bad. Graphics wise, it's essentially all 2D (even though it's made for a 3D device). The game consists of solely mini-games, and they aren't very fun. It just gets really boring really fast.Read full review...


Kids Love Spongebob

My 7 year old thinks this game is so cool. She really likes it. I have not played this game myself, but she seems to be really into it.


fun, fun, fun!

thank you, my great nephew loves this game, he loves anything involving spongebob...smile
that's all he plays, the football, mario, spongebob, and his wii!!!

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