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I used this phone for a little bit to give my initial review, it was pretty good, and worked EXCELLENTLY, and it always turned on and worked, and had superb battery. The issues, i came across with was while the battery was pretty good, it died during the day and then when laid down and came back, would have charge. Sort of a time saver mode, but not necessarily good, as it should say with full charge. It had a pretty good keyboard, and the person that let me borrow it had a coouple vids in it and those were fun to play with. This phone si very good u should get itRead full review...


Still an excellent phone 3 years later

This is the sixth edition of this phone I have purchased, including the two originals that came with the two original T-Mobile lines. I bought four more on e-Bay (two red, two black) as I have never found a phone I like better, and you can't get these phones any more from S-E or T-Mobile. I don't care for the current Sony Ericsson T-Mobile replacement (Equinox) as much as I do this phone, so I just keep stocking up on these. I have used one of my wife's backups to replace hers that went through the wash, so she is down to one more NIB backup, and I'm just switching mine over to a new one as mine has most of the paint worn off from carrying it in my pocket with my keys for three years, so I'll still have one NIB backup and one old fully functional backup. Maybe by 2015, there will be something I like better, but until then, I'm set.

I don't want a smart phone - I don't want to carry around a pocket computer that is more powerful than those used for the Appollo moon shots, masquerading as a phone. I want a good, reliable, rugged phone with good technology, an intuitive user interface, and good features, and this phone has that in spades. The S-E software and user interface are very intuitive, and I prefer it over the Nokia or Motorola software. And lest you think I'm a Luddite - not so. I have a highly evolved HP desktop driving three Dell Ultra-Sharp monitors, a Dell Latitude laptop (all are excellent machines) and a 64 GB iPad II with AT&T cellular service, which is my portable Internet device - I don't want to have a phone be my Internet device - I want it to be a phone and camera, with a lot of file storage for music and photos, and with the 8GB memory card inserted, this phone does all of that very well.

I can synch it to Outlook with one touch to have all of my appointments handy, and if I wanted to do my mail on it, it can do that too, synching seamlessly with Outlook - I just don't want to. And using one finger and T9, I can text as fast or faster than my co-workers can with their thumbs and a Blackberry or iPhone.

There's a very good reason why, over 3 years after it was introduced, and over 2 years after it was no longer offered for sale by T-Mobile, people are still willing to bid $65 to $70 on eBay time after time after time for a NIB Sony Ericsson TM506. It's just that good - for what it does, it's the best I've seen.
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Sony Ericsson TM506 Unlocked phone

Sony Ericsson is one of the names you can count on when it comes to buying a new cellular phone. this one is a flip phone with 2 megapixels camera and a lot of features. also it has AGPS which is quite a surprise. with different colors to offer, this is one of the nice and unexpensive cell phones that you can have. go out and get one yourself; won't be disappointed!Read full review...


Sony Ericsson TM506 (Unlocked)

I bought this phone because of its features, I knew it was not an AT&T phone it is T Mobile, however most of the sellers that sell unlocked phones state that they will work with similar carriers being GSM and unlocked that it would work. Yes it makes and receives calls and sends and receives text however data service and internet will not work from one carrier to the next. So all I would say is to stay with your carrier.Read full review...


Good and reliable phone

It seems to be not fancy, but a good and a reliable phone if you want to use it 'old style' - just as a phone. Battery life is a bit short though - don't know it is a problem of these phones or of this particular phoneRead full review...


sony ericsson TM506

Bought the NewPhone TM506 three weeks ago and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this phone. It has a GOOD camera, video camera, and speakerphone. The NewPhone's size is perfect for carrying in a pocket, BUT the battery has a BAD lifespan .Read full review...


My husband loves this phone its easy to use.

We have gone through a few cell phones this year and my husband really researched this one, though he does not use all of the features he is very happy with how easy it is to use.


Exceptional Product

Phone arrived as expected, but phone battery died after a few charges probably just a defective battery but overall product was exceptional.


Awesome Product!!!!! Great value for the money

It has a good feature and it is light mobile phone to carry on. So easy to transfer all contacts via sony ericson to another sony ericson.


excellent phone, easy to use no loss of signal

excellent phone, easy to use no loss of signal
excellent phone, easy to use no loss of signal
excellent phone, easy to use no loss of signal

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