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More than expected! Terrific!

The Samsung Craft is easy to use but the battery life sucks! For people who needs a GPS and picture and video camera,like me, more than any other feature this cellphone is an A+


phone works great

phone works great I check my emails i have aim and yahoo messeneger and also I love the built in camra takes clear pics and also u can store lots of music on it as well as pictures and its easy to text and use internet and also has lots of apps. I love this phone I acctually bought 3 of these phones for myself my wife and also got one for my mom.Read full review...


Samsung phone

I didn't know much about the phone but now that Ive had it for a week I have to say it is an awesome phone. Just like the Blackberry. We went to Central Park NY
and got lost. So then we discovered that the phone had a GPS Navigator. What a beautiful thing! It took us to our destination and back. The pictures it take are perfect. (picture perfect).
Wonderful phone. the keys are a little close together but it has a great operating system. Its A Metro Pcs network phone and the combination of both really give the phone an excellent review.
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I recently recieved my red samsung SCH R350 Freeform from Metro Pcs.
I am extremely content with its simplictic yet fancy functions. I really thought this phone would be a little more complicated to operate, but it's great and easy to use. The only con is that the keys on the pad are extremely small, therefore.. if you have huge thumbs you might want to think about it. Other than that it's great and affordable.Read full review...


Great phone! Great price! Looking forward to activating it tomarrow.

This is a very curiously FAST MetroPCS phone! Exactly what I needed before I realized what it was I needed. Very practical useage. Very impressive 4G internet speed. The phone is so interesting it's got me off the notion that I need another laptop. This phone alone will keep my voice, internet and music worries to rest. Thank you.Read full review...


Good Quality Phone!

I am not one for all of the flash and touch screens..you know all of the new cells out nowadays! Just need a simple phone that gets the job done. This phone is very reliable and not expensive..considering you are getting a mp3 and camera...how about i transfer my pics and music faster than some with the loaded phones. Its very sturdy and efficient. Personally, I think less is better.Read full review...



I recently bought 1 from yhe metro pcs web sit for just $29.00 with free shipping,now there $79.00 i wanted to buy another 1 but they ran out of the ones for $29.00 really dont want to pay $79.00 just for a back up but this phone works great an meets all my needs, but i noticed at times it turns its self off and turns right back on, LOL LIKE IT JUST NOW DID....the mirror screen protectos 4 this phone are really good to,im also looking at the freeform r350 11 they have it on sell on the metro web site for $49.00Read full review...



I purchased the Samsung SCH R350 a week ago and I have to say that I'm deeply satisfied with this phone. I love it's easy of use, as well as over all features. It has great reception and it's easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good looking phone with an easy interface.Read full review...



Wanting to upgrade my phone thru Metro was going to be more than I wanted to spend. Found this Bamsung phone and won bid. When I finally received it I was Very happy. It was exactly what I needed. I can do so much more - so much faster. The only thing I'm having a problem with is navigating on the web. time will tell and maybe some help at a store. Since I hadused Samsung phones before I was able to use the chargers ( home & auto ) I already had. That was an extra savings besides.Read full review...


love the phone

I bought this phone less than a week ago and when it arrived I was very impressed of how good of shape it was in. I love all of the features that this phone has on it. What I didn't like about this phone is that it didn't come with a memory card, that is the only thing. I would recomend this phone to anyone that is having hard times for the simple fact metro pcs has wonderful rates. I have been with metro for over 4yr and all 4yrs I have been satisfied.Read full review...

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