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Easy to set up100% agree

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Easy to s/u, Good Value. Print quality good.

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I've purchased and used cheap Samsung laser printers for over a decade.

This is a cheap and reliable laser printer that is well suited for large print jobs such as technical manuals on the order of one hundred pages or more. A particularly valuable feature of this printer is that it doesn't allow the page output to overflow; it stops until the maximal page output has been removed. It's grey-level approximation of color images is quite good. Cheap third party toner cartridges function reliably for about twenty-five bucks a pop. Samsung has really cornered the market for very high quality and high resolution laser printers that cost much less than an arm and a leg.Read full review...


had to buy one on e-bay so i could have an extra for backup not sold at staples anymore great machine

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: quelsplace1


An excellent low-cost dependable laser printer

This was purchased for my mother's new computer. We have been using Samsung laser printers for several years and when she got a new computer she wanted a dedicated printer for for it. At 81 she is not a computer tech, but when it arrived she was able to install the printer on her own with only a little help me via phone - because I'm 3000 miles away.

She spent the last two days printing up all the information necessary to send to her accountant for her tax returns. I know, it would have been a far more efficient, economical and green for her just to transmit the data to her account. But she is still new to the Internet, doesn't trust it and feels more comfortable with paper in hand.

This is a great compact printer for the limited space that she has, it's fast and gets a decent return from the toner cartridge. Admittedly, she rarely prints more than 500 to 1000 copies per month, and I'm sure this printer could do more. But at only $60, including shipping, with toner cartridges around $25 you really can't beat the Samsung 2525, or the whole Samsung 2000x line of laser printers.
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Good printer, inexpensive, easy to set up and use.

I just received and put into use the Samsung Laser Printer. It replaced a Lexmark Ink Jet that I bought about a year ago. I'm tired of running out of ink and getting messages each time I use the Lexmark to print. The Samsung was easy to install and made great prints from the outset. I understand that I'll only get about 1000 prints from the "starter" cartridge that came with the printer. That's about 900 more than I've gotten with the ink jet. Who needs color? We're getting ripped off because of the "need" to have color in our copies. If you want a digital picture you've taken made into a nice print, go to a drugstore and get a great picture from their professional machines. Laser printers are fast, dependable and handle paper much better than the color ink jets that are designed to make you buy lots of ink. Year ago I had a more expensive Okidata laser, this was about 1/5 the price and works just as well. Easily worth the price!Read full review...


Good for the price but there are some flaws to notice

I have been using my ML-2525W for more than a month. this is an ok printer. I'll list pros and cons of the product
nice design
good price
fast printing
it's wonderful to print documents where ever I am connected to my home lan
easy to install and use

no auto duplicate
it makes errors in printing the pages sequentially in duplex mode in almost every time. you may find page 12 printed after page 7 or you may see have your documents printed partially two sided and partially one sided.
supplies are expensive. cheapest toner cartridge was $45. My roommate purchased 3 toner cartridges for his printer for $45.
Sometimes you have to restart the printer because it can get disconnected with the router.
All in all, it's nice to have this printer at home. I am a doctoral student and have to print few articles every week or so. it makes my job easier. on the other hand, if you are willing to spend more money for a printer, go find another wireless one. Supplies prices of this printer will hurt you in long term and you don't want to deal with with duplicate printing mess all the time.
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Great printer for home office & shipping labels

This is an inexpensive compact laser monochrome, it's fast and the cartridges are about $58 on ebay with heavy duty usage, print a lot better than my HP laser. They come with a sample cartridge which is good to keep as a back up.

This printer is fast, will save you money and does not print out advertisements like our HP did, wasting our printer ink and telling us to use it for various things. I am so glad I bought this one! It is much more economical and efficient and now we can print labels without getting some HP propaganda about all we can do with our printer that wastes their more expensive ink, that does not have the capacity to print thousands of labels.

Wish I would have gotten rid of my printer sooner HP also does these printer updates which are just telling you to buy laser toner and other products, it is so annoying! I highly recommend this printer.
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Low operating cost Laser printer- Amazing!

For home or business this is a great printer.Its a B&W laser, which is all i needed. I use clean recycled (printed on one side) paper for my paypal labels and the speed and resolution is amazing - it also can do 2 -sided printing with its manual feed. Its energy star rated (low electrical use), and the toner cartridges are affordable and last a long time. Many compnaies make most of their $$ for printer catridges, and it can cost almost 10c a page- this is a penny per page. ONe more thing - the drum and cartridge are 1 unit, so you don't have to buy the $100 drum like many laser printers.Read full review...


Great product...valuable asset in any office.

This has been a valuable tool in our office for a couple years at retail, and when I found I could find one at ebay, I jumped at the chance. Great printer, and fast, for the value. While the cartridges are a bit costly, I should have tried replacing them through ebay. Live and learn. Just wish it had color options, but for word typing/processing, it is great. It replaced our HP 5550, which I still use at my home, and it is so much faster!Read full review...


This printer is good, better costs more

I bought this printer for my wife and it seems very adequate. She has not used it enough to be a very comprehensive review. The Brother HL-2240D costs only $10 more and it has duplex (both sides of paper) automatically which is why I gave only 4 stars for features and value. The Brother HL-2270D costs only an additional $10 more and it has 4 time the memory, wireless networking, etc. I rate the Samsung printer good, HL-2240D better, and HL-2270D best. Buy the printer you can afford.Read full review...

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