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Easy to use100% agree

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Good product

I have three of these dvd players and I love them. 3d movie's are awesome to watch with it.

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Fair Quality

The previous owners bought a new player and gave this one away for a reason: every so often the picture jumps and looses quality then returns. For $30 (plus shipping) I can accept this, I'm not worried about it. Too many people moan and groan and complain their product isn't perfect, but seriously, for $30 I'm not worried about it.Read full review...

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very easy to use unit

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Sony BDP-BX57 Blu Ray Player

With Christmas quickly approaching and our older non-blu ray DVD player "on the fritz" I decided that it was time to upgrade to Blu Ray. As I researched different Blu Ray Players it seemed that the Sony BDP-BX57 kept coming up with outstanding reviews. Being out of work i knew i did not have the money to get a brand new one but i was hesitant to consider getting a used one. So i continued searching and found several on eBay that seemed pretty good and had a customer friendly warranty policy. I bid on and won one of these which has just arrived. This player is in beautiful shape. I like its thin compact design. It is very easy to set up with easy to follow menus and was up and running in no time.
It has an uncomplicated remote and also has on board wireless that will connect to your wireless router ( Your router might not accept this wireless connection from the player if it is an older router so check with your routers mfg prior to purchasing ). Other than this the Sony BDP-BX57 seems to be a beautiful player to me. It does seem to have a slightly slow start up time for DVDs to start initially but once it does start it seems to respond to the remote buttons functions well. It is also a 3D player for future use if you decide to go the 3D route. It also works inter changeably very well with our Sony Bravia Flat Screen. All in All I highly recommend the Sony BDP-BX57 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player.
I believe it is a Great player and you will not be disappointed.
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Sony Blu Ray

I needed a replacement DVD player and wanted to get Netflix capability. After looking at the options $50 for Neflix only player and $80 for a blu-ray, I settled on this. It plays normal DVD's just fine. I haven't created a Netflix account yet, but it allows you to watch Youtube and has basic DLNA support so I can view stuff on my linux box. The firmware updates are easy with the built-in WIFI adapter.

The downsides are that the DLNA doesn't work with all media servers and only the Canadian version has DIVX support. I would gladly pay extra directly to Sony for a DIVX/AVI firmware upgrade.

I would still buy this player because of the price and brand name.
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Damn good product!

Ok, I like things which simply work out of the box, without issues. and this one did! Connected to my WIFI without issues. Starts up fast, clear picture, adjusts for the TV ASPECT and gives you the largest possible picture immediately.

The only reason, I am not putting excellent, is because I got a little frustrated at not being able to type more in the Youtube search box!. It takes only 25 characters or something , which is stupid. You need to be able to search for larger titles!

Other than that, everything looks nice, even youtube videos look nicer then on mycomputer (dont know what it does to em, but sure look nicer)

ALL IN ALL A GOOD PRODUCT. CANT GO WRONG. But if you plan on doing YOUTUBE, then DONT. You will be frustrated by the search entry characters that you can put it in.
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The SONY BDP-BX57: Great Performance & Features, For A Bargain Price!

Please let me advise you not to make the same mistake as I, and many others have made. Our error was to purchase a Sony BDP-BX37, in order to save a few dollars. Please don't get me wrong, the BDP-BX37 is a fine machine that works well providing great video and audio reproduction, and the same selection of free and subscription streaming programming as the BDP-BX57, PS3, and all other Sony products. It is easy to justify purchasing a BX-37, if you are not inclined to enter the world of 3-D TV, or if you are able to easily "hard-wire" the unit via the ethernet port.
Conversely, the BDP-BX57 offers 3-D reproduction, has built in wifi and can still be connected via its ethernet connection if necessary. And, for me since my entire apartment building is wired for wifi, I was able to put the BX-57 into my A/V cabinet and plug it in, and begin watching my Netflix programming, within 5 minutes, honestly! (for $8.00 per month, this must be the bargain of the century, and if you only subscribe to one streaming video service this should be the one. For $2.00 more you can add the DVD service that is also worthwhile.). I purchased both my BX-37 and BX-57 on e-bay, and I paid $55.00 for my BX-37 and $75.00 for my BX-57 making it far less expensive than a BX-37 and the wifi adapter, which sells for $70.00 (total $125.00).
Finally, throughout my 45 years as an audiophile and later as a videophile, I have always impressed by the features and ergonomics of Sony remote controls. However, the RMT-B107A that comes with both models is comfortable to hold, has very good range, and angle of operation. But, the problem is that the large "HOME" button is too close to the down button, so when you intend to use the down key its all to easy to hit the "HOME" key which means you need to restart the process of selecting and beginning the programming you've selected. There is plenty of room on the face of the remote to correct this, and I hope Sony does.
In closing, I suggest you purchase a BDP-BX57 as I did from a seller who tests and sells reboxed units, that come with the remote (I ASK YOU, WHERE DO ALL OF THESE REMOTES GO? It amazes me how many sellers don't include the remote with their machines!) and the same accessories that originally came with the unit, plus a short warranty.
All things considered, if you purchase a Sony BDP-BX57 on e-bay for under $100.00, you have bought a great piece of home theater equipment at a terrific bargain price.
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As other buyers, I was a little hesitant about buying a used machine. But the price was great and I took a chance. It arrived very fast and it looked like new. It was not in the original box, but otherwise it was like new. I got it for the ability to download movies from Netflix. I had a little trouble getting to connect at first. After I got connected I tried to download a movie and it started OK. However after about 20 minutes I got a notice that I had lost the connection. I retried it again and it connected OK and I finished the movie with no more problems. This has happened twice now and I figure my problem is in my router. The router is far away from the player and the signal has to go through about five walls. I need a more powerful router!!! The Sony Blu RAy is fine.Read full review...


Decent for the price...

Better than average however the tying / keyboard features are almost impossible.
The remote even with new batteries is pretty weak making input very difficult (its more like texting before smartphones were the norm - 222 for C, 88 for U etc.)

I have satellite TV with a universal remote - thankfully it is able to control the BDP-BX57 so typing is more bearable as the remote is quite powerful. In other words not having to be 10' away in a straight line with no glass between the player and your remote as with stock if you want consistency.

Good for the money overall. Quick wireless setup.
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Easy Setup..

This was easy to set up right out of the box. Within minutes I had connected it to my router (Cisco E3000) and had both netflix and Pandora up and running. For my first blu ray wifi experience this was a great experience.. I recommend this to anyone.. I hope that that the time is not far distant when you will have full net functionality (Surfing, etc) with your Blu ray DVD or other wifi enabled device..
Some of the review statistics I read online were silly.. who cares if your DVD loads in 8 seconds or 10? If you are in that much hurry.. maybe you need to just press the fast forward button once in the movie to get back your 2 seconds.
Great picture (HDMI), easy controls and quick set up make this a winner.
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