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Great game. true to previous civilization game line.

This game was very fun. Always entertaining. I love how the classic gaming experience of civilization saga delivers years later. Graphics keep getting better and better. Going to try expansion packs next.Read full review...


don't waste your money on this game

Sorely and terribly disappointed.

While the graphics are somewhat nice to look at, the actual gameplay is horrible. You are not managing an empire, you are loosely managing a series of city-states. The game is not realistic in any fashion nor is it enjoyable.
When founding a city, a player is forced to determine what type of city it will be. Either a city with a high cultural value and industrial base or a city that simply put in a place to acquire a resource.

If a city is located next to two or even three food resources, it cannot send excess food to another city that is lacking in food for development. The same is true if one city has a high potential for industrial but cannot send production, in the game, production is referred to as hammers, to another city to build structures like libraries, temples or other need buildings.

In one instance, I declared war on the Chinese before they had "discovered" the location of my empire's boundaries. I found them first. After I declared war, I watched their warrior head straight for my capital city. This leads me to believe that all a.i. players automatically know the locations of cities/empires so the player is at a serious disadvantage from the start.

I also seriously disagree with the ability to produce food. According to the game, there is no way for an empire to increase food production of a plot from ancient times with the exception of the medieval technology of irrigation until a player discovers the technology of "Biology" in the modern era which is pure B.S. as advances in farming an agricultural have occurred throughout history.

The diplomacy is a joke. While an empire can rate you to other empires and can view other leaders view of other leaders, you do not have the ability to input your feelings to the game and show your approval to other A.I. players.

I cannot recommend this game to anyone for any reason as it is just too unenjoyable and in some cases, excruciatingly painful to play. I myself uninstalled it and put it away.
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Top Stratagy Game!

The graphics are fantastic. You can set your choice - peasfull - Aggessave - warlike.
I have only begun to scratch the surface of this great stratagy game.


Civ IV

Well, Civilization sure has come a long way since the last time I played one. The graphics are much better, the game more in depth from what I can see so far. It's narrated by Lenord Nemoy (Trekkie here), cool. So far it's good. However, the game is still kinda slow. So if you are looking for lots of action, look elsewhere. I think the list of available Civilizations to play is shorter then the last version I played though. Over all, good game.Read full review...


Not what I expected.

This game was not what I expected. I have played CivCity Rome and really enjoyed it, as I could place the buildings and build cities; yet it was very easy to learn how to play the CivCity Rome. After about a half hour, I was able to play CivCity Rome with ease. CivCity Rome allows me to set the difficulty level; so CivCity Rome still presents a challenge even though it was easy to learn and to play. CivCity Rome allows one to choose military or peaceful campaigns. I really enjoy how that game is set up.

Civilization 4 seems to be VERY in depth and seems like it will take a while to learn it before I can really play it and enjoy it. There is not an instruction book, just a Tutorial to watch. So, half the time, when I play Civilization IV I can't figure out what I am supposed to be doing. Civilization IV is a "turn" game...you do one thing, then end your turn (the tutorial said "Think board game"). For a one player game, that seemed boring and unnecessary to me. I don't see the need for a turn when I am the only one playing. Although, I imagine that is a great idea if you choose to play online against other people. The graphics are very good in Civilization IV.

I wish I had purchased CivCity Rome instead. Just my opinion.
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Civilization IV

This is an awsome game it is very strategic gameplay. It was my first time playing a simulation game like this with the turn based game play. I recommend this game for some one who loves simulation games and willing to put in a lot of time to master it. The only problem I had is trying to find the correct patches or updates to make it compatible with Vista. I downloaded the updates and managed to make the game work. However, when i tried to switch and play different scenerios, It kicks me back to the desktop screen. So, just make sure your pc is compatible.Read full review...


Good, but not great

I've played all the Civilization versions over the years and this is my least favorite "improved" version. There are some new features that are great- such as religion, new resources and battle experience upgrades, but playability suffers from confusing informational graphics (terrain is difficult to discern without the resource icons turned on and the screen graphics become confusingly cluttered when they are turned on) and poor informaional display organization. While some of the drudgery of empire management have been streamlined or elimiated, managing production and resources are actually more cumbersome. The whole look and feel of the game interface has changed: better in terms of sexy animated graphics, worse in terms of playability. It is still fun to play and the new features are interesting, but I often found myself going back to playing the previous version instead. I suspect that another version will be following on the heels of this one that will clean up the playability issues. If you can wait until then, then you will probably thank yourself later.Read full review...


fun for a home bound day

We bought this because my husband saw it at Walmart but it was cheaper on ebay. He thought it would be a nice addition to our game collection. It was a lot of fun to follow the demo. The game walks you right through all the steps to help you get started. It was so much fun I had almost spent my whole day with it. It is very time consuming. I am a mom and shouldn't be on any game for that length of time! It would be great for someone who is home bound, sick, or bed ridden. It was very enjoyable to play. I didn't want to leave the computer!Read full review...


Civilization 4: scalable "historic" strategy

This is a great multi-faceted strategy game that allows you to play as great leaders of history guiding your civilization from the stone age to the distant future. What makes this incarnation great is the scalability and options. You can play the game at normal speed, slow speed, or fast speed tailoring the play to your taste (although I normally play at normal speed). You can play special scenarios the represent a pivotal time in history. You can play as many different leaders each with specific advantages. The game can be won in many ways. You don't even have to fight a single battle to win the game. You can dominate the world with your cultural or political influence. You can hold enough land or destroy your rivals, or you can develop the technology to colonize outer space. If any of this sounds not so fun, you can turn off that victory option.
Basically, if you like turn-based strategy games, this is one of the best. It can be micro-managed or somewhat automated. It has so many parameters; victory conditions, resource management, culture, military, technology, exploration, that the replay value is very high. One of my favorite games ever.
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Great game

Anyone who likes turn-based strategy games knows Sid Meier's is the best out there. This is the best from the best. Start off exploring your continent, meet new neighbors, whether they are friendly or not is up to you. Nice graphics and I love the angled view that can easily be zoomed in or out. The diplomacy works nicely and is realistic (If you treat your neighbors well, they will respond well). The music that plays during each age is catchy and as nice as any cd you would want to own (I happen to like some of the earthy tribal music myself).
Since each civilization has it's own special units that it can use, the adaptability of the world map for each play and each style or winning goal (warmonger, diplomatic, spaceflight, etc.), it gives this game alot of replay value.
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