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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Well designed100% agree

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Sturdy, well built easy to use DVD player

I bought this for my wife, she loves it, especially the screen that pivots. Volume is easy to adjust, gets plenty loud enough so you don't miss any parts of the movie. Nice product!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: kennbeckeraz


Just great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 7nick7


i like the unit


Great dvd

Love this player 6 hour playing time before charging, great picture. I have 4 for our mnt cabin

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: goldenexperts


Sony DVP-FX970 Portable DVD Player (9") is a quality product

Picture great, sound great.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: caelte


What one should expect

Well, It works just as well as something I would expect from Sony. Very happy with it.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: gerddembec-0


Sony cd portable

Great item for travel

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: shiuechen678


An almost perfect portable player!

An almost perfect portable dvd player!

Just purchased the fx970 right after Xmas, almost 6 weeks of use so far. Purchased mostly based on reviews, but also because its a brand known for quality and solid graphics. My office has three amazing vaio laptops so brand loyalty played a factor. Two of which have performed beautifully for 4 years.
Overall, its a solid dvd player worthy of the good reviews if you can determine what it will play. Some discs (BOOTLEG)and some avi movies from the pendrive work very well but its a hit or miss. (no mpeg4) What kind of discs and downloads am I using?
Well, the majority are P2P share sites...The verdict?
I would buy it all over again given what I know now. Again its a gamble what you get from those sites as some do not include details in the download and subsequently some probably most will not play in this player including if you burn it to a disc. Although, the majority of discs I burned function well. I recco this player regardless and if you use legally purchased movies it should serve you well in the correct region/zone. I tried to find codes to unlock and make it region free but wasnt lucky.
Only one flaw prevented me from giving this player 5 full stars. The toggle button on the bottom right hand side. It sucks, its too small and will not work properly even when smaller fingers try to manipulate to turn the next page.
Its a huge design flaw and the most inconvenient toggle than any portable player I have used or tested.
The swivel works great and most of the touch controls function smoothly except the toggle. Battery lasts for two full length movies, plus! Thank you Sony for including the car charger, nice touch!

An almost perfect player!
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Solid DVD player, definitely worth the $$

The picture on this player is way better than I thought it would be. The controls are easy to use, very user friendly. The sound could be a little better, but for a portable player, still pretty impressive. I'm very happy with this model. Can't speak to its reliability yet, haven't had it long enough to judge but overall, I'm happy with my purchase.Read full review...


You want regret making this purchase, great value, great shipping.

This has made our trips much more pleasureable. Our grandson has been a perfect angle since we have taken this on trips. He can watch not only movies, he can watch DVD's of the family and/or groups we are going to visit. When we arrive he fresh and feels like he knows everyone, almost like we just took a little break and we're back already. The remote works great when a phone call comes in or take a break stop. And if we haven't put a full charge on, we can just plug it into the access. Once you have one it's taking any favorite DVD with you anywhere.Read full review...

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