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Great powerful MP3 player. Very rugged.

Seems most have a weak plug and this one shares that problem had to replace as it stopped working correctly. But it works very well better at video than most.

It is not an IPod but it is far cheaper as well it does what it is supposed to very well. It has a great video chip in it far better than most but is not Rockboxable becase of this but Sandisk software works well for this unit. With 8 GB internal and a micro SD slot it has capacity.

The first Refurbished one lasted over two years with heavy rough use far longer than the ruggedized phone I have. It still works for home use just have to keep earphone plug in right dirrection. The first one came with a leather case which is really nice use it for the second now.
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Sansa View - the mp3 player you need/want!

This is an excellant alternative to the more pricey iPod and Zunes. The menu is very easy to use, and the computer interface is super easy (windows media center drag and drop). The best part of all is the expandability (the micro SD slot). How is it that the most reasonably priced mp3 player has the most flexibility? Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod, but paired with a decent set of buds, the basic digital data differances between mp3 players is all about style (look and feel) - the music can be hard to distinguish (there are however, huge differences between earbuds and headphones). Used models of the View are easy to obtain on eBay and so far - if you are careful - they have given me excellant service. I say spend the money on a good pair of legitimate (authentic) earbuds or headsets and enjoy the listening. p.s. don't worry about buying used with (slightly or moderately) scratched screens. If you use these to play videos, you'll need your magnifying glass. Also many third party accessories work fine with this. Here's my secret - these go for (used) usually less than a used (or new) Sansa Fuze 8GB with the same capabilities - the View just has a larger size. Happy listening/viewing(lol)!Read full review...


Mostly good, but with some flaws.

I was looking at sansa because a few of the people I work with had sansas and seemed satisfied enough with theirs to recommend it to me. I had previously owned an iriver clix which I was completely satisfied with, but it finally died. I would have bought another, but alas, I couldn't find one for sale.

After looking at reviews of several other makes (Sony Apple Creative Cowon et al), none seemed to stand out, except for being way more expensive than the sansa. The sansa clip was rated one of the five best mp3 players by cnet, but I listen to the fm radio a lot and the other smaller players that I've used before the clix didn't get good reception in the steel frame building that I work in. (The clix did however). So anyway, I decided to pass on the clip, and the fuze and get the view.

My first impression of the unit when I took it out of the packaging was that it felt substantial. It had heft and felt well made. After turning it on and plugging in the earphones my second impression was bad. There was hardly any volume and the music would cut in and out and you could hear the voice and not the music and then the music and the voice was very faint. The mp3 player and the radio both acted the same. I thought maybe the earphone impedance was mismatched so I tried two more pair of earphones, but with the same results. It was a used unit that I purchased rather cheaply and thought "well now I know why." After getting on line and reading about some phone jack problems with these things and finding some instructions for taking the thing apart, I figured I had nothing more to lose by opening it up and inspecting it.

Although I saw nothing wrong with the jack, when I would gently push on it, the volume would come to what I would consider normal. So suspecting a cold solder joint or maybe a small physical crack that I couldn't see, I touched all the contacts for the jack with a hot soldering iron, cleaned the inside of the jack with contact cleaner, adjusted the tang that makes contact with the plug to be a little tighter, put it back together and haven't had a problem since.

I'm using shure e2c earphones with it and I have to say that after adjusting the graphic equalizer, the audio is clear and crisp. There may not be enough base for some rock enthusiasts, and when I add a little more with the equalizer it seems to "muddy" the music somewhat to my ears, but when I back off the base, I'm hearing some higher frequency elements in the music that weren't as distinct with the clix even using the same earphones.

The radio gets good reception, even in the steel frame environment.

I keep the volume pretty much turned to the max in order to satisfy, where in the iriver it would be about to 3/4 of max. So, in my opinion, it could use a little more oomph.

I get about 15 to 17 hrs. of play time on a 4hr. charge. Only have had it for about a month, so I'm not sure if I'm charging it enough even though the battery shows full, or if that's typical. Or, maybe the battery is weak being how it's a used unit. Just don't know.

I can't say anything about video playback because I don't use that. The jpg's that I loaded display very well though.

When I loaded content(drag and drop)it seemed to go very well, but when I saw the content on the player, the playlists weren't how I had loaded them. It was like the content from one playlist was mingled in between the content of another playlist. Don't know if I did something wrong or if it's the player file system
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Nice Product, works for what you need mostly

This is a good product but turned out to be not what I was looking for. The View has a great screen size and is just as easy to use as all the other Sansa MP3 players I have used before. Only problem I have with this product is that if you dont get audiobooks from Audible dont bother with this cause it wont let you store them in the audible folder without it being formatted to .AA.Read full review...


This is an AWESOME MP3 player!

Awesome MP3 player! GREAT battery life. Big, nice, clear colorful screen. Super easy to navigate with scroll wheel. I'm on my 2nd one. Also bought 4 for family: they all love and use them. Added more songs with easy micro-SD card (a lot cheaper than buying a 16gb or 32 gb player!)

Great product! Would suggest to anyone!
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Good, but there's Better for the Money

My Sansa e280 was stolen from me, and so I decided to buy a View as a replacement. The larger screen and retouched hardware sold me, and I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

When I finally opened the package, I can only describe the experience as anticlimactic. The unit was much bigger than I expected, too big to comfortably fit in my hands (I don't have small hands) and the long shape felt as though it was wasting real estate. The lack of a removable metal backplate (present in the e2xx series) was a real loss. I didn't want to think about how marred the rubberized plastic would become in my pocket. The interface was almost exactly the same as the earlier sansas, and is very functional, but very boring. Navigation is also a pain - there's no way to skip quickly through by first letter, so if you have thousands of tracks, you'll be turning the wheel hundreds of times.

The screen was the highlight of the unit - large and crisp, it definitely corrected the deficiencies of its predecessors. Unfortunately, the rest of the hardware did not show comparable improvement. The new rubberized scroll wheel slides almost too easily and has a cheap feel about it. While the screen is beautiful, there is a perceptible delay in when a command is issued, and you see it happen, in other words, the graphics are slow. What killed the unit for me, however, was the sound quality. I tested with multiple headphones, and there was just something wrong with the tones - cranking bass came at the expense of the midrange, and there was distortion as you boosted both ends.

While the screen was beautiful and the price was good, I ended up returning this item and getting a Creative Zen - a much better player for about the same price. The Sansa View is much better than the knock off music players I've used, and seems reasonably sturdy and functional, but it's exceedingly average when compared to better products at the same price.
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Affordable sturdy player for the casual user

For the price this is a nice MP3 player, not the quality or functionality of zune or apple, but sturdy and affordable. If it didn't use Microsoft media I would like it more. I believe it to be more of a child's or purse type player, not a hard core music lovers choice. The problems I've encountered I believe are more computer than player, Microsoft has never worked well for me regardless of computer. I would recommend the unit again like I said, for a casual user, where music is an occasional venture. Not for those that listen daily at work or playRead full review...



I've had nothing but success with this player. It's variety of features are amazing, you get FM voice recorder, voice recorder, radio, Micro SD slot for more storage....it's the all-in-one that MP3 Players can't touch. I find it very reliable, easy to recharge. If you want to use a different way of charging it besides using your computer; you have a couple of options: Altech speaker systems are for Sandisk players and you can get a nice 4 pound battery to use when you want to keep your Sansa charged when attending events, it will keep the charge for a long time. I like how it small it is, price of this one I got was good. I have no dislike of this product at all. It's the best there is and I won't use anything else.Read full review...


User friendly with great value for the price

I wanted to be able to listen to my mp3s in my car, but have a factory head unit that won't play RW discs. So I decided to buy an mp3 player I could use with an adapter. I first bought a little 2gb generic player that resembled the Ipod shuffle. But I found it difficult to use when driving because there is no LCD display to show what's playing. If you have alot of music, hitting "skip" over and over to find a song gets annoying to say the least. So I concluded my search for the perfect mp3 player (WITH an LCD display) when I came upon SanDisk's 8GB "Sansa View" here on ebay. It seemed an economical option considering all the features: It stores Music in Mp3 and WAV formats, Video in mpeg4 and H.264, Photos in all common formats, a voice recorder and mine also has an FM tuner (I believe it's "optional") so I can listen to the radio with it! It also has a micro SD card slot, which was important to me as I have alot of music already stored on micro SD cards. That also means you can expand the memory beyond the already huge cpacity. The Sansa View also comes in 16GB and 32GB. It has a click-wheel for volume control and to highlight selections. You can personalize the display with colors or wallpapars, and you can adjust the backlight and powersave options easily. It's slim and lightweight. It charges with the included USB adapter, but you can buy AC and travel adapters. The retail price is $149.99! I'll just say I got mine for less than $30. It was listed as "used" but I can't tell its ever been used as the headphones and charger were still wrapped up and packaged. I haven't had any problems with it yet and don't foresee any. The only thing even close to a con could possibly be the battery life. It does seem to deplete quicker than I'd hoped, but not so much that it's a problem and hasn't hindered my experience in any way. In short, I decided to write my first ebay review on the SanDisk Sansa View mp3 player because I'm tickled pink with my purchase and I'm so glad I searched ebay before going out and buying it at the retail price. I do think it's worth $149.00, but I can't bring myself to spend that much on a music player. Without the ebay option I would have had to buy a much inferior mp3 player and would never have known how awesome the Sansa View is. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of this type of product.Read full review...


Skip the Sansa View and look for something else

This is a sorry product compared to comparable items. I bought this and a Creative Zen, both refurbs, at about the same time and price. The Zen is far superior. It comes with dedicated media management software. The Sansa makes you use Windows Explorer or Media Player to transfer files. If you use Media Player all files are uploaded as DRM protected, whether or not they originally were. Thus you cannot see or manipulate them in Windows Explorer or other media software--like Roxio, etc. The Sansa screen is nearly invisible in outdoor daylight. The Zen has no problems. "Fast Forward" is a myth on the Sansa. To get to the middle of a 1 hour video involves holding down the FF button for SEVERAL MINUTES. It moves in like 30 second intervals at best. Neither the Zen or the Sansa allows you to use the SD card memory for DRM content, so the upgradeablility of either is not totally accurate. The Sansa does have better battery life, but that is because it completely blanks the screen after the preset period. The Zen merely dims the screen, but it is still readable under most conditions. An 8 GB refurb Sansa is an OK deal at $50 including shipping, but you'll be happier with the Zen at the same price point. A Sansa at $125 new is a joke. No wonder there are so many refurbs available.Read full review...

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