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this dose not come with the battery's and does not have the battery cover for one of them and you have to go buy the sd cards for the psp's so that it can work all in all this is a good system

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PSP is a nice handheld console, but VITA should become a real deal.

I bought PSP 3001 here on eBay, from the one nice guy. It was used, but he is really takes care about it.
PSP - is a pretty good multimedia device. I can listen the music (quality is very good), watch the video (but it should be specially converted - not much convenient), listen internet radio, read comix and books, and of course - play the games! There are so many exclusives for this console - so I couldn't miss it.

Lightweight, handy device
Bright screen
Nice 3D stereo sound from internal speakers
Custom firmware makes everything much better

Analog stick is kinda lame after classic gamepads
They could make more battery capacity

I should buy PSP earlier, cuz now PS Vita coming out soon, and it's about time. But I'm gonna play most famous PSP exclusive games anyway.
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Gaming on the go

I have been wanting a PSP for quite some time now, and finally did. Ive only had it a short while now, but what a great purchase. Great screen, graphics are easily comparable to the PS2. Its slim, sleek and pretty comfy in the hands which is something that I was worried about as I have larger hands. Sound output though the onboard speakers is surprisingly good, though through headphones leaves a little to be desired. Battery life is excellent, far better then what i was expecting, even with the wifi on.

Remote connect to my PS3 is great. I can stream all my music and more to my desk while at work with it.

There are hundreds of game choices. God of War titles. Final Fantasy titles. Kingdom Hearts titles. And so much more. The few games that I have played so far have not felt sluggish or lacking in anyway. And a full line of movies in UMD form as well.

It has full the Playstation Store built in, and you can download demos, movies, comics, and more right to your PSP without needing a PS3.

It easily connect via USB to both PC and Mac computers (a plus for me as Im a graphic designer and use Mac at work). Of course it connects easily to your PS3 if you have one. Havent tried on my xbox360 yet.

The memory cards are no longer an expensive item for this unit either. You can find 16gb cards for around $60 now.

Cons: It has better music visualization then the PS3. Wtf Sony?

All in all, I just wish that I had boughten this earlier. Preferably for PAX East 2010. But, there is always next year.
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nice little gadget.

The PSP 3000 plays the same games and offers the same media support as the older PSP models, but Sony has upgraded the system with an improved LCD screen and a new built-in microphone. The LCD is the same size and resolution as older PSP displays, but it has a wider color gamut and anti-reflection technology.

The wider color gamut means that the new PSP screen is capable of displaying a wider range of colors. The new LCD also features five times the contrast ratio and quicker pixel-response times than the old PSP display. The response time has doubled in speed and will help eliminate ghosting or blurring during gameplay and video playback. The increased color gamut and improved contrast ratio was noticeable when PSP 3000 is placed right next to a PSP-2000 or PSP Slim; colors looked richer and more vibrant on the PSP 3000. The vivid, ghost-free screen does draw more power than the old screen. This new screen will reduce battery life by about 20 minutes.

Sony has said that the PSP 3000 will actually have the same battery life as the PSP-2000. The new screen does require more power, but Sony engineers have reduced the power draw from other system components to make up the difference and ensure that battery life remains the same for both gameplay and UMD video playback
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PSP 3000 Silver-Ratchet and Clank Limited Edition

You don't have to worry about buying this product used. PSPs last forever. The only way to mess one up is to actually do it on purpose. This is a great gadget for gamers and non-gamers alike. With a large enough memory you can easily use it the same way you can use an iPod, but you get so much more out of it. Don't have a PC, no problem. With the PSP you can surf the web. Don't have internet at home. No problem. It also has WiFi, so you can get connected wherever internet access is available.Read full review...


PSP Systems Mainly PSP 3000

I Think the buttons need to change they need to have more friendly control, they need that extra pad in the center of the thumb control pannel, spacing the thumb buttons is a bad idea or should I say "was" and still is a bad idea for the psp anything

The price needs to change Its 2009 we need to see a lower price, If your going to pay for a core system, then you should pay a core price, You would'nt sell a new car that was made in early 2000s for the same or close to the price for a 09 model.

I would have to say that if your buying the core you should at least pay about $80 to $99. for the Core system, because its a fair price and more would fly off the shelfs making more sells and maybe being number one in the ranking charts, and besides, nothing comes with the core anyway, what comes with the core that makes it so pricey ?

I purchased a Sony PSP Ratchet and Clank Bundle and took it back, because why should I pay $200 for a small hand held when I could have a full big gaming system for the same price ? so I traded in for a xbox 360 system, I got more for my buck, and it offered more, But you see, I would have kept it if the price was lower, there was no competitve pricing with the psps and xbox, There Should Have Been.

For the new psp they should come with more or offer more or back down, They need protective screen faces and they need the strong back door for the games, why did they remove that and replace it with a snap open/close door ? If your going to remove the good parts and add crapy breakable parts "weak" parts, then lower the price.

why should a player pay the full price for a system that has weaker parts ? Oh well I guess they dont make game systems as they use to anymore, I remember the good days when toys were metal heavy, and real cars were built with style, now everything is cheap and pricey, snap on's will snap off.
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Sony PSP 3000

I love my PSP... it is great when traveling and it has many good features!!!

Battery life is very good (about 5-6 playing hours).
You can carry your music and videos or you can easily connect to a web-radio station.
Skype works great and Wifi capability is very convenient.

Typing is not friendly when surfing on the web nor selecting links.
Poor speaker volume when using in a noisy environment (like in the car)
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Great fun on the go!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Is a great system I bought It to replace the older model I had. To anyone out there who is thinking about it, I highly recomend one of the new 3000s. Great system. Love It!!! The screen is much better than the old one. It has parental controls, which my old one did not, and they can be turned off. The light weight make it especially more useful. Though if you have larger hands it's thinner size may make your hands cramp up more than the old ones. Overall I would say this I a great portable entertainment system to buy, if you can get one at a reasonable price.Read full review...


PSP 3000

I love this thing. I have all my music, 4 movies, and 3 games just on the memory stick alone. I was debating on getting it, because of the high price tag, but after deciding to get it, I did not regret it. The selection of games it has now, is not as large as the nintendo DS, but the quality, in my opinion, overrules the quantity. It has Wi-Fi capabilities, and some of the games are even multiplayer! I was shocked to find that out. I knew you could play with people that are near you, but some games you can play with people all over the world. Very cool. The high price tag may make a few people step back and think about it, but I would most definitely recommend it. I will probably end up getting one for my brother's birthday. Great for people anywhere from 10 to 40 probably.Read full review...


False adverisment

First of all in the description it stated:Journey across the galaxy and discover weapons and gadgets to help you with your mission. The PlayStation Portable Ratchet and Clank Limited Edition Bundle comes with mystic silver PSP, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters game, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD movie, 1GB Memory Stick Duo and Echochrome game download voucher. The PSP in this bundle is the PSP-3000 which is not only slimmer and lighter, but features an enhanced screen and built-in microphone.
Dimensions (WxDxH): 17 cm x 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm
Audio Output: Stereo
Expansion Slots Total: 1 Memory Stick PRO Duo
Processor: 333 MHz
Weight: 189 g
1 x headphones / remote control, 1 x USB ( mini-USB Type B ), 1 x DC power input, Component video output, Composite video output
So I was under impression it cam with the whole bundle due to the description and also due to the heading of the name of the selling product. I was miss lead and i ended up paying $60.00 for just a game that only cost $15.00. This is a bunch of bull and I will no buy nothing from ebay again. Due to loosers that are not specific on there descriptions. They should of had the titel Ratchet game not Sony PSP 3000 Ratchet and Clank Limited Edition Bundle - Handheld game system - mystic silver.
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