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it's good for it's age

the behold is a nice little phone. it has a bright responsive touch screen. nice stock apps. average processing speed. a decent battery life.

there are a few annoyances with it though. the automatic screen lock will turn on while you are watching videos. there aren't a whole lot of options for how long the screen stays bright. and the screen lock keeps unlocking while in my pocket somehow, and since the screen is so responsive, my pocket can do things like access messaging and type texts like awwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwaarq. it also keeps going into airplane mode, and silent mode, neither of which are helpful when people call or text.

i like the phone, but there are definitely better out there.
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Samsung T939 Behold 2

Samsung T939 Behold 2, feature latest components and exciting looks to appeal to the kind of users who chase upgradation. This T-Mobile Android mobile is poised to beat many on the same platform of incorporating advanced technological features. The screen is full- touch unit with facility of customized UI. Highlighted features of the set include 5 megapixel camera, expandable memory using microSD card, Bluetooth and WiFi. The UI is Samsung’s own proprietary TouchWiz along with Android Operating System and 3D gaming. Checkout

Body colour of T939 Behold 2 is black. The display is 3.2 inches full touch 16 M color screen with 320 x 480 pixel resolution. Accelerometer sensor is provided for auto-rotation. Other features are Android OS, v1.5 and it is enabled to handle all kinds of messaging like SMS, MMS, EMS and Emails. Connectivity of the set is supported with facility for HTML browsing.

Its readiness of functions through Java will be welcomed by large numbers of young as also professional users. These are provisions for Google Search, Google Talk integration, YouTube, Calendar, Gmail and Voice memo. Music player of the set supports MP3, WMA, and H.263/ H.264 formats of music. The 2G network of T939 Behold 2 is provided with GSM 850/900/1800/1900. HSDPA 900/1700/2100 goes for supporting the 3G network.

In memory section, this set comes big with 1GHz processor with 512 MB PRAM. The L2 cache memory is of 512 KB. Apart from this there is slot for microSD (transFlash) card to enhance the capacity up to 16 GB. There is provision for virtually endless Phonebook entries within created fields of records. The present preference for Photo call facility is certainly added to the memory features.

Data management front of the set is adequately covered with GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps. Also, there are supports of EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps and HSCSD. There is WLAN facility for WiFi 802.11b and data transfer is facilitated with Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP. The USB is v2.0.

The 5 MP Autofocus camera with LED flash clicks images with 2592 x 1944 pixel resolution. The camera features Geo-tagging facility and it is also capable of making video files. The sound department of Samsung T939 Behold 2 bears speakerphone with 3.5 mm audio jack. The device supports MP 3 format of music and downloadable WAV ringtones.

Hence, Samsung T939 Behold 2 is likely to sustain a good demand in the market featuring the latest advancements in mobile technology. For more reviews visit
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Great phone...just wish os update was still avaliable

I love the android os! Just wish it was a newer version...unfortunately my phone did not recieve the upgrade to version 1.6 and according to tmobile it is no longer available....otherwise I love the phone. Easy to operate and understand. I read up on alot of the forums about issues. If you purchase this phone don't use the samsung sd or a sandisk sd card and use a card that is at least class 4 or higher and this will save you the issues experienced with the sd card as well as some other issues I read about. Lots of fun and useful apps avaliable from marketplace and outside sources. Just look! Would recommend this phone for someone just starting off with android! As I am as well, it's a great beginner and if they come through with a new os it will be optimum for everyone!Read full review...


Eye of the Behold-er!

Depending on how you use it. I have had this phone for a month. I bought it to be able to log on using the WiFi without having to pay for a DATA plan. This works very well for me. I don't use the APPS downloads, as I don't use them. The Screen is pretty sharp. The 5 MPx. camera is great! Texting is nice with the Keyboard Qwerty screen touch. My biggest complaint is that is a little slow and the battery don't last long, this could be that the battery needs replacing. I bought the phone used, and was told by the seller that it was a couple of months old, but who knows. overall I am happy with it except for those glitches. What makes the phone worthwhile is the service with Tmobile. I had Tmobile for three years and I love their customer service. They treat you right. Although, it has nothing to do with the phone's quality, I thought I mention it. I don't use the capabilities of this phone using the Android OS system. But somebody else that does, might provide a more detailed review. Other insight: I have not been able to allow for more than 5 seconds to answer a call. If I don't pick up the phone and answer right away, it will disconnect the call before answering. When in my carrying case if I press the side keys when lifting it out of the case (when incoming call) It will hang up the call. I have no knowledge on how to get rid of this problem. If I could solve some of these issues, I would definitely give it five stars. I have looked at other phones in the same category, and they all have some sort of glitch that makes it impossible to like them a 100%. My opinion is "you get what you get".Read full review...


This phone is too old for the amount of money people are wanting for it.

I bought this phone for my daughter for Christmas. She wants a touch screen, I wont pay for her internet so i didn't think i wanted to waste money on a super cool new phone that they would only use for games, music. so I decided to go with something cheaper and gently used. After messing with this phone for a while...It is really cute, it is touch screen and I have found a website that allows me to download movies for the memory card. Other than that it is an old phone. I didn't realize how old. You can't even buy aps for it. I have had to spend tons of time researching it and learning how to "hack" the phone to be able to download games on it. It has been a royal pain. It took weeks to find a cool case for it. I want my kids to be excited for this phone. However, I fear that after the initial excitement of a touch phone and the movies wears off they will hate it! We will just see. From my point of view though the amount of time i have spent on this trying to make it cool it was a real waste. i wishRead full review...


Not a Bad Smart Phone

I have used this phone for several days now and overall I like it. The processer seems a little slow (compared to my iTouch) and the set up menus are not as intuitive as I would like. I love the bright screen display and all of the different widget options. I even have better signal strength than with my previous other brand phone being able to make call places I didn't have signal before. There very well may be better smart phones out there but this does everything I want it to do and it didn't break the bank to buy it (without a contract).Read full review...


If you just want talk and text, the phone is great for that.

I bought this phone for my 11 year old daughter and for her its just fine. Its small (iphone size)and has a touch screen keyboard. All of this is great for an 11 year old that is just going to be talking and texting. This phone was brand new in the box and I got it for around $80. However if you are looking for a phone for internet browsing, this phone is old technology and you wont be happy. It is a talk/text phone in my opinion and it seems to be constructed very well. A good deal for $80.Read full review...


Good product! Simple to use!

Great phone! Was dropped many times and it kept working and nothing broke on it (had a cover). I used it for about a year and a half or two years, then it started having problems with the sound, you could not hear people when they called.
I loved that you could type very quickly, even if you didn't use the tip of your fingers, and used your nails.
Overall it was a good Samsung phone.
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Not What I Expected

After receiving this phone and playing around with it, I regret making the decision to buy this phone. The Samsung Behold 2 is a decent phone but the Android OS it can run is only 1.6. Even though Android has released other versions such as version 2.2, the Behold 2 will never get anymore updates and will remain on 1.6. Besides the operating system, the camera is very good, one of the best I've seen for phones and the pictures are pretty good for a 5.0mp camera. The music player is ok, nothing special about it really and the quality of sound depends on your music files. I've had issues with the texting system on this phone though, my picture messages come in the form of http links which I try to click and receive but it never works. This is probably my biggest problem because I text a lot with my friends and family and the messaging does not reach standards at all. Before I had a normal phone that wasn't a smart phone and texting on it was way more simpler and easier than the Behold 2. The Behold 2's touch screen also makes several tasks harder than they need to be. The screen will not respond sometimes and when you put your phone on sleep then try to wake it up, the screen lags and takes longer to use. There are really too many problems for me to truely enjoy this phone and I think I might switch out later. The Behold 2 is not the best phone out there and I would not really recommend this phone especially with all the new Android phones out there.Read full review...

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