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Great Value In this Sony Camera!

I bought this camera to replace a sony camera that I lost.
This camera takes good pictures is light weight and easy to use. I disappointed the life the battery. I did buy this
camera used on ebay so I don't know if that effected the life of the battery.(it is rechargable)I have not used the panoramic feature yet. I don't know if it is necessary.
I would recommend this camera because there is vaule with the price of it.
I would also like to recommend the DSC-w330 because of the wonderful pictures!
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Handy little pocket-sized high mega pix camera

Love the size and picture quality. Is easy to use and very handy for carrying in a pocket. Miss the lack of a viewfinder. The operating controls may even be a bit too simplistic like when selecting photo modes (and lack of such a choice for higher iso setting for sports). All-in-all a good little camera to help fill in a niche' in my photo equipment arsenal. I'd buy another if needed or recommmend to a friend.. nice affordable camera for a woman's purse or a teen on the go. Also, would perfer a paper owner's manual than a cd, but that's not a biggie.Read full review...


Sony DSC-W350

This is a really great little point and shoot camera. Your bang for the buck - size - to - picture - quality ratio is better than decent. The W350 is really tiny, yet I've gotten hundreds of professional quality underwater photos (I also have the marine pack for this camera). As far as portraits, macro, and still photos, the 14.1 megapixels packs a great punch. The different modes really come in handy (and I do use them) for different scenes, lighting, etc. The panoramic mode is a handy little feature, but takes a bit of practice to perfect. There is also a burst mode which I don't use too often, but the few times I have it's produced some really cool results. Another great feature is that it actually zooms while in video mode, a not so common feature in point and shoots.

As for the cons, the flash is relatively weak, especially under water (common in a lot of Sony models). I find that my greatest annoyances with this camera are that it can take a while for the focus to hone in on the subject (thus, I find myself taking anywhere from 2-4 picture of the same thing, "just to be sure"), and that the reset time between pictures kind of lags too.

All in all, this is a pretty diesel little camera for the price (if you can find it online, I wouldn't pay more than $180).
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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W350 Camera


It was what I was looking for - a relatively inexpensive "pocket-camera". One that I could carry easily in the pocket of a coat, keep in the console of the car, or take out in a small fishing boat with me.

I did a lot of research (c/net and Consumer Reports) and they all rated the DSC-W350 as a great camera. In addition, c/net actually listed it as their top selection in the sub-compact category.


Well, the reviews mentioned it - yes, the on/off and "shutter" buttons ARE hard to find on the top of the camera; especially if you have big hands - I do. There is also a noticeable lag between the time you press the shutter and the camera takes the picture. So it works best when taking group photos, stills, etc. - not the best for action shots (i.e. the grandkids' soccer games). But it is still OK for what you pay/get.


I bought JUST THE CAMERA for what I thought was a good price. But, by the time I also bought a memory card, the software to download the pictures to the PC, and the USB cable to do so, I'd have been better off to buy a COMPLETE outfit. My recommendation, BUY COMPLETE.
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Ease of use, great value, solid camera. Fantastic product!

The best digital camera for the money! I have used many brands and types of digital cameras, and the Sony Cybershot DSC-W350 has been the best hands-down. It is easy to use, yet has advanced features and an excellent lens. The camera is light and compact, but has good battery life. I love that it uses rechargeable batteries, saving tons of money, and adding to its convenience. I have had no problems with hardware or software, just great pictures, even in low light. In this very reasonable price range, Sony sells a great little camera which can run with the big dogs.Read full review...


Great camera

love the camera so far. nice picture quality, and very easy to use. charges up fast, and holds the charge. so over all so far a great little pocket camera :)


Sony DSC-W350

This camera is very good quality, take panoramic pictures, has good resolution, Face Detection technology Detects up to eight individual faces and adjusts focus, Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) Standard and Plus uses a sophisticated algorithm to help recover shadows and highlights.Read full review...


Fantastic product. Best value for the money!!!!

I bought this camera to replace my dsc w55 which stopped working. I reviewed other cameras before I decided to buy this one. Based on my reviews, I found this model to be the best in value for the price range.
I was not disappointed when I acturally received the w350. It was everything that was claimed to be; easy to use and set up, the quality of the pics are excellent,there are lots of features to make taking quality photos easy.
All in all this is an excellent buy.
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Convenient, Simple, Smart, Powerful

There is nothing I dislike. I absolutely like the camera and love it for the simplicity and the great features it offers. I have another digital camera by Canon, a SD990is, it was twice as much and I've done great research on purchasing that as my first digital camera about last year or so and it was close to something I can't afford now and don't need in the mean time [a SLR camera].

So with this camera, I have to worry just a bit less carrying it around because of the convenience of it. It is a simple and powerful point-and-shoot camera that is built in with smart features. Intelligent actually, and it's HD Video quality is real impressive except for the fact when zooming in while recording, it cuts off some of the audio. After all, it is a digital camera, that's it's purpose.

I did follow along with the DSC series and after borrowing my cousins DSC-W350 camera, I said okay I knew I should have purchased this as a second camera to carry around with superb convenience and great qualitative features and picture taking; I've always wanted another camera to snapshot quick moments instead of doing my professional work with my Canon SD990is and here it is with my Sony DSC-350. Great Price too, thanks once again!
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