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Easy to use66% agree

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Good camera, clear photos

Exactly as described. Works great. There was no instruction manual but very easy to operate. Have used it numerous times with good results.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mattyjmania

by Top critical review

Two clicks and new batteries dead...

Warning about alkaline batteries should be heeded as definite issue. I've used same batteries in many cameras, two pictures, batteries dead. Trying to figure out if worth more effort.

Can't tell image quality as too frustrated about batteries. Blaming battery manufacturing is just wrong.

On/off button very small. Button for picture shoot is also small. Had hoped to use as intro camera for granddaughter but buttons too hard for her.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: george1955


Great little camera for the price!

I like that you can capture a still from a video on the fly, and the compact size. My only regret is that it lacks compatibility with the new EYE-Fi memory chips. And that it can't powered up from the USB port. I bought this camera to replace one I had that got damaged. I'm on the prowl for a power up setup for AA batteries like you see in stores setup for security so I can use this camera to take videos of my motorcycle cruises.Read full review...


Bottom line, I am sick at not having the priceless photos from my birthday

This item was described as in fine working condition with only a couple of minor cosmetic scratches. I received it and it did have those. There was no manual but it was simple to use. I took a handful of pictures and thought it worked fine. I took it out for my 35th birthday with my favorite band with freshly charged batteries in it. I trusted the camera and did not bring my phone. It took a couple of pictures during the show and then started to show lines in the pictures before the screen went totaly blank in bright colors with lines. We turned it off in hopes that when my idol came out for meet and greet it would take just one more pic. It did not. The camera came on at that point and then shut off without the lens going back in or closing. I took the camera the next day to a shop where they told me it had numerous problems with the lcd screen and the working mechanism for the lens. I am so upset not to have my birthday photos and that I trusted bidding on this camera. The shop told me in a nut shell that I was ripped off for $30 and should have gone to a pawn shop..would have been better off.Read full review...


Takes great pictures and purchased it at a wonderful price!

My current digital camera died and between listing on Ebay and having 2 granddaughters that make lots of memories, I needed to replace it. I decided on "pink" and then did a search to see what was available. I really liked the looks of this one. My old camera has 4 pixels and this one has 14!! I love it! I purchased a memory card and am currently taking lots of pictures. I am VERY happy with this camera.Read full review...


My Grand Daughter loves her camera!

I bought this camera for my 10 year old grand daughter, and she takes it everywhere she goes. It is compact, easy to use, and durable. The camera is perfect for a budding young photographer.


Excellent, fantastic camera and a great value!!!!

I love this camera. It gives sharp pictures, easy to use and soooooooooooomuch beter than my old camera. Excellent value and so glad I bought it. My ebay sales have grown exponentially since I got this camera.Read full review...


Great pocket camera

For the money this is a great camera. This 14mp phone takes really clear pictures.It's small size makes it a great pocket camera.


good inexpensive camera!! Easy to use!!

takes nice pictures, i wish it had a rechargeable battery rather than double AA's other tan that it is a perfect camera for kids, I bought it for my 5 yr. old


I am completely satisfied

I bought the camera to take along while horseback riding, 4-wheeling, and for other outdoor activities where a small compact, light weight inexpensive camera would be ideal. All of the pictures taken so far are very good.Read full review...

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