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Perfectionists, look elswhere. Down to earth bargain hunters - Buy It Now!

Excellent picture when seated infront of TV. Blacks & colors are slightly faded/washed out, when viewing from extreme angles. Awsome experience in 95% of viewing circumstances, day & night. The price point and built in 3D was too good to resist. Media Hub is not instant, web browser is slow and could be improved significantly. If you are buying the TV for this feature alone, I would just attach a cheap PC through HDMI and browse that way instead. We bought this TV as we were yet to move to 1080P! - all our Blu Rays have never looked this good! 3D gaming on Playstation 3 is also very cool. Controling your 3D experience, is better than a passive 3D experience through Movie (IMHO). Additional 3D glasses for this TV are now as low as $20 - yes $20 at Best Buy!, so no excuses for skimping on 3D for guests right?Read full review...



awsome,huge difference with my previous TV in picture and other facilities ,easy access to internet ,netflix, hulu plus ,everything



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