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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree

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I liked very much. a pleasant experience

This is my first tablet and it os used. I have a pleasant experience using it. the android os is very friendly and I did not have any difficult getting used to it. responds very fast while niavigaiting iin the web, even if you have others aplications open. the tje touch screen responds well and I have to remark that I installed a scren protector. the only thing I dislike is the camera in conditions of poor ligth does not take a good pic. and the same happens with the front camera you really need a brigth ligth in order to have a nice image in skype for example. however with the tons of apps that you can use on the tablet makes you forget about that. In the near future I will buy a newer moldel. I always liked sony and 32gb intern memory+ 32 gb sd card is more then enough to carry your music. thake a bunch of pictures and even do some work with quick office. thanksRead full review...


Great Size and perfect fit and it is a Sony.

Absolutely love this tablet. Nice size not so big as to hamper your movements or too small to actually see what you are doing and great to play games on. The screen is big enough to actually see and not so big as to look like a laptop. Very fast processor and with 32 gigs of storage plenty of room to download tons of free apps and games. I actually bought this because I got my daughter a Brand new one 6 months ago and found out ii is prefect for everything. This one works great and came with a $35 cover and screen protector already on it. Guess I did not need to buy a brand new one and have to buy all that stuff separately.Read full review...


Great machine, good battery life, go for it!

I bought this specifically as a travel companion and because it is the only device I could find with a full size SD card reader. Chip straight from the camera to the screen and copy to storage.
>Excellent Blue-tooth for the car and headphones for music and audio books. I loaded the NOOK program and this gives me full access to my whole NOOK library.

So far I have not come across any negative aspects in the few weeks I have been using it. I will definitely upgrade to the next incarnation when I am bored with this.

One thing that could improve this would be the addition of external micro-SD storage (like the Samsung galaxy phone for example).Read full review...


Good Product

Good seller. The tablet have a problem with the backlight lamp. When you up the light intensity, after 2 mins +/- of use, the light turn off. I can use the tablet with the light under 75% of total capacity. But i can read in some web blogs, this problem is recurrent in the Sony Tablet S.

Still, I recommend this product for the speed and good construccion and model.
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The Sony Tablet. Not what it's cracked up to be.

I saw this item in the Sony store in the an outlet and talked to a sales person about it. They had the 16gb for $300+. Just tooling around on ebay, I saw the 32gb for $250 with the $50 cradle. I thought that was a great price for it with the limited time I tested it in the store. Once I got it and played around with it I was very disappointed. It was not as fast as I thought it would be. It's very uncomfortable to hold, many apps crash for no reason and the wireless is weak at best and doesn't stay connected. It has it's own app to the Sony store which I use on my Playstation 3 but is completely different and has very little content. I have an HP Touchpad that I have Ice Cream sandwich on and it's much better and faster than the Sony. I am very disappointed in it and if I were to do it again, I wouldn't.Read full review...



We have an Ipad and this tablet is waaaaaay better. Excellent picture quality and battery life. Love the remote control feature, which, by the way, is VERY easy to adapt to your own media at your home! The orverall design, picture, and sensitivity of the screen is excellent. The only drawback is the charger is awkward that plugs into the tablet to charge, but, this tablet is definiitely the BEST on the market and gives the ipad 2 a run for its money any dy of the week!Read full review...


Overall great tablet. Highly recommend.

This is the first tablet I've owned but I shopped around for quite some time. That said here is my opinion of the Sony S Tablet.

The design and weight are great, I can hold it comfortably and it feels light weight but sturdy.

I've heard different things about the battery life but for me I only have to charge it every few days. It seems to last a while, but I may not use it as much as some others. (main use watching netflix, playing games, using the internet, taking down notes.)

It is a little pricey but it runs great and is very quick.
I honestly only have two complaints: 1) The one everyone complains about is true, the charging cord connects in an odd way and feels a bit flimsy although it works fine. 2) The PSN store doesn't have many games to choose from and that was a big selling point for me so I was a little let down but I'm sure over time Sony will beef up its options.
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Awesome tablet

Awesome tablet. It is fast and easy to use. The picture quality is amazing. I love the most is SD slot. I can insert a SD directly from my camera or camcorder and play on it. Most other tablets don't have this option. The battery seems to be fair. SONY tablets should come with mono standard AC adapter instead 4 jacks. It is easy to come lose. That is only thing I complaint.Read full review...


Best tablet on the market, BAR NONE!!!

This Sony S Tablet was purchased to replace a smaller tablet. This tablet is remarkable. As soon as i turned it on updates were coming back to back, some were expected (ice cream sandwich) but not the memory card being used as storage now and the panoramic camera. Compared to other tablets I think this is now even more than before my purchase the best tablet on the market bar-none. I put all my other remote controls away because I don't need them with the Ir remote built into this device that works on everything. It is also deceiving how lite it is and ergonomically balanced that I never tire of holding it, even one handed. I think its the perfect tablet. I was never a big fan of Sony products because of how proprietary there products usually are but this uses a regular SD card and can control many devices outside there circle. Very impressedRead full review...


Good so far.

Heavy when carry for a while. Got a good deal. I heard it was getting discontinued though. Good so far, but haven't really used it much. It is most used as a clock right now. It is convenient to take on the go instead of a laptop.Read full review...

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