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Sidekick LX 2009 good for AT&T

The phone itself is great, but there is only one reason why you shouldn't get it if you use T-mobile... T-mobile recently changed their contract for sidekicks and they have determined that sidekicks don't receive any data access plans(meaning no web access, no instant messaging, no email, no GPS, and other useful sidekick functions that are now fully disabled by T-mobile. So let's give T-mobile around of applause and also to all the people who are hustlin sidekicks these days.
AT&T doesn't just run off of the wireless service, if you used a jail-broken sidekick, everything should work properly. Any who, my sidekick is only used for music, phone and text...period. Good phone, but is limited, i learned the hard way so i suggest whoever is getting a phone online... go to your wireless provider's website and look at what phones work with the service plans.
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Great phone, just don't expect to do any web surfing

Great design, solid construction, well thought out(although slightly cluttered)ui. The main reason I got this phone was the keyboard. The majority of what I use a cell phone for is texting and the Sidekick LX09 has a very nicely spaced comfortable keyboard. It's a little big but surprisingly slim and the other obvious downside is the fact that data service is no longer available for it. That means no mms or internet. The battery life benefits significantly from this. So if you just want a phone for talk and text then you might want to look at it. I slipped in a prepaid t mobile sim and was texting within an hour.Read full review...


Sidekick a cool little phone

After getting a couple of teenagers to show me how to use the phone (who has time to read the users manual?)I got started. First, this phone was a gift, so I had to make sure it worked and was easy to use. Then I gave it away.

Likes: This phone is loud and colorful! I gave it to a friend who always complained she could not hear the phone ring--even on the loudest setting. No problem here. Also, when you get a text or incoming call, the sides light up! So, even if it is on silent, you can SEE that you have a call or message.
Full keyboard. My friends previous phone did not have a keyboard--she is new to texting and now loves to text. She also likes the way she can use the track ball to scroll through options. Adding names and numbers would have been easier IF she did not lose her old phone. Oh well, not the phones fault.

Unsure of: The phone opens by pushing down on the upper right corner. Right now, it opens easily. Hope this is not a future problem. Also, track ball works great, hope it stays that way. We have had problems with tracking balls on the bb.

Dislike: Like most cell phones--new, used, off eBay etc..-there was no users manual. It can be downloaded for free. But, like most manuals, it is very long, so printing it up is not an option. If you have questions, you need to be at a computer to look at the manual. At least you know where the manual will always be--not lost in some corner of the desk!

Overall, I like this phone now. Even wish I had one. How will I feel a year from now? don't know.
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Great Phone, just be careful

This is an awesome phone. It's perfect for people who want the added features that the web can bring but who don't need real web browsing that comes with something like an iPhone or MyTouch phone.

Just be careful if you're an existing T-mobile customer who has been grandfathered in with the $10 unlimited web. It doesn't work with this phone. You must either upgrade to the $30 unlimited web, or to the $15 200MB web. 200MB is plenty for most people (It is for me, and I do a lot of web browsing.) but you have to be extra careful not to go over.

I've also heard that this phone can have problems on the AT&T web network, so I would ask them what to do to get it to work.

Overall, it's a nice phone, easy to use, and a good value for the money.
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A nice temporary phone.

I bought this phone to replace a broken Blackberry Bold 9000. Obviously I downgraded a bit but I wouldn't say it was a big downgrade. The Sidekick LX 2009 is a fun phone meant for the younger crowd. So far I like the phone, its display is nice, the camera is okay, the video isn't worth using. The keyboard for me is easy to use but can be a hassle for some. It is very hard to know whether or not you hit the space button since it really doesn't push down at all. Also, the phone can only hold up to 100 text messages which surprised me considering the younger crowd text messages a LOT more than others, it should have an unlimited message inbox/outbox like the Blackberry does. The Track ball is very nice, I actually found it to be much better feeling than the Blackberry's. Battery life lasts me all day, but I usually drive everywhere I go and I do charge my phone for about 20 minutes in the car. Still, the battery has not gone lower than 75%, that is with my constant text messaging and frequent calling. I have not used the internet on it because I am on AT&T and this is an unlocked T-Mobile phone.

Overall, the phone is good, for a short amount of time. I can imagine in about 9 months hating this phone. The text messaging could have been a lot better, even adding in the feature to view the whole conversation could have made this phone worth getting. I still like the design and the size isn't too big. With more features I would have given this phone a 4* rating. But this is just a phone to last me 5 months, nothing more.
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An amazing device!

i can do just about anything with this device that i can do with a pc! It's more features for less money. Not only is the Sidekick 2008 $50 cheaper than the $199 you'd currently pay for the Sidekick LX, it comes with more stuff. The best hardware improvement has to be the reduced size, and at 4.7 x 2.3 x 0.7 inches, it's as long as the iPhone, slightly narrower, but about twice as thick. The second most important feature on an SK is the keyboard, and remains pretty much the same as before: chicklety. If you liked previous iterations, you'll like this one.

The UI and inputs are definitely trademark Sidekick, with the standard trackball on the right for scrolling and button layout that's just about the same as the LX's. It's got video capture and video playback, which were added to the Sidekick LX in an automatic update. Also unique to the 2008 is the ability to custom-design your own external shells at sidekickshells.com. One for $9.99 or two for $14.99.

The Sidekick 2008 continues the tradition of nicely designed and intuitive apps, like email, instant messaging, picture messaging and video messaging. The Sidekick started out as a data communicator—something it still continues to do well—but now can be safely called just a "communicator" because of its more well-rounded features.

The call quality was very good—loud and clear with only minimal background noise—and thanks to its newly reduced size, speaking on it is much less like holding a plastic taco up to your ear. The battery is only 1030mAh compared to the LX's 1540mAh, which may partially explain the reduced size. The Sidekick has never been known to take great photos or video, but the video on the 2008 is decent enough for an MMS, and the photos are only slightly blurrier and darker than the iPhone's. Not fantastic, but manageable.

The most important bit of information that you want to know is if we'd recommend it to T-Mobile users. Definitely. If you're a current Sidekick owner and you're happy with the platform, you'll want to upgrade to this for its improved features and reduced size. If you're not a current Sidekick user but have always eyeballed the series, it's a good time to jump on.
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A Very different Phone

Well,is really a different Phone from the ones that are on the market.
the wivel Screen is probably the shocking part,really cool and fashion.
teh Orchid color is bright and make it so wonderful to show to the people.
the menu and the buttons are so intuitive,full of shortcuts,the camera is good enough to take pictures and videos.
have a great battery,and a lot of funny themes and stuff to personalize it.
the unique bad thing is the connection to the internet that is not possible in any case,cause teh t- mobile have locked any procedures.
if anyone could work on it,with the Danger Software probably it beame the best phone on the world.
with a fully qwerty keyboard,a large screen and a lot of applications is an Excellent phone.
became Good just for the internet connection that is missed.
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Don't bother buying a Sidekick anymore


I just bought a Sidekick LX 2009 because they look great and are great for texting and email. Sidekick keyboards have been the best for texting - not cramped like other slider phones, Blackberries or touch-screen keyboards.

Unfortunately I just found out that T-Mobile released a statement saying that the Sidekick data service hosted by Microsoft is being shut down on May 31, 2011. That means all current Sidekicks will be useless except for voice and maybe SMS texts.


Don't bother buying a Sidekick now as they will only work for a couple more months. If you want one, wait for the Android-based Sidekick 4G coming soon.
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side kick needs to get with it

, ok I bough tthis phone as a back up, the phone itself works fine, the messagiung features needs work, they do not display individual conversations, there is just a big list. the web browser is a joke, you would need to get opera mini instead for a better online experiance, the connectiviy to the internet is not that slow but it could be faster, coupled by the fact that this phoine does not have wifi or 3g makes the browsing the internet less than fun. the cable that connects the screen to the phone wears out and in my opinion should have been addressed in earlier models however it still wears out and is very common...the phone is smaller than an lx and the screen is where you feel it.. the screen size on the lx is bigger , but this one came with an app for facebook, not sure if I can download apps or not but , if they gutted this phone, added a much larger touch screen, have it slide out instead of flip out and turned it into an adroid platform phone, gave it some internal memory upgradeable to 60 gig , added wifi and 3g, put a 2300mah batter (something no one else does on messaging phones or pda's it would be a force to be recconed with..Read full review...


Great Product

First, this is NOT a review on the seller, simply on the phone.
I am comparing this to the 2009 LX. I prefer the LX simply because of the size, camera and moodlights when being turned on. These are all issues of preference, and for the most part the 2008 is just as good of quality, when using the phone, messaging and such. Camera isn't as good, but it's to be expected when comparing the 3.2 mp of the 2009 LX to the 2.0 of the 2008. The moodlights are something that can be lived without and as long as you have a steady hand, your pictures will be decent.
Overall, the price of the 2008 suited me better after my 2009 LX got broke.
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