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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree

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The best one if you need to make phone calls and take ocasional photo.

Just the best cellular phone ever can imagine.
I came back to it after 6 years using touch screen smart phones.

Good call quality, easy menu with quick access anywhere you want, photo camera with flash (not a silly LED light). If you like you can listen a radio or own records through ear phones, loudspeaker or transmit to the radio (by attaching a transmitter) and listed with full sound quality at home, in the car or at guests.

There is internet available, though rather slow and the screen is too small to name it comfortable, though I don’t need it in a phone. For me it’s even on bigger touchscreen phones or notepads is too small – I prefer big screen of my notebook which I can connect via the phone to internet where WiFi is not present.
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K800i Great Camera/phone/MP3 player!

This phone is a bit 'brick like' according to reviewers but it's barely different from the w580i I had before this one. It's slightly larger and does not slide open but it's much better at what it does.

The camera is VERY much better! pics taken with this camera are actually usable and worth keeping (read about features they are nice), the w580i had only 2MP camera and the pics looked awful, like an old webcam would take. Of course quality declines with poor lighting but it has built in flash that usually takes care of that unless we're talking VERY dark situations, like some open concept bars or outdoors at night at a distance.

The music player is essentially the same and is fine for my basic needs. I says it's memory card capacity is something like 4GB but I use an 8GB card with no issues. I've also read many complaints about the joystick like navigator button but I don't mind it at all.

Granted it doesn't look particularly pretty, the w580i looks cooler so I guess it depends what you want more, good camera OR smaller cooler design.
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best value phone around

This phone is absolutely brilliant. Screen size may be small by today's standards but the features and functions are really very good. Can be made even better by using the external chip (recommended) to give a much larger memory. This has still to be one of the best phones around today.Read full review...


Replace My Digi Cameral

Hey guys, the best thing i did with my Sony Ericsson K800i is that i replaced my digital camera with a cellphone while i did my last travelled. I was in my backpack so i decide to leave behind that device which has got only one function (taking pictures) and brought along a multi-purpose cellphone.

Not to my disappointment, those pictures are taken so well and clear. Though the pictures taken after night falls are not as good as digi cams. The good thing about cellphone with a good camera is that you can take good pictures of yourself by just one hand and thats what i did when i travelled alone! I tried with digi cams but my head looked appeared too hugh on the picture. With the little round convex mirror next to the cybershot, i am able to position myself quite accurately and capture my beautiful memories.

Buying this phone has no regrets!Two thumbs UP!!!
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camera/picture addict

I bought the k800i cyber-shot about a month ago. the 3.2 mp takes really nice photos. i love it! i've never seen such a cell phone that takes this great of a picture. the features are almost like every other but the colors are so vivid. i dont know why but i cant send pix messages though. i have the unlimited txt and pix messaging on my plan but i still cant seem to use it. in order to send a pix, i'm assuming, you'll have to be connected to the internet from the phone. i dont want to be charged extra just for sending a picture that i'm already paying for it's package. overall, i'm really satisfied with the phone though because ever though i cant send pic messages i can still load them onto my computer using the usb wire.Read full review...


Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot

On first appearances, the phone looks quite smart. The one I have is black in colour but it is also available in brown and silver. The keys on the front of the phone look quite small and close together and I initially thought this would be a problem but they are infact easier to use then those of my previous phone which were spaced further apart. The rear of the phone looks just as smart as the front. Here you will find the 3.2 mega pixel camera, Xenon flash and a speaker phone.

The camera is called a Cybershot camera. It is 3.2 mega pixels and takes a good quality photo. The camera can be accessed by sliding the metal cover back that is on the rear of the phone. As soon as you do this the phone automatically switches to camera mode so you do not have to search through a menu to select it.
The Xenon flash is like that of a proper camera and not just an LED light like you get on a lot of older phones. It can be switched off completely, set to flash automatically and also has a red-eye reduction feature.
There are several options with the camera itself. You can switch between camera and video mode at the touch of a button and film short video for sending in an MMS or film as long as you want as you would with an ordinary camcorder. The more free memory on your phone the longer you can make your film. There are also the usual camera effects such as sepia, black and white, solarize, etc. You can choose to take pictures in either portrait or landscape and alter the size of the pictures.
My favourite feature on the camera is the frames that you can add around your photo.
I have taken quite a few photos, some during the day when it is bright, some in the evening when it is duller and even some in the dark and every single one has been perfect. I cannot fault this camera.

The screen is a nice size and I have had no problems seeing anything on it. It can be personalised to your taste either by using the preset themes and images or by using your own.

The K800i is a 3G phone which means it can be used for video calling. There is a very small camera just above the display screen that is used for this so you do not have to fiddle around with the camera on the back of the phone. I have not used this feature yet as I do not know anyone else with a 3G phone so I cannot really comment on the quality of the calls.

The phone comes with 64mb of internal memory and this can be expanded further by adding a memory stick. You cannot just add any memory stick, it has to be the Sony Memory Stick Micro M2. I am yet to purchase one but have had a look at prices and they vary greatly so I would advise you to shop around.

This phone is the loudest I have ever had which is good as I have often , in the past, not been able to hear my previous phones ringing. Obviously, as with all phones, you can alter the volume to suit you. The sound of the ringtone, text message tone and alarm can all be personalised.

Size: 105x47x22mm
Weight: 115g
Screen: 262,144 colour TFT, 240x320 pixel
Talktime: 7 hours
Standby: 350 hours
Camera: 3.2 Mega pixel, 16x digital zoom, Xenon flash, red-eye reduction
Entertainment: 3D games, Java games, FM Radio, video streaming, Media Player
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Infrared, USB
Sound Recorder
Alarm Clock
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One of the best phone/camera cell phone on the market. Can video record for at least 45 minutes! (with a 1gb memory card) Mp3 handles great. the Video graphics on this phone are also top notch.

Can get great applications for the phone for free through Sony's website.

the Battery is great, screen does not get starched at all, and overall a very sturdy phone, Have dropped it a couple of times.

I don't like the the fact that the middle navigator button gets worn out fast, especially if you do play a lot of the games on there.
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Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber Shot

As a standard tri-band GSM phone, it has an excellent camera.

Besides it being a standard Sony Ericsson phone it has a beautiful 240x320 resolution screen.

For this phone being K series, the K has an emphasis on Camera. The phone has a pretty decent 3.2 Megapixel camera which takes better pictures than most camera phones. It's not better than other phones using CCD cameras (primarily Japanese Mobiles). It still sports the same Sony Walkman features along with the Radio features. The only thing that makes this camera phone special is the Xenon flash. It goes off when you take a picture while in a room that's poorly lit situations; just like a regular digital camera. So for a phone for going out with your friends you can capture moments that you don't want to forget with this phone.Read full review...


Excelent phone by far so far watch out M2 mem expensive

I think SE did a very good phone this time. Its not long since its been released so not enought time to check on software bugs etc, however I do beleieve that this phone is the best that ever released from any company. For example its relatively small for pocket with large bright screen and brilliant quality. It has evertyhing a user can ask for. 65MB internal memory, codes file (to save your bank or other pins and codes that you easily can forget), MMS, SMS, video conference, 3G, ecxelent colours, games that can even make your PSP stay at home, playability, duarbility, camera, battery durability is fair for so many functions, calculator, a very good internet support on many sites including the official, nice touch and construction based on velevet feeling. And finaly the 3,2 MP for taking photos. I am sure that when you will try to get a photo at night you will be so impressed about the quality. I have tried it on my vacations when my digital cam (7,1MP) run out of battery and my k800i was there for me. The picture quality was amazing. Nice shots even at night no red eyes, stable fuction etc. The negative parts are that the joystick is still not enough to play games with the volume and the quality of music played from the speakers and headphones isnt of the best expecting quality. I would expect a better walkman fuction from Sony. Unfortunately the quality of the hands free given is not the best and finaly the photo cover is not positioned in a conviniend and safe place. It should be made to open harder and not everytime you put it inside your pocket there are good chance to find the lense cover on. I think thats all. Also and I leaved it for the end, I must protest about the M2 memory stick that is way too very expensive comparing to other phones memory cards. That I think is the weakest point of that cell phone. Overally the best quality phone you can have so far and by far. I dont think someone will need another phone for the next 2-3 years.Read full review...


sony ericsson k800i

The K800i has the K790a's same brilliant 262,144-color display that measures two inches diagonally (240x320 pixels). Below the display is the navigation array, which is similar as well. The five-way joystick doubles as a shortcut to four user-defined functions, while the two soft keys open the recent-calls list and the main menu when the phone is in standby mode. There are also dedicated Back and Clear buttons, a key that launches the Web browser, and a nifty control that opens a submenu of user-defined shortcuts and a list of upcoming calendar events. Overall the navigation controls were tactile and easy to use, but they are somewhat squashed together. The backlit keypad buttons were a nice change, however, from previous Sony Ericssons. Rectangular in shape, they are large enough for most hands and are raised just above the surface.Read full review...

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