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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree

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it's a slightly more exspensive gadget, and only average at best.

in my personal opinion this model sucks. it's hard to grab on to and it feels like it's going to fly apart in my hands.
the wifi fails to connect, or loses the connection if you move it more than 3feet. it's especially moody if there is another wifi device nearby. the gameplay doesn't seem any better than the last model. the screen is a tad-bit easier to look at. it is easier to clean. the buttons move and respond pretty well. the speakers and sound are excellent! the back UMD door is allot better than i expected. loading and unloading the UMDs was a breeze.
if i had to compare the 3000 model against it's older siblings; i would have to say it's kind of like, a 3000 turbo-v6 going up against a 2000 high performance-v12.
the 3000 is a high strung, high Maintenance party gadget. where as, in total contrast, the psp 2000 slimline is a steadfast, old school, cool cat full of a modest go get em spirit. kind of like the fonz vs. austin power's girlfriend!
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Really good over all awesome

I bought this product for my sons 12th birthday. I liked the fast shipping the product was is very well condition I like the game and the graphics and being able to get wifi and use an internet browser I really like the speed of the games it doesn't lag or anything I really like the feel of the psp and how you could use vouchers to goto the playstation store and just put in a code to get games and skins and alot of other things I also really like being able to watch movies and how the games are in little plastic cases so they do not get scratch and are protected the deimos skin looks really cool to bad you have to beat God Of War Chains of Olympus to get it since I am slow and beating games and I can't wait to get enough money to buy games and I also like being able to buy cases to put your psp in and have it protected and I like the varity of games for the psp I like having 2 GB memory and being able to get more memory it is way better than any other portable systems like the nintendo Dsi or nintendo gameboyRead full review...



i love it. he said the it was it the best condition and it was looks bran new like i just bought from the store. and it comes with a movie that i like that is funny too. also it comes with a two gb memory card for music and pictures and other things that i can put in it. thanks for doing business with youRead full review...


Recommend for anyone

The psp is great easy to use would recommend for anyone. Very light almost like nothing is is your hands just a great product.


Far superior to the 2000 series

This model basically fixes all the mistakes the 2000 had. Do your self a favor and just stick with the 3000, its a no brainer. Once you have used both for an extensive amount of time its obvious, noob gamers cant tell the difference but its there.Read full review...

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Awesome product! Great value for the money!

I bought this product for my brother. It is very nice. He loves it and so do I. I would recommend this product to everybody.


good thks

good thks cRead full review...

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