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Great print quality, but it is not as fast as an ink jet.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: spiral73


Budget wireless, with some kinks


Price: this proce really can't be beat for a full color, built-in wireless networking, laser printer. i bought my first laser printer about 4 years ago (an HP 1600) for about $350.00, and it didn't have wireless

Quality: Quality is close to as good as the HP. Plenty for what you expect from a laser printer. Not photo quality, but tri-folds, graphics, etc, are fine.
Also, it is pretty quiet.

Install: Turned out to be super easy. Just plugged it into the router, Put the disk into my computer, let the computer find the printer and clicked yes (on W7)


Speed: relatively slow transferring the files from the computer to the printer (via wireless). Not prohibitively slow, we're talking 5-10 sec.'s depending on file size. Also, it is slow at printing each page (compared to my old HP anyway)

Stability: So, I have been having quite a few issues with both manual duplexing and larger file sizes. Sometimes the printer seems to lose track of what page is printing and will start the print job over. this goes for both manual duplexing and for straight print jobs. In fairness, this has only occurred on jobs 16 pages or more. For example, on a 25 page job, it printed pages 1-14, then started over and printed 1-8, then started over and printed 1-16, then 1-16 again, and 1-16 again. I had to manually power down and wait 10 minutes (after going into the printer dialogue and cancelling the print job. I believe it is the wireless signal being lost and found but cannot erify that. Annoying!


I rated it average mainly because of the price. You just can't find a printer with these features (full-color and wireless) for this price - at least I couldn't: This was significantly cheaper thhan anything else on eBay when I bought it.

If it was stolen, I might spend a few more bucks on something with better signal integrity, otherwise, I probably won't replace it.
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Good value printer, does very well.

I needed a good printer, but nothing incredible. I found this unit, read a few reviews, and bought it.
Out of the box to setup was pretty easy, use the included disk and it goes pretty quick. I read some reviews of having issues with the wireless connection. I use three laptops on it and have no problems whatsoever. I do, however, have it connected directly to our wireless router so maybe that has something to do with it. I do not follow the whole IT thing well, so maybe these people were talking about something else.
Initial start-up when cold takes up to a minute or two, but once going it prints relatively fast as the ratings indicate. My biggest problem with it is two sided printing. It is manual two sides, not automatic. Meaning simply you have to print, then grab the printed bundle and re-insert to the printer. I knew this going in, so this isn't a gripe on my part. My gripe comes from how the print handles previously printed pages, and its propensity to jam on them, well, typically within the first couple. Once a jam occurs, there is little indication on what to do next. Start over with all the pages or contiue where you left off. Best thing I have found to do is insert a dummy page and continue. That seems to mess things up the least.
Color printing, it does well with documents, clear printing fairly bold colors. Large areas printed the same color do not come out overly uniform from what I see. This may be more a result of the paper I am using. The smoother the paper the better it does, do not use inkjet paper. It is also not a photo printer, know this going in.
It is quiet. I keep it in my office and you can not hear it printing anywhere in the house. Sitting next to it and printing it has the standard laser hum.
Overall I am pleased with the purchase. The cartridges that came with it, supposedly not quite as full as replacments, have now lasted about 1000 pages and are still going. The indicator lights on the front are color coded for early warning of toner depletion, but mine haven't lit yet. Which brings up a different point, there are lights on the controls, but no labels. Sometimes they flash, sometimes they change colors, but usually a stop in production equates to a jam.
For home use and light office use, maybe two to three users or so, this little guy does great. For increased capacity, step up, this may disappoint.
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Good value for the money

I've had two of these printers. The first lasted a couple of years, and it was cheaper to buy a new one than repair the old one. This one I bought for my wife. These printers are quit and print quality is excellent. They aren't the fastest printers in the world but for most home use they are excellent. They're easy to use, and cost of toner carts is only slightly more than that of an HP inkjet cart.Read full review...


nice print out. difficult to start wireless setting. A+

I would buy this printer again. Bought it to my son for college. He is very pleased with the speed, color quality. However, it took sometime to figure out wireless printing. Buttons on the printer are not intuitive. Black printing is excellent. Color is also good, however, slower of course.

This is an excellent prince for the price range. I would recommend it to casual user who don't have a lot of printing.
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Great printer, but has issues

I bought this refurbished Samsung CLP-315 printer for my elderly parents. Their inkjets were burning though toner, so I thought a laser printer would be more likely to last a long time between toner cartridge replacement. As a printer, it's fine. Clear, sharp text and bright colors. Fast, too. But the manual (one-sheet of printed paper and a PDF booklet on the CD) is not easy to make sense of with regard to wireless configuration. And, worst of all, when it's on, it causes the lights in the house to flicker, which is something my HP LaserJet never did. Weird. I am concerned about that aspect of this printer. Fortunately, my mother needs to have an electrician in for something else, so he'll check out the flicker issue. But even with the difficulty setting up the wireless on the printer, I would have rated this as "GOOD" if the lights didn't flicker.Read full review...


Samsung CLP 315

This is the cheapest full color laser printer I could find. The unit is small and compact. The setup was a little problematic for the wifi network and I ended up connecting it by ethernet cable. The print quality is very good, print speeds are good enough. The toner cartridges seem a little small and the cartridges are not as available as the ones for the CLP 300, making them a little more expensive. Overall, this is a good buy and I'm pleased with the purchase.Read full review...


What a great bargain-priced little color laser printer

My old NEC mono laser printer finally had to go. I researched color laser printers online and found that the Samsung CLP315W generally had very positive user reviews. I decided to buy a factory remanufactured unit on eBay for $120 including shipping. Glad I did.

Although many of the reviewers had trouble setting up the wireless printing, I did not have any difficulty after figuring out some of the instructions that were not clear to me. Set up wireless printing on a Vista laptop and my old XP laptop. Followed instructions, used the CD for installation and had both computers printing quickly.

I am satisfied with the quality of the printing as well. No, it is not a photo quality printer, but it prints photos extremely well in documents. I used it to print color business cards on regular card stock with a photo. They look very good.

If you don't have a lot of cash to blow on a color laser printer, the Samsung 315W is a good choice for the price. Great for home use and light small business use as well.
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Samsung CLP-315 Workgroup Laser Printer (wireless)

This printer is good for home use. I have two computers connected wirelessly and one by ethernet connection. The install was very easy. print quality is good and speed is acceptable for my usage.


Samsung CLP-315 ID Card Laser Printer

A friend had a laser printer color and the print looked very good. I wanted one that was wireless. I did some research and found the Samsung CLP-315 ID Card Laser Printer at a good price 129.00. I got it in the mail and thought it would be hard to setup in my small network. I was surprised to find that the software installation on the computer found the printer and printed a test page once my router assigned an address. It was easy to setup on all of my machines even with different OS. The printed pictures on photo paper looks as good as they would if I had them done at a shop. I really like the printer. It is not as fast as I would like but I could live with that. I think it is the best printer for that price range.Read full review...

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