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Somewhere there is a crime happening.

"RoboCop" was Paul Verhoeven's first American motion picture. Written by Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, this action film is set in Detroit in the near future.

It follows the story of Officer Alex Murphy and his partner Officer Ann Lewis. Early in the film, however, Murphy is brutally murdered by a gang of violent criminals lead by Clarence Boddicker.

OCP (Omni Consumer Products), a large conglomerate which owns the Detroit Metropolitan Police Force, uses Murphy's dead body, reviving only his brain and several key organs, and implements him into a state of the art, practically indestructible cyborg: RoboCop.

RoboCop is the ultimate law enforcer. That is until he begins having memories of his past life in flashes, as though they were corrupted data files. The rest of the film portrays RoboCop as a tortured individual; not quite human, not quite a machine. He tries to remember who he was while tracking down the men who killed him and bringing them to justice. He wants revenge, but he is held back by his 3 prime directives: Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent, and Uphold the Law.

This Criterion Collection DVD is an excellent representation of this 1987 cult classic. Several scenes of excessive violence, that were cut in order for the MPAA to give "RoboCop" an R rating, has been reincorporated. The special features, though limited, are quite nice. A running audio commentary track, with Paul Verhoeven and other members of the crew, is quite delightful, and very informative about the making of the film. The other features include: An illustrated essay of the making of RoboCop, film-to-storyboard comparison, storyboards, and the theatrical and teaser trailers.

Though several other versions of this film have been released on DVD, the Criterion Collection version is a must have for fans.
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The Future of Law Enforcement...is Here!

Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi satire of slam-bang action and urban satire centering on a slain police officer (Peter Weller, Naked Lunch) who becomes a crime-fighting cyborg setting out to clean the scum-ridden streets of Old Detroit with his female partner (Nancy Allen, Carrie), and to avenge his bloody death against a brutal drug lord (Kurtwood Smith).

With only one American film (Flesh + Blood) under his belt, Verhoeven transcends Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner's script into a successful, stylizied 80's masterpiece that pushes the on-screen violence almost to a comic book level.

The groundbreaking effects of Rob Bottin's "Robocop" suit along with Phil Tippet's ED 209 definitly blows the Autobots of "Transformers" out of the water.

The extras on the Criterion Collection DVD include the unrated director's cut, commentary by Verhoeven, Neumeier, producer Jon Davison, and "Robocop" expert Paul M. Sammon, storyboards, interactive essay on the making of the film, and teaser & theatrical trailers.
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Only for the collectors, but a collectible for the fans

I only say "Average" due to the video quality of the original Directors Cut of this awesome movie. This is a redub of the LaserDisc copy of the film, and only suvrived the transition in media types due to the fact that it's an excellent release as far as movies are concerned, so it was blessed with a DVD release, much less a limited edition DVD release, so this was a pretty hot item. It's hotness suddenly dropped off, however, when the new 20th anniversary DVD hit in 2007 since it was the complete package, the digitally restored X version and digitally remastered theatricial version, it's a far superior deal since your not paying $80 bucks for a less quality version. But if your a Robocop collector, then this is a must have for you, like it was for me. I'm happy to have it on the shelf next to the 20th Anniversary version on my shelf :)Read full review...


A Classic From the Early Days of DVD!

Though the RoboCop Criterion DVD has been usurped by the MGM 20th Anniversary Edition (and the no-frills Blu-Ray), it is still an essential for the die-hard RoboCop fan. And, a few of my reasons are admittedly wierd. I'll cop to being a nerd, thank you.
Firstly, the commentary track is different (and obviously older) than the MGM one, and utilizes some of the same folks (Director Paul Verhoeven, for one). Play one after the other and see what a difference a decade makes.
The other two things I love are purely nonsense. Call me a purist, but I'm not a fan of studios eschewing original title logos. Criterion's cover features the classic RoboCop title as if it were carved into a sheet of steel. Also, I love the main menu music and the montage that accompanies it. This just acknowledges the classic nature of the film itself.
By the way, as the picture's aspect ratio on the Criterion is 1.66:1 (and not 16:9), it is not Anamorphic, and users with 16:9 TV's will need to use the zoom function.
That's all I got. Enjoy!
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Great movie. Lots of fun. Worth watching again.

Great movie. Great edition with a lot of special features, though the technology is out-dated (DVD era) it still looks and sounds great, as all Criterions do.


RoboCop - Criterion Collection

This DVD is a fine example of the constantly-diminishing first wave of Criterion DVD's. Many have gone out of print. While these titles have a hefty price tag - make no mistake that a reasonably-priced authentic RoboCop #23 DVD is within your grasp. When you see one, get it!

While all these DVD's nowadays carry so much fluff or (worse) nothing at all, this disc has the goods. We get the uncut, extra gory version that had to be trimmed to earn an R rating. Plus we are treated to an audio commentary featuring Paul Verhoeven. It as fun as watching the movie. The track, an essay on the disc and another one in the insert uncover the social and political implications of this 80's sci-fi classic. It's more than just another popcorn movie.

Criterion has taken another great movie and reminds us why it remains in the memories of casual movie-lover to reclusive film buff alike. A brilliant tour de force cleverly hidden beneath a violent and hilarious spectacle.
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My purchase of "RoboCop"--a brief review

Why I bought it--It was a good price, and I've always loved "RoboCop".
What I like most about it--Great picture & sound!
What I dislike about it--No Special Features!!!

'Nuff said. :)



Robocop is one of the best characters ever created. Is he man or machine? Is the soul of Murphy still in the robot? The villain is the corporations who control the world. Very clever look into the future. Should not be passed up by any fan of sci-fi or great films. As inspiring as "Bladerunner". Great cast & special effects with an equally great story. 4.5/5Read full review...


Robocop is satisfying sci-fi!

Can machines fight crime in the future? Probably not. Can a man/robot fight crime in the future? Absolutely! Nothing can stop Robocop!


robocop criterion

if you havnt seen robocop its probley one of the best sfi/action movies ever.Dont waste your time on the regualr edition just buy the criterion edition its a 100 times better.more action and more robocop its worth every penny.Read full review...

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