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great tv..but needs a little tweaking:

i purchased this TV last month..& i'll say this..1) it has a great picture..BUT!!?? so do the 2010 models..(as a matter of fact..the UN40c7000 has about the same picture quality as the UN46D8000)..& 2) the internet browser SUCKS!! (laughing)..(i have to be candid)..it does NOT show all video media..you can't download anything..& it's slow as hell..now if all you want to do is check email & go on Facebook/Twitter..then you'll be fine with this TV..BUT!!?? if you want to watch videos..WELL??!! you're SOL (s**t out of luck)..(laughing)..Samsung should've thought this one out before releasing it..i mean it works..(don't get me wrong)..but it could've been a lot better..(then again..the problem COULD be in my internet speed..i have 7.1MB DSL)..in all?? it's a great TV..(the pic quality is outstanding..the 3D feature is decent..but not better than its 2010 predecessors)..honestly..they (Samsung) should've just added a good browser to the 2010 TVs & called it a day..Samsung didn't drop the ball with this one..but they DID fumble it a little..(also the sound system could've been a little better..again..the 2010 TV's got them beat)..so again..GREAT TV..but needs a little tweaking..thank you..Peace..& God bless you & yours..

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Fantastic product! Well worth the cost

Graet picture quality. Many built-in features and apps, however, very easy to use. Was thinking about the Sony Bravia also. Very pleased with my choice


Great TV well worth the extra few bucks!

I did my research and was correct in buying this unit. The picture is the best of all I have seen. Several friends have bought other brands and two are returning theirs and buying the Samsung. The wireless was a straight forward hook up [with the help of a experienced friend]. Email, 3-D and wireless are as advertized! I bought for quality picture and 1080/240 hz and I am happy with the purchase.Read full review...


A great LED with beautiful screen and great technology and design

The technology in this TV is fabulous and the picture just crystalline perfect.
The 3-d is a real treat and the images on the screen on like art work.
The TV is only 1 inch thick and the picture extends to edge. A really great purchase.Read full review...



I feel like a kid after Christmas Eve, I am totally excited with the quality of this TV, the apps loaded in makes me forgot I have a desktop computer, now I spent a lot of time watching all my favorite movies over and overRead full review...


The product is exceptional!

This TV is fantastic. We are going to buy another one. No doubt it is the clearest TV on the market.

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