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Great DVD, great movie, very entertaining, recommend viewing this DvD

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Great Buy!

no scratches, no skipping, no hang ups!

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As good as 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'; with a twist!

I (white guy, mid-60's) had a sort-of-relationship with a black gal (mid-40s), until, as in this movie, too many people (black and white) felt the need to interfere, and my former friend declined to set them straight. I doubt that she'd ever seen 'Something New', because if she had, I'd have made the biggest mistake of my life. I refer to her now as a 'covert passive' racist... and sometimes that's worse than a 'overt active' one, regardless of race;... at least with the latter, you get an obvious warning, and can react in time.
I liked this movie almost as much as 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'; of course, Tyler Perry has an edge. But, whether or not you've seen 'Diary', be sure to watch this one, no matter what your race.
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Something New

Good movie, Sanaa Lathan is excellent black actress, her support cast was good also, Simon Baker was good as her love interest. Dorian is a hunk and an excellent actor, good movie to see. People should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the "content of their character".Read full review...


Unconditional Love!

I love this movie! just goes to show this is 2006 not 1946 and young people today are not listening to "old timers" when it comes to race mixing. Simon Baker, you the man baby! wish you were here with me! I wouldn't think twice about dating outside my race. Blair Underwood, baby you got it going on too. Its funny to see him play this role though cause he is married to a white woman in real life! This movie rocks! Another great addition to the movie collection.Read full review...


"Something New" gives new perspective on old debate

"Something New" really cuts to the core of the pressures involved in multi-racial relationships. Sanaa Lathan is fresh and engaging, and her chemistry with Simon Baker spices up an already interesting premise. Most importantly, the tensions caused by family and friends are believable and, in some cases, understandable. Ultimately, this is a romantic comedy and it does a good job keeping priorties straight. If you like romance with a bit of a twist and a well-put together plot, this is the movie for you.Read full review...


A different type of movie!!!

It is often accepted that its o.k. for a white lady to be with a black man. However, when its the other way around, the story is a little different. It's not accepted as much, especially from the white community. The black community has its reservations as well, however its usually not as bitter and it doesn't last as long. That is the reason I bought this movie. It was a different, and that made it a breath of fresh air.Read full review...


Real dialogue

I liked this movie because, unlike its predecessors, the movie had real dialogue between two people of opposite races. The argument in the grocery was real and you felt both sides of the conversations. The relationships between the girlfriends was also real. The questions they posed to Kenya (Sanaa Latham) after learning she slept with a white man were questions a black woman would ask their friend.

What I also enjoyed about the movie is that you actually got to see the couple fall in love. It didn't just happen like in most movies. The intimate scenes were truly lovely and told the story as well.

I loved this movie and even though you knew they were going to eventually get together, watching the journey to get there was well worth it.
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Excellent movie and very real

I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely love this movie! It is a wonderful love story about a professional black woman who unexpectedly falls in love with a white man while she's looking for her "ideal black man (IBM)". After breaking up with Brian and being "introduced" to her younger brother's mentor (who is her IBM, but strangely not her ideal man) she must follow her heart and learn to not listen to what everyone else think about the relationship she had with Brian. I believe that it is a beautiful movie, as I bought the DVD in May and since then I've watched it 20 times because (as mentioned earlier) I love the movie and I'm a huge fan of Sanaa Lathan.Read full review...


Something New - starring Simon Baker

I was randomly searching the Bay for anything on Simon Baker. Ever since watching The Guardian, I have a desire to see more of Simon Baker. So, in searching, I found the movie "Something New" which came out in 2006. We took it on our Christmas vacation and watched it. It's a delightful movie and I really enjoyed it. What's not to love about Simon anyway? I'd watch the movie again in a heartbeat!Read full review...

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