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good for a low price large format monitor! at $150 or less

If you can pick it up for less that 150, This is the best tv/ monitor for your money.

I have been using it solely as a computer monitor thru HDMI and works wonderfully. can handle low res 640x480 thru 1080i(SIMULATED) as this is a 720P screen.

Only downfalls are the touch type controls on the front bezel. with no tactile buttons. it is hard to know what buttons you are touching in the dark.. and even in the light sometimes. also the heat it gives off is a bit hotter than other lcd's of its size.

Has vesa wall mounting so mounting with any standard wall mount is a breeze.
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Samsung does it again!!! Great product......Great Value......

Great TV all around for the price. Excellent sound and picture quality. After researching TV's of this size I found the Samsung LN32D450 to be the best for its value. The speakers are very good on this TV. There is no need for a speaker bar on this TV. The picture is very nice in high definition too. Very easy TV to operate. I plan to buy another one of these TV's for another room in my house.Read full review...


Good seller, fast delivery, and good customer service. A++

This product is in good condition and function well. it is very thin enough, great feature, good picture, multiple functions(can also connect to computer, dvd, VCR, ect.), and fit our familes needs this far.Read full review...


Perfect average TV with best value per dollar!

I chose this TV after searching online for reviews and ratings. I decided that there were to many models to chose from so I went with the TV that had the highest rating and reviews. I'm glad I did because this it's perfect. Not to small not to large, good color and slim light weight design. Its a trusted well known company and I know that should anything happen to it I can get it fixed just about anywhere.Read full review...



Great tv. i have read a lot of reviews about this tv saying it has some flaws, but not enough to be a problem. i have to found a single flaw with this lcd tv. the stand was super easy to put together and does not have any wobble. the sound is great. 10 times better then my old tv. it is a great tv for anyone wanting something nice in their bedroom.Read full review...



Worked great for 2 years and one month. Then the picture went black.

Contacted Samsung who told me its from wear a nd tear (in TWO YEARS!!. They eventually offered to pay for the part, but I had to pay for labor (est at $250) plus I had to deliver and PU 40 miles away....

I will NEVER OWN anothe Samsung product, very poor product, even worse customer service...
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i am thrilled to get such an awsome deal on an outstanding t.v.!!!!

I absolutely love it. Description didnt do it complete justice. But they cant write a detailed book on each ítem. Couldnt be happier with price or product.

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