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Wonderfully beautiful. A simple relationship and its importance. French

Intrigued by a pair of vacationing lovers playing chess, hotel maid Hélène sets her sights on mastering the game. With some coaching from a doctor who employs her services, Hélène hones her chess skills and begins to notice big changes in her life.

I loved this film. It is enchanting, charming and wonderfully beautiful. A simple relationship and its importance. Empowering.

Watch it. It's lovely.

Blessings, Max Rainet.

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Smooth, Charming and Delightful - Joyeux

The film enjoyed an excellent balance of comedy, sexual tension, charm and moderate suspense. It will enjoy staying power. Mr. Kline became more engaging as the film progressed. M. Bonnaire carried the film in the classic manner of an A-list player. One should buy and keep the film for holiday viewing.Read full review...

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