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Samsung Captivate

Got this for my sister and she loves the size and ease of functionality.
Overall, she loves the phone!!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: reliantcellular

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Phones Don't all work with AT&T

The phone I brought don't support international and so I can not use the internet I can us the the phone and text but no internet.I want to AT&T store and had a new SIM card put in and it still wont get the internet so I would check with AT&T before buying .They told me this phone don't support international and that has something to do with me not getting the internet The phone is great for calling and texting in my case but would like the internet.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: shermanoakstrad...


Happy Daughter

This is now my daughter's phone and she absolutely loves it. Every single function has been perfect.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cattluver26


Overall, this is a cool phone for the money but it could have been better

I bought this phone because I wanted to upgrade from a Huawei U8150 aka Tmobile Comet.

The features that this phone has is great and apeals to a number of buyers:
If you like speed, it has a 1GHZ processor
If you like a large display, it has a 4 inch display
If you hate heavy and bulky, it is a thin and light phone
If you are clumsy, it has gorilla glass and strong plastic casing (dropped from me 5 times since i owned it and always from around 4-5 feet.)
If you love to shout at your phone, you got speakers for hands free
If you love storage, you got around 12-14 gigs of storage to use (yep, although it says 16, most of the storage is used fir the OS and AT&T apps).
If you love more storage, you can insert a microSD card (not sure the limit but i got a 8GB in mine)
If you love photos, it has a 5MP camera that takes pictures very well in daylight but sucks for dark images since no flash
and if you love AT&T crap, the phone is full with it (yep, AT&T did a number on this phone)

The bad is no flash, AT&T apps, no front cam so no video calling (video calling still works only the person will not see you since the camera is on the back), wifi and USB tethering locked unless you root the phone and disable the tether manager or use an AT&T sim with tether data active in the phone, the phone lags when trying to multitask, battery lasts around 6 hours with 3g/data on and the phone heats up rapidly when in use and becomes untouchable after 30 minutes of talk time.
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A great phone

It is great as an additional phone to the families phone plan it was for my daughter and besides I'm an Android user in samsung with my best phone brand other than Windows phone

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: greencells


overall it's a great phone

Nice phone, fast, lots of storage 16gb good camera I would reconmend buying one This phone integrates your email, social networking and phone contacts into one address book -- and combines your Google Calendar and social networking calendars. Also, you can instantly post your status and upload pics to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with the Feeds & Updates app, as well as instantly see recent posts from friends and family on your home screen thanks to Buddies Now.

Your world just got brighter and you don't even need shades. Experience HD-quality video recording that's clearly detailed, extraordinarily vivid and astonishingly colorful on the brilliant 4-inch Super AMOLED screen. Movies, games and websites all come to life even in broad daylight thanks to an anti-reflective screen. One of the thinnest, most responsive smartphones in the world, it also uses less power and has a longer battery life
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Great item, a little pricey for an older model, but excellent functionality

Great phone, I love the size and this one was sold with a protective case, so I really appreciate that. I am not crazy about the camera, no flash, and no front facing camera. It is an excellent phone over all though. I just needed a functional phone w internet access capability -- I like to skype a lot. I know it is the older model, but it still has some great features to it.Read full review...


Good phone for the price, takes NICE pics.

Bought for a friend, he likes it. Could rather have liked a 4g, but it gets good signals in the 3g areas. He also bought same model for his wife. He had a Samsung Precedent, smaller screen. Wanted a bigger screen. Screen slides sideways, his other was vertical, had to get used to that.
Bought these used or refurbished. Good shape tho. Got screen protectors and cases as well for them. Takes great pictures too. Easy to sync old contact list from old phone via the Bluetooth.
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EXCELLENT phone for features vs value. Cons can be overlooked easily.

After dealing with numerous Captivates (own use, re-sales, etc.) Here's the unbiased truth about this phone:

- This AMOLED screen is amazing. The colors and contrasts are crisp and vivid. This is surely what you'll like the most out of this phone.
- It is slim and light yet has good enough weight for you to feel you won't break it by looking at it.
- Its 1GHz Processor and 512MB of RAM let you run and perform everyday tasks just like you want (internet browsing, gaming, calendar, videos, etc).
- 16GB internal storage memory with capacity of adding another 16GB microSD for a total of 32GB of storage memory. That lets you store thousands of songs, many apps, etc.
- The on-call speaker is decent enough to listen to your caller clearly.
- The touch buttons at the bottom of the screen respond effectively.
- The 5MP camera takes great pictures and awesome HD videos.
- For those of you who like to root your Android devices, this one is VERY easy to root. You have many options: SuperOneClick, Odin, manually, etc. It is also easy to unlock.
- The price as new ($235 average to this date) is excellent for what you will get. If you buy it used in excellent condition, it becomes an even greater buy considering it is fully functional and you're shaving a chunk off the retail price.


- Battery on Android 2.2 Froyo is a nightmare. It'll drain even if you're not using it. Once you upgrade to Gingerbread it is night and day of a difference. You can probably get by the day with a full charge, depending on the use, but keep in mind it is a touchscreen phone nevertheless.
- The main reason why I give it 4 stars: If you play any particular sound such as a gun shot quite a few times when the volume is at MAX your speaker will begin to go in and out. I've seen this in a couple of Captivates. Like I mentioned before, I've dealt with numerous Captivates and you can visit forums also to notice it happens to several users. After researching and testing, it seems to be the speaker doesn't make good contact, therefore, once you firmly press on the speaker (even with the back door on) your speaker will sound again. Some users open the device and add tin foil or something to make pressure for it to work. In other words, if it happens, this can be fixed but it's not ok for this to happen so refrain from sniper apps, gunshot apps, etc. However, if you are just playing music like you would normally do on any phone, there is no problem and sounds great. It has 7 levels for media volume so keep at 6 just in case. It's still loud and you protect your speaker.
- The camera's auto-focus isn't the best. I've had non-impressive phones such as a Blackberry Storm whose auto-focus is way better than this one. It seems it has trouble focusing on black or near black objects. It'll take a while before it gives you the "green beep", unless you focus on something it can make a contrast out of.
- There is no flash, however, I wouldn't mark it as something negative considering the price and everything else it has to offer. If you can live without taking pictures at the club with your phone or at anything in dark places, then you'll be fine.

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Great Phone Good Value

There are bunches of horsepower under the hood of this little phone. As a replacement for an older Windows Phone,the Captivate now has me convinced that the Android System is the best way to go with a Smart Phone. We did need to replace the battery for longer run time but, the $10.00 or so on Ebay for the battery was well worth the money. We are using it on the Straight Talk Network. Setting up the APN and such for Data and MMS was no problem. The various Menu's were easy to understand.Read full review...

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