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Fun movie

This Australian giant crocodile movie is pretty much everything you could hope for with this type of thing--it's funny, suspenseful and fast paced--and it features a scary mean killer croc during the final confrontation between hero and animal at the end. It's a shame that Dimension Pictures didn't give this a theatrical release, which was the original plan, but after the far inferior Primeval (another giant killer croc movie) tanked at the box office the studio dumped Rogue straight to video. I probably watched this movie 3 or 4 times on DVD and wasn't disappointed with the blu-ray, which I've already watched twice. Too bad Dimension isn't releasing their extreme titles in the USA on blu-ray and that you need to order this as an import from Canada, but I like the movie a lot and felt that it was worth the extra expense. Recommended.Read full review...


excellent buy

The movie was great, the dvd quality was great, I totally recommend you to buy it.I got the dlu-ray version, and the pictures of the australian outback is just unbeliveably gorgeous.
You cant out-do the picture quality of blu-ray.Read full review...

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