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Awesome!, works great and can handle the use I put it through. The phone is getting a little old but fits my situation perfectly right now. I have actually worked for some of the biggest smart phone producers and smart phone type companys and I would prefer this device over any new samsung any day of the week. Thanks again and happy hollidays!!Read full review...


I love this phone!

First and foremost, the first thing that sticks out about this phone is it's looks. It is very stylish and the shiny chrome look is very nice. I also love the user interface. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The screen could be a little bigger, but it still looks nice nonetheless with nice, bright colors. I love the high level of personalization the phone has as well. It has several background images, 4 different themes, and 2 fonts to choose from. You can truly have a different look to your phone every day if you wanted to, so it will never get old. One thing I did notice that is slightly annoying is the fact that there is no raised edge for your thumb to slide open the phone. It's all flat on the front of the phone, so sliding it open is nearly impossible without smudging up the screen. Not a huge deal, but like I said, slightly annoying. The camera on this phone has impressed me, and it has a nice self-portrait mirror near the camera lens so you don't have to go through the trial and error when you want to take a picture of yourself and a friend but no one is around to take it for you. Texting is much the same on this phone as with any phone with a standard keypad. Other reviews I have read have said the flat buttons make texting difficult, but I found it to be more than easy. I would also have liked to see a dedicated lock button on the side of the phone, instead of an automatic lock feature. You can shut off the auto-lock upon sliding the phone closed, but once the display shuts off when the phone is closed, it will lock even if you have turned off the auto-lock. So, if you receive a text message and would like to read it quickly without opening the phone, you have to unlock the phone by hitting OK twice, which is a little annoying. I have found battery life to be decent, but if you text a lot, expect to charge your phone at the end of the day because you might be down to 2 bars. Overall, I love this phone and think it's perfect for the cell phone user who wants a good looking phone fully capable of calls and texting, but doesn't need all the bells and whistles of smartphones.Read full review...


Good, basic phone for the money

It is a very good phone. The only down I have found with my phone is that I have to let the battery completely die and then recharge it in order to get a good battery life out of it. It lasts me a week that way. I have had some trouble with the screen going white and getting lines in it, and that is a manufacturing error, but only does it on occasion so not a big deal yet. The camera is delayed in taking the picture which makes it hard to capture pics of my baby, but otherwise fair.Read full review...


Samsung SCH U650 Sway (Verizon Wireless

Samsung SCH U650
Pros: My wife and I own the same phone for 10 months. We never drop calls. Samsung Sway has excellent reception. The reception is so good that background noises are sometime hurtful to your ears. Nice screen, large enough for the older phone users to see the numbers and the messages.The sliding face is helpful for not mis-dialing numbers because of accidentally grabbing your phone or putting it away. Loud ringers, you have to go to Vcas to get more ring tones if you wish to customize your phone. The camera is okay for quick pics. The pics can be downloaded to your computer for editing with the USB adapter that comes with the phone. Word of warning: My wife has a purses with magnets as snaps to close the pockets. She use one of the pockets to store her phone in. The magnet field destroy the screen to the point you can't see the screen at all. Beware of purchasing phone pocket carriers with magnets as latches!!!!We purchase another Samsung Sway to replace the damage one. That's proof enough to say we like this phone!!!!

Cons: We are not big on texting but we do text occassionally. This is not a texters phone it is a chore to text on a daily bases. There are definitely better texting phones than this one. OH YEAH! THEY DISCONTINUE THIS PHONE :(
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Maybe if the screen wasn't so apt to screw up, I'd love the phone.

I love slider phones. This is one of the basic ones. I like it well enough.

My only gripe is that it's a bit TOO average. Nothing much special stands out.

Wait, my 2nd gripe is that after only a few days of use, the screen started to mess up. After resetting my phone it fixed the problem, temporarily. A few days before the Warranty was up, the screen went completely static. I tried to send it off before the due date but missed it, now I'm stuck with a phone sometimes decides to screw up at random and have to be rebooted or have a swift fist delivered to it. And they say violence and technology aren't good bedfellows.

Overall, the phone is passable in it's functionality and price. I like it okay.
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The Sway is just exactly that..But a pretty good phone

On this Mobile Cellphone i would give it 4 out of 5. I don't use it on Verizon Network but it is used on Cricket. Calls are nice and clear and Speakerphone is fantastic so you can leave your bluetooth off which is good because the battery life on these phones are 2 days under normal use. So using the bluetooth would make it worse obviously. I read this in some forums even using with Verizon but it does get good signal. Another problem is that Verizon(like all mobile carriers now days is limiting their Bluettoth to just a headset so you cannot bluetooth with another phone,this is one of them for sure. Matter fact even with an SD card in their phone's(and other carriers) on most their phones you cannot use a ringtone that you download from net unless it is through their propietary method,have to pay for everything. And what one has to do with these models to get their own ringer on to work is almost not worth the effort uless one knows a good phone tech who knows what he/she is doing. But hacks are available and these companies should know that this is going to happen and that the normal joe cellphone user in this economy is going to be going to older phone models to do what you want as far as ringers(there is no problem with the wallpapers(at least with the Sway) but i am sure it is with other models...I myself bought this phone for daughter and it is a good phone but i am looking for another and i am going to the older Nokia or Moto's that do not have bluetooth restriction's and such as i described above....So far this search has been a good one and i am actualy going back to a Nokia that T-Mobile use to sell(the 5300) because they get decent talk time,speakerphone is loud as anything i have ever heard except for maybe one moto that came out in 2004 which is a E398(Those phones are loud) but not as clear as the Nokia 5300.....I'm into a phone for a phone and i only add ringtones and wallpapers to them and look for a phone that will last and at least pretty well made(i'm easy on my phones) have a decent talk time and standby time and i don't use them for a multi-media device or a pc. So all in all The Sway(if i were using it) is a good phone,pretty well built,easy slider,easy to punch numbers and text message and has good clear call quality and gets good signal. Sliders are not for all( we like them in my house) but they are not for everyone. Oh something i have to mention,this screen is great looking on the Sway. Very clean and clear looking,like looking out of a glass at a picture perfect setting. Overall 8/10 or 4 out of 5(whichever). Battery life just needs to be kicked up a notch but there is an extended battery for these with a back from Samsung or Ebay i'm sure that adds about an hour talk time and an extra day to phone. Thats my opinion on this one but i think people will start complaining about the bluetooth issue and not being able to do what they want as in the not so far back past or buy oversea unlocked phone's for all carriers or for CDMA get them flashed with other software and not use Verizon or T-Mobile or the rest. They better pay attention because *The word is out*.Read full review...


A good phone, easy to use, cool looking, just might want new battery

Great phone for price, bad battery life (although i'm not sure if the battery that came with mine was the one issued by samsung. the only thing i dislike about the phone is the old style messaging setup. Instead of reading your conversations as conversations, you have an inbox and sent box. Overall though, nice phone, very sleek, good buyRead full review...


Great Slider Phone

I swear by Samsung cell phones. The Sway is the third in a series of Samsung phones that I've owned (my last Samsung lasted three years and still held a battery charge for four days at the end of its life). When shopping for a new phone, I knew I wanted a slider phone and was hoping Samsung had one available. They did: the newly released Sway. So far, the phone has met all my expectations for the quality I have come to expect from the company.

The LCD screen is bright, large and colorful, a wonderful display that rivals anything less than a touchscreen. The 2.0 megapixel camera is a real gem, snapping large, high-quality photos with ease. The menus, too, are easy to navigate with lots of cool extras: three calculators, MP3 ringtones, games, VCAST and Web browsing. Calls come through loud and crisp, and the speakerphone performs its job adequately.

There are a few downsides I've encountered, but nothing to make me resent buying the phone. Perhaps the biggest is the lack of any grip when sliding the phone open. It will take a few weeks to loosen the sliding mechanism, and forget about opening the phone if your hands are greasy or sweaty.

The other downside is the lack of a headphone jack. This means that any wired earpiece you might own is not compatible. The Sway is bluetooth enabled, so you'll have to get a bluetooth earpiece if you want/need hands-free use.

Otherwise, Samsung has released yet another capable phone that is sleek, stylish and packed with features for both the casual and die-hard user alike.

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Great value for the money!!!

It's easy to use and very slim to put in pocket. The display is big, which is awesome. When you record videos and take pictures, they are perfect!!!!!


Samsung Review

The Sway is pretty legit. I like the design, and the color. A lot of reviews I've read about it say the keys are bad for texting, but they don't bother me at all. I guess if you have big fingers it's harder because they are flat and there's not much definition between them all. What I didn't like about the texting, though, is that it's delayed. What I mean by that is it takes long for the words to show up on the screen as I type them. It's livable, but sometimes gets annoying. Other than that it's a good phone. It has the usual Verizon layout, very easy to access things. I'd say the call reception is good, but I haven't made too many calls on it yet. All in all, it's a good phone.Read full review...

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