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The Best of the Best.

For me this is the one. Beautiful on or off. The remote menu is fantastic for picture and feature adjustment. The picture is precise and has great smooth motion. 3.5 million to 1 contrast ratio and 120 CMR. I have not found any fault in the corner to corner image, color and feel is delightful. I wondered how long that quality would last and found something saying I could expect a 50,000 hour screen life. For 12 hours on everyday that is nearly 10 years, so for 6 hours a day I hope for twice that for 20 years. When you have something you really enjoy you want to know how long it will last. The design of the TV is gorgeous with it's clear edge around the bezel and base. The support post is clear and solid. The screen itself has a frosted look when off and that cuts glare when watching. The entire TV is light at 22 pounds and the screen is just over an inch think. It also swivels in a 20 degree arc from side to side. That is just right and I use that feature a lot. Padded base so no scratches where you stand it. I love this size as well for my office or bedroom. I have not even listened to the built in sound system because I love my external speaker sound system. The built in speakers do not show in any way which I appreciate. The native resolution of this set matches the output of my computer as well. If I designed this set for myself I would not change a thing. I bought a used one for a huge savings that frosted the cake. It is has been a wonderful experience.Read full review...

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