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Small form factor100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

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While not a fan of the screen it does what it does well.

Over the years I've owned many Palm based devices. IIIxe, IIIc, Centro and a Treo Pro. All decent devices. Windows 6.1 was bloated and slow and Palm OS5 I never really liked the ARM architecture (and the lack of Note Pad on the Centro). I wanted a rechargeable PDA that was monochrome and decided between this one and an S360.

Personally I prefer the monochrome display of the S360 however the SJ20 has OS 4.1 which includes a fair amount of bug fixes (What they are I don't know but I rather be safe than sorry). The LCD on the SJ20 is a grayscale that's slightly harder to read with the backlight off. The backlight is a soft white backlight that does not appear to be fluorescent. I haven't tested the battery life but with the light off it will last quite a long time.

In addition to the basic Palm OS stuff it includes its own Sony suite of programs. The only multimedia one would be Clie Paint and a picture viewer. There is also a backup, file viewer (which includes autorun and a few other things) and apparently a program that will make the PDA a memory stick reader for a PC (I think). It lacks Note Pad and Expense were are my most used programs in Palm OS.

Overall I like it better than my Palm OS devices. It has a replaceable battery, 16MB of memory and doesn't seem to have any design flaws (the Palm Vx has a button problem and some m series have SUDS). My only complaint is that the high resolution font looks weird since the device runs quadruple the amount of pixels as my Palm branded devices (320X320 instead of 160X160).

It's a good buy however there might be an incompatibility with Palm Desktop.
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Great inexpensive ebook reader, dictionary, calculator.

This Sony Clie is one of my favorite. It's bw screen is better suited for use with text, dictionary and calculator. This is all I typically need or most student need. Battery life is good because of bw. Battery replacement is easy because of panel used one screw on the back. I have used 3-4 years without needing battery replacement. I am on my second unit now because the first one just die after 3-4 years; I got it used. The only down side is having to pay 12 to 15 for a memory stick of 128MB. I recommend get the stick as one can store books, dictionary, which make this device try useful.Read full review...



Let's be honest. I didn't buy this model expecting to get state of the art. I bought it to avoid buying the paper refills AGAIN for my calendar. (I went back to paper a few years ago after losing my previous Clie) I use the basic functions - date book, memo pad, etc. - all very easy. I like how it synchs to my Outlook schedule easily. For the price ($20-$25), it is great. I'm an unashamed bargain hunter on this product, and got great value for what I wanted.Read full review...


Perfect PDA

This Clie is a top rate product. I have had one since 2003 but recently lost my information because I let the charge run out. Furtunately I had everything backed up on my computer. As soon as I received this one all I needed to do was transfer my info to it from the computer. This Clie might be an oLder model but I love it. BTW my old one is now working again so I now have two. LOL. I highly recommend this product.Read full review...



I have owned multiple Sony Clie PDA’s and this one was a little disappointing. I am not fond of the gray scale display. I like the color PDA’s like the Sony SJ-22. If you are looking for a basic model to keep track of appointments and phone numbers and don’t mind the non color display, then this PDA is an excellent choice. I personally would go with the SJ-22 model. I have both and the SJ-22 is has a much better display. And for probably just a few more ($$) dollars you could own the SJ-22 model. Hope this helps.Read full review...



This is an excellent PDA runnning the Palm OS. It has an excellent screen, very easy to read. Is quite compact and utilizes its space very well. I only wish Sony had not stopped making these. The one I have has held up much better than the Palm devices I have owned. The only problem is the battery must be recharged before it gets too low, or you can lose your data. A hotsink cradle is needed because the regular data cable is a little bit inconvenient, tempting you to be a little lazy on your hotsinks.Read full review...


It wont work with windows 10. (Mybad!)

Verified purchase: No



This is probably one of the better purchases I have made. It gives me the options to save any type of record I want. I have saved movies, addresses,and music and can locate any of them with the ease of pressing a button. Sony made a very fine product in this hand held.Read full review...



i bought this item as i need my personal organizer to make my morning easy :))
Good machine ,easy to work,its a Sony


The very good device for reading

I like devices Sony CLIÉ series. They are pleasant to me more than Palm
I don't like what this device work with MemoryStick small volume.
Super for reading!

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