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Great until it died

I love these little Sansa Clip Zip players. Incredible sound, long battery life, tiny little player that holds many books as well as music at a time. I listen to books as I drive, too, and the controls are easy to use without having to look at the player to pause, back up. After totally wearing out my last one playing loads of audiobooks from my library, I ordered the exact same player to replace it. However, after enjoying it for a little over a month, I noticed that it wouldn't always pause when I wanted it to, or back up, or stop.
Then the battery life went down to only a couple hours. When I'd only had it less than 2 months, I plugged it in and it overheated and died. Completely. And yes, customer care at SanDisk was great, they issued a RMA immediately with prepaid postage so I could return the defective player. I should get my new replacement player in a couple days, really quick turnaround time and I am impressed by how SanDisk stands behind its products. I've been listening to my audiobooks on my phone in the meantime, and yes, it works, but I can't wait to get back to using the little Clip Zip again!
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Not for audiobooks

I bought the sandisk sansa clip because online reviewers said it was good for audiobooks. It is not. It loses its place randomly. Not often, but often enough to irritate.

Another reason for the two stars: when you charge it or pull the charging plug it begins playback. This is absolutely insane, because if you don't shut it down immediately, you lose your place.

Another reason: The battery does not charge up completely. This means constant recharging.

Another reason: The unit simply shuts down when the low battery is reached, AND the battery indicator in not precise.

This unit has been relegated to the drawer, to be used as a spare when my iPod quits.
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Ideal for running

This is a very lightweight player which can even plays ogg files. Battery live is excellent, with two workouts a week, I only charge it every 2 months or so. With Rockbox installed you can play any file format and battery live improves even further.
Major downside is the clip which is not very sturdy. You need some discipline to structure your music, otherwise its hard to find it on the small display.

After years of service I though mine had died so I bought a second one. However, after the battery was drained it restarted and is not functioning fine again. Its a shame these are not produced anymore.
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Best MP3 Player Ever - Perfec For Audiobooks!

I absolutely LOVE the clip+! Super easy to use! Many features including a sleep timer (auto shut off after specified time), voice recorder & radio. Besides music you can download MP3 & DRM WMA Audiobooks free from local library. The newest models from Sansa do NOT support DRM WMA's & have problems w/CD books. With the clip+ you can also rip books on regular CDs w/Windows Media Player then copy to clip+ using Windows Explorer. MP3 CD books just straight copy with Explorer. And it has a micro HD card slot which holds up to 32gb memory card so you NEVER run out of room! Battery only goes @8-10 hrs (not 16 per Sansa) but that's still a lot longer than most! Small & light weight, conveniently clips onto shirt. They last 1-1.5 yrs with 8-12 hour daily use, so will last much, much longer for most people. Sturdy holds up to multiple drops w/o breaking. Standard Mini USB port for recharging & connecting to PC, so no added expense of proprietary cords. This model has been discontinued by Sansa so stock up before the price gets too high & stock disappears! No color screen, text only & screen is smaller so if you want to see album covers try the Clip Zip, also discontinued, good for library downloaded books but not ripped CD's. Whether you buy the 4gb or 8gb model doesn't matter because memory slot can hold up to 32gb additional! The clip+ & clip zip are Sansa's 2 best products, (at least for audio books) -it is a real shame they stopped making them! FYI, the clip sport is the worst of all of them by all accounts & I agree. I got one & can't stand using it, the pause lasts up to 15 seconds after pressing play to resume & is infuriating in so many respects, avoid at all costs!Read full review...

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An exelent product, worth it's price.

I bought this product because I am using it intensively.
In fact, this time I bought two of them at once because I do not want to get stuck without it.
I like this product because it is easy for me to use. My spouse has impaired eyesight and can not read, so I upload digital books to this product and she listens to the books with earphones (she has also impaired hearing). Between books, she can also listen to the radio that is part of the product.
What I don't like about the product is the socket for the earphones. This socket wears out quickly, and that is the reason I have to buy this item again and again.
Still, this is the best product of it's kind - believe me, I have tried many others but they did not last.

I prefer this product for it's excellent battery-life, it's ease of use,It's choice of menus and it's uploading from the desktop.
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Overall I am pleased with the Sansa Clip+

For the price this is a decent player. My only issues with it are when I am listening to an audiobook you cannot do a short rewind or forward. It goes forward a significant number of chapters. From time to time it just stops and shuts down, nothing touched it and the battery is full. Starts right back up and finds its place no problem. Volume is good as is the sound quality.Navigation is good. I live about 30 miles from the nearest FM station and it picks up many quite well. I download my audiobooks from a public library using Overdrive. Overdrive does not recognize the Clip as iTunes does not. So I search my Mac hard drive for the book and drag the book to the Clip. It works, not elegant but I get the books. I initially had some issues with the Clip, their online live help is great and they worked through a reset with me.Read full review...


love it. it works great. lightweight, good sound

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: nevertheless-a


Great mp3 player

I like these players so much that I own 3 of them. They are easy to use and the 8gb capacity is great. In addition to that you can add a micro sd card, up to 32gb, making this little player a great bargain. I listen to audiobooks on them as well as music.

The headphones that come with the unit are not usable in my opinion. I bought a set of Sennheiser CX 200 earbuds to go with these units and they are great.

I would also suggest buying one of those silicone covers to protect the unit from dust and scratches, etc. They are only a few dollars and they really do work.
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Highly recommended, easy to use

Bought this as a replacement for a previous unit for my wife. She insists on using it in the steam room at the gym, which takes its toll on the unit through moisture penetration over time. For her, these are annual or shorter replacements. Without the steam, mine has lasted several years, with no battery or other problems. I'm not aware of any brand that will stand up to steam room abuse, so this is not as bad a criticism as it might be.
Sansa is still the easiest to use MP3 player around. Comes fully charged, with short USB charging and data transfer cable for recharge and loading music. User interface is dead simple:
plug in the cable and your file manager opens, whether in Windows or iMac
drag and drop copy MP3's into the Sansa 'music' folder'
unplug the cable and the unit automatically reorganizes the directory to add all the new items
you can search/play by 'all' or artist or album or folder, by random or sequence, etc.
Come with decent earbuds, but your ego, like mine, will probably dictate upgrade to expensive ones needlessly.
Has a built in useful large clip to attach to shirt sleeve, collar, etc [thus the name 'Clip+]
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Careful what you wish for

I purchased this Sansa 8gb cLIP+ for one reason only. The ability to listen to audiobooks that are WMA/DRM protected. Once I received the unit I was disappointed in its ability to play the books. The directions leave a lot to be desired. Once I overcame those difficulties I had two problems: 1] it stopped in the middle of a book and I had to waste time with a chat room to get it resolved. 2] after that correction the unit stopped again and it could not be corrected. Sansas' answer to the problem was to send it back for exchange under warranty and they will exchange it. To date I have been waiting about 7-8 days and still no replacement unit. The rest of the story is that they do not have an 8GB available and they will be glad to replace it with a different model or a 4 GB unit. Since reading is a problem for me I have no recourse but to except a 4GB unit. Yes it serves my purpose of being able to listen to WMA/DRM protected audiobooks on a protable device and soon they will all be available in MP3 format and the need for WMA/DRM units will be obsolete. I AM VERY DISSAPPOINTED in the performance of this unit. SO......the question is was the unit defective when purchased from Ebay? Would I have been better off buying a unit from the BLUE big box stores? Finally,
I gave it an average rating because it does play the books I need but knowing what I know now I will not buy another Sansa product.
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