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The Sega Trio System

This was a system that always got away from me since I was a kid, I always wanted it now I have it over 20 years later but never the less I finally got it. Since having it, I was very happy with this product, a lot of people give it a bad review because of all the add-ons but I never minded when they added new features and enhanced resolutions and better color and sound. Maybe it might be the Sega fan in me but i'm having fun with it and i'm very happy to final have it.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mayriver2009

by Top critical review

Packaged using cotton instead of bubble wrap

I ordered some console's and they were loosely put in a box with very heavy plugs and packed with cotton. One of the console's is damaged and one of the plugs the prongs are completely bent sideways. I have never seen anything packaged as terribly as this.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: zendrik


If your a gamer worth a try

Doom looks just like the pc version of the 90s. I'm not sure it's an upgrade above the genesis but building the sega tower of power is priceless.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: all4sale11


Love the 32X

This is an easy way to squeeze the great video signal and sound out of an older model 1 Sega Genesis. Pair it with a proper SCART cable and a good quality SCART to HDMI converter / upscaler and you'll be enjoying HD quality graphics from an old classic.Read full review...

Verified purchase: No


Good buy

Tons of games on one cart, amazing.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: bland-inc


the red headed step son i did love!!!

look enough with the slaming of this awesome lil machine i owned it back in 95 when new and loved almost every game for it except cosmic carnage only cause it was rushed it did have good graffics but lacked speed and mutli combos and killer moves. still more fun then atari jaguars kasumi ninja. also another must own cart based system. long live jaguar. back too sega 32x plain and simple people name another system that for the most part had the very best arcade ports of its day and great third party games hum kolibri, blackthorne,pitfall best cart version hands down even best the jaguar,nba TE, tempo,darxide which i own!! uk real version,mortal 2,and howabout in house games virtua raceing ,virtua fighter, go away saturn yr copies sucked badly of both these,world series baseball 95, t-mek,and others wwf arcade primal rage,metal head and so on really how many systems can brag that really only one of there total of 36 to 38 carts made was a dud. now jag had a ton of stinkers i own all the games on it and about 10 do really kinda blow it only had 68 during existence and after homebrew about 112 total .it also is an awesome system and the king of stinkers ready for it drum roll please n64 come on sound sucked and control was just weird but worked but man talk about shelf wear games anything not EA OR NINTENDO IN HOUSE BLEW SO THATS ABOUT 200 STINKERS. SO BACK OFF HATEING SEGA 32X AND GET REAL step up too the next level sega 32x baby.Read full review...

Verified purchase: No


Great value

I received it quickly plugged it up and instantly taken back to my childhood

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tradingpost01


Sega 32x

The best yet worst device ever made. Poor game library and small improvement in graphics make for a bulky addon that looks so damn good and bad. It's the red headed step son of gaming.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jossemiati0


Transform your Sega Genesis into a mega beast!

If your into collecting Sega this is a fun addition to any collection and personally I think a must have. The mound of cables needed though can make this a little cumbersome and even more so if your using this with your Genesis already connected to the Sega CD. It will transform your Genesis system into a mega beast of a system with wires and cables coming from every direction, but with that said I believe it makes it all that much more fun to play with.Read full review...


Old school fun

I'm glad to finally own one of these,that I wanted as a kid. Some really fun games on this system of a decent price!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jmouche17

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