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Much more than a phone

I bought an Omnia i910 several months ago and overall I really like this phone. I'm using it with PagePlus with no problems. Call quality is excellent and I'm amazed at what this phone can do--there are hundreds of free Windows Mobile apps available. The phone does have a few quirks, which can be overcome with a little tinkering.

Likes: Clear screen, lots of memory, fast, useful widgets, good phone with excellent reception, flawless wifi,GPS works great with ROM upgrade and Google maps,FM tuner, nice camera, reasonable battery life. Easy synchronization with Windows Vista (just plug in and drag and drop).

Dislikes: No stylus, poor choices for keyboards, some settings are hard to find.

Recommendations: Get the CF03 ROM upgrade from Samsung if it hasn't already been installed on your phone. Get an aftermarket stylus that somehow attaches to the phone (search for one on eBay; you need a stylus with Window Mobile). Get a .cab file for a new keyboard. The slide/swipe type of keyboard is much more useful than the hunt and peck kind. Find Windows Mobile apps that you will use and enjoy and install them on your phone; there is plenty of storage space--8GB, but you get a microSD card if you need more storage. There are many apps that supposedly don't work on the Omnia that are running on my phone without a problem; right now I am loving Pandora with wifi. Overall a great phone!
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Durable touch screen phone

The Samsung Omnia has a strong on-line following due to the great availability of software available for the phone. Knowing others who have this phone, I knew the level of customization that I could do to it. I have been able to modify the phone, via software, to exactly match my needs. There are newer phone with stronger hardware feature sets, but few allow for the flexibility to customize quite like the Samsung Omnia. Various on-line forums have in-depth discussions about how to customize this device, some of what is discussed does require a solid technical knowledge to implement.

For a resistive touch screen phone this is relatively more sensitive interface. Samsung produces a robust piece of hardware when it comes to the abuse of daily use. The camera is a stand out, when paired with the Samsungs camera software.

The GPS works but can take between two and 5 minutes to get satellite locks. There is no support for augmented GPS, so there is no tower triangulation for locating, prior to satellite lock. Much of the original Samsung software, other than the camera's, leaves something to be desired. Samsung uses propitiatory power, and accessory connectors on this phone. Prior to changing much of the software load on this phone, I would at best call this an average device.

This is a Windows Mobile device running 6.1 from the factory. Windows Mobile 6.1 leaves much to be desired. The later versions of Windows Mobile, like 6.5.3 are a drastic improvement, and show Microsoft is on the right path to improving there mobile interface.
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Kind of a sleeper Value for $

It did have the largest screen available on any phone. That's why I bought it. I needed to be able to see the screen and my eyes are telling me I'm gettin' old.
Running Windows Mobile 6.1 and sporting a touch screen and accelerometer, this phone has plenty of capability. It does not have a physical keyboard but the onscreen variety functions quite well. Three things were an absolute requirement for my device. GPS, the ability to utilize Google maps on my mobile, and a pointing device. In place of the Blackberry's scroll wheel, this one has an optical mouse. It reads the movement of your thumb over the square "Select" button. Great for getting the pointer into the tiny check box that is so hard to select from the touch screen. One of these days the hackers are going to be able to use the wifi radio to create a mobile hotspot with this phone. It is great for the gadget guru who likes to play with programming and widgets. For the rest of us, it is a wonderful widget box. Get your news feeds, blog feeds, or stream internet radio through its media player. Simply open your web browser and navigate to thestreamcenter.com/pda for nearly any radio station in the English speaking world. 2 of the 5 side buttons serve dual purposes, 4 of which can be reassigned to customize your phone to your preferences. You can set the today or home screen to 2 different configurations depending on if you hold it in profile or portrait positions. Slide your finger up or down the screen to scroll through your contacts or to slide your programs screen left or right to a second page which also scrolls up and down. Set widgets on your today screen to monitor wireless radios or email or all of the above. It has 8GB of native memory and can be expanded to 16 via a micro sd card under the back cover. The longer this one's out there, the more programs and apps are available to download to further customize your handheld communications center.
Given the problems this device had at launch (8GB memory yet warnings pop up with less than a single GB of data loaded in it and the gps and other features were originally locked down to Verizon's programs) which have subsequently been fixed with the ROM released just a few months later, this phone is a bit of a sleeper, meaning it is a greater value than its reputation suggests. So, when you first get your phone ensure it is running the latest ROM before you load your contacts and favorite files as you will have to do it all over again after the ROM update which you can ask your local Verizon store to do for you. If that sounds like too much trouble, simply make sure the phone you are buying has the gps unlocked. A few of the devices from the original launch are still floating around but the vast majority have either been updated or were released after the update. In fact you might be able to find a real deal if you are willing to go through the bother of taking an out of date phone to Verizon to be updated before you start it up on your contract.
All in all, a good smart phone but check the specs and compare them to the most recent devices and know the requirements of the latest programs and widgets you'll want to run on it. At this point the phone has only been out for about a year. It is fullfeatured at this point, but as tech advances, I'm sure new goodies will eventually make this one look old in short order the same as the PPC6900 by HTC. Suddenly, we had to have gps, accelerometer, etc., App store?
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you can make this an incredible phone!

The phone as it comes from verizon isn't much fun to use and it isn't very powerful. It needs some tweaking, which you can do easily yourself with help from the omnia communities at modaco and/or samsung-omnia.org

You'll wind up with a phone that runs very quickly (the default UI tends to lag), with a very streamlined (updates bring it to windows mobile 6.5, which is actually very good and organized) interface and work environment. The camera is phenomenal, and the capabilities are endless.

You can get thousands of apps for free.

I'm using one right now that turns the phone into a wifi access point, for no extra charge (verizon would charge, I think, 15 bucks a month just for tethering). Take that, palm pre plus!
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Great Phone, If your not scared to flash it.

Alot of people complaing about the smaller screen on this phone and how it's not finger friendly, which i completely agree with out of the box. However with a good ROM (if you dont know what that is, just look into it) this phone really shines, It's smaller form factor make it more pocket friendly, and packs all of the features that alot of the pocket fillers have.

Battery life is avearge i would say for the size of the phone. Dont expect to watch a movie on it, use it through out the day, and not have to charge it at night. That's just unreasonable to think you could get away with with an item so small but powerful.

All in all out of the box the phone is still good but is more stylus oreiented. Which can be a pain if you buy one that does not come with the said stylus.

But Divx/Xvid, Wifi (reception, or it can be a mobile hot spot) 5mp camera (above avg quality for phones), and Office on the go, in such a small package. what more could you ask for.?
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Great Business Phone

I decided to upgrade to a smartphone because I finally found a prepaid service that has excellent nationwide coverage & a data plan (internet access) that you don't have to take out a loan to afford(Page Plus Cellular). I wanted a prepaid plan because I didn't want another 2 year contract. I wanted to supply my own smartphone so that I could pick & choose the features that were important to me. (I have the i920 CDMA version of this phone)
I use MS Office exclusively. All my business documents, spreadsheets, & calendar & contacts are in MS Office. I wanted to be able to easily sync my contacts & calendar from MS Outlook on a daily basis without any hassles. After doing alot of research, I came to the conclusion I needed a MS Windows based operating system on my phone. If your a business user & use MS Office, skip Android, Apple, Blackberry & others. Get a Windows phone. It syncs everything flawlessly. It works without any hassles. That is one of the main reasons I chose this phone and am very happy with my decision. If your a kid and want games & music then stick with an Android phone.
I also wanted a phone with a large screen because I wanted to use GPS. Ever try to use GPS on a 2" screen? Maybe of I were 25 again.
I knew I couldn't afford the latest & greatest phones because they were in the $400.00 - $500.00 range. Luckily, I stumbled on this phone while searching for phones offered by my service provider. Although this phone was introduced three years ago it suits my needs perfectly & I didn't need to take out a loan to purchase it. There are many sellers here on Ebay that have this phone new at reasonable prices. It has more included software apps than most current smartphones that cost four times as much.
At first, I was a little hesitant, due to some so called "professional" reviews that gave it negative ratings because they said it was slow. It is not a speedster, but I have never experienced the slow waiting that many so called professional reviews have alluded to.(BTW I'm a very impatient person & if this phone were slow I would defifnitely complain).
Everything on the phone seems to work well. The only real complaint I have is that due to the operating system & the type of touch screen it has, you do have to press the screen pretty hard. Sometimes you have to tap an icon 2 or 3 times to make it work. This can be a bit aggravating at times. I do find that if you use the included stylus it helps this.
One nice feature I really like is the Swype keyboard. Of course it is a touch screen keyboard, but it allows you to input text as if you were useing cursive handwriting instead of tapping out each individual letter. It takes a little practice, but once you get used to it, it's really fast.
Since this is my 1st smrtphone, I can't compare it to any other. It has as good or better phone reception as any other cell phone I've owned. I has so many features and customizable options you can spend days figuring them all out. There is a website forum devoted exclusively to this phone that will answer just about any question you have.
If your a business user you wont be disappointed in this phone.
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very good phone when purchased directly from the cell phone company

Has a defect with sending and receiving picture text messages and can't retrieve ringtones and ringback tones and can't send voice messages. I had a phone just like this one but dropped it in liquid so I had to purchace another one but my upgrade was already used so I had to purchase one from an ebay seller. I love the phone it's perfect with the keyboard and everything else but I feel it should be water proof. Why can't all cell phones be made water proof?Read full review...


Nice phone

very nice phone, touch screen could be a little better ,and I had to update it to unlock GPS. Most other features stay the same as the SCH-i900. Most noticeably, the i910 does not include the secondary VGA camera on the front; presumably due to the lack of support for video calls in North America. The North American version of the phone uses the same 624 MHz chip used by other versions. This has been confirmed by numerous North American users through the "settings" menu on the Omnia.over all good phone :)Read full review...


Nice Phone, Windows Mobile OS is Bad

The Omnia i910 is my first smartphone. I activiated it on Page Plus TNT 1200 plan without a problem. The phone works better if you upgrade the the ROM to DF 14 and upgrade to a more recent version of .net

The biggest problem with the phone is the OS. Windows mobile is simply put BAD. Many menus are hard to navigate with your fingers and the overall look is not very good. I would consider a different phone just becasue of windowns mobile.

There aew some plused to windows mobile and one is the the level of customization that can be done. If with a little work and knowledge, there are many videos on youtube on how to upgrade and change your Omnia i910

I grade this phone as Good, but for an average user how wants the phone to work well out of the box, i would recommend a different phone and OS
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Samsung omnia

Pros:beautiful body, gives me weather updates on my home screen, very nice camera, opera web browser, 8 gigs standard memorey plus memorey card support, lets me get 3rd party apps, ex:google maps, has every feature you can think of on a phone.
Cons: touch screen is precise but requires a firmer press than some others, no 3.5mm headset jack, windows mobile interface slightly boring (which is why i have this program on it called mobile shell which makes it lots more interesting.)
i bought this phone because i thought it was a good value as it is priced below almost any other similar phone on ebay ex:htc droid eris, motorola droid.lg env touch. Its not perfect but i like it anyways. i would give this phone an 8.5 out of 10.
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