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Good small functional camera, great for semi pro looking videos.

Good camera, everything I expected. The quality is great. The only problem I've had with it so far, is that if the lens gets a speck of dust on it, the auto focus focus's on it!! I bought a lens cover so that I don't have to wipe the lens as much (which could cause problems in the future.

It doesn't have an eye piece, just the flip out screen. This is a disadvantage when filming in bright light.

It's extremely easy to use, and fun to own. I can get over it's minor disadvantages and have a good time with this camera.

It's super tiny too! Fits in the palm of my hand almost! That's nice, if you're not prone to losing things.
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Excellent Hi-Def Camcorder, Very Light, Awesome Video.

We bought this for taking on our summer vacation. We chose this model because of the very small size. It also takes excellent still pictures. We never even used our camera, this little camcorder does it all. And the detail of the video is stunning on a hi-def TV.

This model is now discontinued, and you can sometimes find it at a good price. You can't go wrong with the HDR-CX150
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The camera is easy to operate, makes good movies and has plenty of memory.

For the money the camera is incredible. It has 16 G internal memory and I bought addition 32 GB external memory in case that was not enough. It fits perfect in my hand, very light and takes very good movies in HD. The still shots are not that great but I did not get it for still shot. It is easy to learn to operate and the editing is very easy as well. I bought a new 2 hour battery for the camera as I did not think one hour was enough. It has a touch screen that is easy to learn and operate. Over all the camera is an amazing buy.Read full review...


Good quality video

This is a very good HD Camcorder with lots of functions for amateurs. This may not be a high end camcorder but it does its job pretty well.

Pros: HD format, replacement batteries are cheap from eBay, price of camcorder, built-in 16GB memory so you don't have to buy a memory stick right away, and love the slow motion effect.

Cons: No night shot, slow motion effect is only 12 seconds, the internal 16GB memory is separate from the memory stick (the memory stick is not added to the internal memory for example: 16GB internal + 16GB SDHC = Two different 16GB memory not 32GB memory all together)

But I got this camcorder for a really good deal on eBay so my pro is much better than the cons. :)
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Sony Handycam HDR-CX150 Camcorder

This camera is incredible. I needed it fast for a Amtrak vacation and it showed up fast. It came without a battery, but no problem for Ebay. Two imports for less than $20 with free shipping. It has 16gig internal memory, but I bought a 8 gig mem card just in case, but I dont think I will ever need it. Sony built a solid product all around with this HD Vidio camcorder. The unit has no flash or light for low light conditions, but so far that has not been a problem all pictures turned out fine. If you can buy it as cheap as i did, It makes it all the better. We do not think wee will have to replace or upgrade for sometime now.Read full review...


Great purchase...a great investment.

I purchased the CX-150 to have as a spare video camera. I use the camera to video skydiving and have had no issues with it for over three years. The camera has image stabilization and captures video in HD which are ideal for the fast moving action.

The camera was brand new, still in the original box. This was a great purchase for the money.
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Great HD camcorder for the money!

I bought the Sony HDR-CX150 high definition camcorder about a month ago and was pleasantly surprised. It is small, light weight and easy to use. I've
brought it on two small trips and have taken about 5 hours of high def video and about a hundred photos(takes real decent stills). One HDMI cable connection to my high def TV and its like watching the discovery channel!-great
picture,great colors and really good low light quality video. The touch screen works well and the one touch video playback/picture review is nice. The built
in 16GIG memory is plenty big enough and the battery life is good. I looked at a couple of different camcorders but kept coming back to the Sony. Uploading all videos and photos to my computer is easy with the DVD program provided.
For under $500.00, you won't be disappointed with this camcorder.
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Best little Handycam EVER!

I've been using Sony Handycam's since Sony invented them... and this is the one I always want but that hadn't been invented yet.. The sensor is amazing in low light... incredibly sharp always.... the camera is tiny, it stores an hour's worth of HD video on the internal flash memory... there is no tape to get messed up...Oh and the still camera is also totally amazing in that you can focus up to 1cm away so the tiny little parts I am making are finally showable... what is not to like about this camera?

I guess the only thing I have to wait for is that it stores 3hrs of HD on the internal flash. That would probably exceed a days shooting on any trip... not quite ready to shell out the bucks for 48GB of removable flash memory... but it will come...
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Wonderful Product / Wonderful Seller / Super Fast Free Shipping / Priceless

This camcorder is great and you cannot beat the price this dealer is offering. 16GB Internal memory and up to 32 GB external.. WOW.. No hard drive to worry about picture is great. Battery life is kinda skimpy around 200 min fully charged, but good for the size of the battery.Read full review...


great buy, and love the size!

I love this little camcorder! For a novice like me it was the perfect price (on Ebay). I would totally recommend this for home videos and capturing moments quickly, as it turns on and is ready to operate in side of a few seconds. Its also super compact with a nice size viewing screen.Read full review...

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