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i had a panasonix lumix and was not happy with it, could not get clear pictures then i read up on this samsung tl210 had excellent review then i went to utube and saw how easy it was to operate so i bought from ebay for a reasonable price 40.00 and could not be happier, i use my camera every day casue i buy and sell on ebay and other sites so needed a camera that could give closeup pics. well this camera not only trake excellent pictures closeup come up perfectly i donbt mess with the manuel options i use either auto or smart shot and never have a blurry picture. i love the front screen option for selfies it is amazing. so easy to selfies this way.
i would highly reccomed this camera i think it is better than canon olympic or nikon abd it is only 12 mp but that isperfect because when the mgs go up i think u lose the clarity and i love the 5 x zoom i use it alot. easy to charge just plug in your computer. a camera for begginers or professional this is the caMERA TO GET.
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Samsung TL210 for my daughter

I bought this camera for $109 for my daughter because she loves the idea of being able to frame pictures that she takes of her friends and herself. For a starter camera, the tl210 has a lot of features that a typical teanager could hope for (and are not on the typical smart phone), including smile and object detection and focus. The 5x zoom is adequate for taking point and shoot pictures of friends, but I would prefer a 15x zoom for outdoor wildlife vacations.

The only downside of the camera is the size. While it is not huge, it reminds me of cameras from the early 2000s -- it fits in your pocket, but you know that it is there. My daughter' prior camera was a minolta X-1 which was a 10 MP 3x optical zoom (no dual view feature) that was half of the mass. Otherwise, it appears well built and functions well. (BTW, I have not tried to zoom in and out of the video mode - which I understand causes the sound to cut off).
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Samsung DualView TL210 12.2 Megapixel

The Samsung TL210 is a small, pocket sized camera with a manual exposure mode. It has 12.2 megapixels.

It also has a dedicated Video mode, which offered 720p video at either 30 or 15fps, and a 320x240 60p recording mode.

I found picture quality very good for such a small and relatively inexpensive digital camera. The TL210 is also easy enough to use.

All in all it is a very good snapshot digital camera.
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Samsung Dual view camera

I have had the Samsung DualView (TL210) camera for a week. Some features that caught my eye are 12.4 megapixel, large display screen (back), display screen located on front of camera, and the price. This camera is thin, light, sleek and very cool. Although I have not had the camera too long, I have found it so far to be very easy to use. It takes excellent pictures and has many different features to accomodate the type of setting the picture is taken in. The back screen is large which I like a lot, also the front screen does not stay on constantly, you press a button to use the front screen each time you need it which is handy. I have tested the camera in dark rooms and in the bright light, there is a smart feature on the camera that recognizes the best setting for the picture and I have not been disappointed with the quality so far. Overall, so far, I would give this camera a 5 out 5. I will keep you updated once I have had the camera longer but for now I would recommend it anyone.Read full review...



I can truly say that this is my most favorite camera yet.
I'm not a professional photographer or anything, so I don't look for much in a camera.
But this camera is AWESOME.
The dual LCD is amazing and the quality of the camera is really great.
The stabilization is great too.
I previously owned fujifilm z70, but didn't like/utilized it much because frequently pictures came out blurry.
However, I have no problem what so ever with Samsung TL210.
It an amazing camera and now, I can have perfect self portrait EVERY time i take a picture!
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Samsung camera not quite what expected

The camera does not come with a manual. You have to pay an additonal $15 for it. I spoke with customer support on 3 separate occasions about a rather simple problem (how to delete pix from camera card). I received 3 different responses, ranging from it can't be done to telling me how to do something that proved to be undoable. Customer service was terrible. I would never buy another Samsung product. Bought it for high quality vacation pix and the little clown that dances so it is easy to take pictures of kids. I'm going to buy a different camera very soon, probably a Kodak Eastshare which is very simple to operate and makes great pix.Read full review...


Awesome camera!

Great camera overall. I fell in love with this because of the dual screen (as most do) but it has a lot of other great features and is fairly easy to operate and learn to operate. It takes great pictures and is really fun to use! Two friends have bought this camera after playing with mine and both love it also. For the money I'm very well pleased and have turned into a fan of Samsung cameras!Read full review...


TL210 or is it the PL150 ??

Didn't really get to the bottom of this, is TL210 the same as the UK version PL150? Apparently but still not 100% sure. It's rather annoying when they keep changing the Mod.No. etc. It's a really good camera and simple to use (even for me) I bought the TL210 from the USA and have since bought another, the PL150 here. If you're looking for it on-line, get it from the UK as by the time you pay del. & custom charges (that I wasn't aware of) it works out about the same price, and the warrenty is valid here. If it is definately the same camera and I can't tell the difference then I would recommend it. Don't forget to buy a memory card as none came with either. Cheers, HAPPY SNAPPING !!Read full review...


Overall Good Product

Firstly, the camera is very sleek and flashy, personally i do not adore the piano finish- it leaves many many finger prints, another drawback is the software in the camera itself, its a little slow compared sonys. Hello, folks not that much slower, but samsung should think about developing a faster software even faster than sony.

The camera Itself is great performance for excellent price!

I recommend it strogly...
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