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Looks good...

I can't seem to get it to run full speed. I have it connected to the right port and all, but diognotic run says it runs at only a fraction of the promised speed of at least 300mb/s(or is it at most? Doesn't matter, it's still as slow as my old sata ii hdd). Also, it heats up very quick and the gears start going fast, which becomes loud. not to mention the solid state part of the drive idles frequently, then takes a while to start again, despite the motorised part of the drive still spinning. One would think if the motor's spinning, at least 'some' part of the drive remains active, but no; stupid thing has to wait for the sleeping solid atate to wake up. Lastly, most hdd's reserve about 60 gb per terabyte, but this little guy takes a full 90-100 gigs. Wonder what it's all for...

Other than that, it's a nice drive. Quiet when idle, tiny, doesn't use much power, feels sturdy. 3.5/5
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by Top critical review

Hard drive worked for 2 days then died

I installed this as a storage drive on my laptop ASUS G74SX. I copied all my old stored files form my old disk drive and directed my Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos to store to this drive. worked okay for 1 day and then started having issues the second day slow write times etc. Tested it with 2 other laptops and a desk top and the same issue. I tested my a 320 GB non hybrid drive in my G74SX and it worked fine. It has been working fine for the past week as well. I can't do anything with this drive it will not read on any computer so I cannot even format it.Read full review...

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A Great Alternative to SSD!

Being a Laptop builder, I have ordered several of these to use in my refurbished Laptops for sale. These Hybrid drives are a viable alternative to the much higher priced SSD's. They offer the speed of an SSD with the higher memory capacity of a traditional HD. It does not fit certain laptops that require a thin 7mm drive, however it does fit perfectly in all the others. I am so impressed with these that I have one in my personal laptop. It also speeds up systems where RAM is lower. I found it compliments a 4GB RAM system very well even when using multiple tabs on the internet, as well as multiple applications, where 4GB RAM may be unstable with a regular HD.Read full review...

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Seagate SSHD

If you're ever considering about buying another HDD, be sure to buy a SSHD by Seagate. You will not be disappointed. They are affordable and fast. I have replaced all my laptops (3), and tower with them. Once you experience this type of HDD, you will never go back to the conventional one, except to use it for a backup. I as a Certified IT Computer Technician, highly recommend this HDD. There are copies of this type of HDD's by other companies now, but I prefer Seagate who are the original people who created this technology. I've always loved and only used Seagate HDD because of there reliability and longevity. New have a 3 yr warranty. Just be sure to register them. Once upon a time Seagate used to have a 5 yr. warranty. Again, I highly recommend this product! Thank you Seagate!Read full review...

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Really fast with small files

An interesting test. Copy a large file in Win 7 or Win 10 and watch the copy graph. You can see in the transfer speed and the graph level when the buffer gets full. For that first 64mb or so it's lightning fast and then copies like any other 5200 RPM drive. Is it worth the extra $10 bucks, absolutely? I can wait for large files, I would with a 7200 rpm drive as well. This one is just a touch slower. A great little drive and over the course of a day really a lot faster.

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Fantastic Hard drive

This is my first solid state hard drive. I have to say this is an impressive product.
I installed it on my 2013 Dell Inspiron laptop, and installed the operating system on it. With all the updates, it only took an hour! This usally takes two or more hours, minimum! The hard drive is Soo quick that when I push the power button on the computer, it instantly comes on. The speed doesn't stop there, the internet, and other computer tasks seem to be faster too. I would highly recommend this product,. It turned my old PC into a real fast machine!Read full review...

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so far so good so what? well quite a bit actually. 8)

I had been looking into current HDD's since over the years there have been huge advancements in size and quality and type of storage. I discovered solid states and wanted one, obviously to expensive , and found an alternative to my 500gb 7200rpm seagate.I was skeptical, wether it would really matter, in apps , games etc... to get a hybrid hdd. most sites I visited , gave sheets on comparison of speed ,ratios etc.. and my first thought was "whoah! Im not spending that much tme researching over something like that!" however I did note the posters comments that it would not make a difference in say gaming, but would increase boot times and things like that . It seemed to be a consistent tpe of view or opinion, and it almost swayed me from trying it or myself, as the cost is a bit higher than a standard HDD , but I wanted a little more becuse it is a laptop , and it has limits that cannot be ugraded . When I it got delivered to my home and I installed it, my hp G72 i5 (2011 model BTW)recognized it right away and I installed win7-64 bit on it . when I was done adding all of the updates, I ran the user experience rating index, (based off of the previously ran index with the old 7200 seagate, I hate to admit it but the performance increase was about 20% beter and helped increase all of the stats , from the ram to the processing rating. so , it turned out to be worth it, as it apparently opened a bottleneck somewhere in the system. So anyways, Illustrator and my editing progs ran great and even games played slightly better . perhaps a 10-15% increase? Why do I write this? It is worth the buy, tryi it for yourself, since the cost difference is mininmal its the best bang for your buck.Read full review...



This is a late review, but I still had to submit it. This was a great choice!! Great transfer speeds. Excellent read/write speeds, and has excellent boot time. My old HDD usually took 2min, give or take, to boot up and be ready for use. With this, and some boot configurations, it cut the boot time down to a minute, usually less. I think everyone should at least try it out.Read full review...

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Very fast very reliable and very quiet.

I have to say everything good they said about this hard drive is true. I take my time testing and see for my self the different and, i have admitted is very impress. I changed the original 500GB hard drive from my PS4 for this one and the speed is much, much faster, and more quite. I lost power in my house twice after installed this unit and the recovery for my PS4 is much faster and reliable. I truly recommend this hard drive to any one who's looking to increase the capacity of the 500GB PS4 hard drive to 1TB. It's all good.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: look24pc


So far, so good

This is the 2nd one I've bought. The first one sped up my wife's computer enough to postpone upgrading, so when I did upgrade her to a faster laptop, I bought another one for that one, too. Seems to be nearly as fast as SSD for 1/2 the price. My son did have one fail, but he is a gamer, so that could have thrashed it a lot more than normal use.Read full review...

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