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Good Deal

The product was just as described. I am very happy

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Just Fine

Movie was in fine shape. Glad I bought from estocks_usa

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One of my fav flicks. Samuel Jackson should have won an Oscar.

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Pulp Fiction

Great movie

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pulp fiction

The movie is good, but not great.

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very funny movie

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This film is a compilation of vignettes all laced together into the fabric of a couple of days in Los Angeles. This is the seedy side of life, Junkies, fixed fights, loan sharking, perversion, and retribution. This is a product of the twisted but brilliant mind of Quentin Tarantino, and is told in a up front personal way. Stars include John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, and Uma Thurman. This movie follows the daily exploits of two low-level hit men (Travolta and Jackson) as they go about the everyday tasks of handling business for their boss, Ving Rhames. An excellent soundtrack accompanies this film and several award nominations followed.Read full review...



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Pulp Fiction, The Mob Movie That Makes You Laugh

Pulp Fiction is about a couple of mobsters that go on a job for their boss and nearly get killed. It's the nearly part that makes the movie so interesting. Since it was such a close call, one of the mobsters decides it's a sign from God that he should get out of the "business". During this film, these guys have other issues to deal with, such as: the boss's wife overdosing, a fixed boxing match gone bad, amature robbers holding them up, and the accidental shooting of a companion by one of the mobsters after they have left a job. However, it's the witty conversations and the various hoops they have to jump through that makes the movie so amusing. To make matters even more entertaining, the writer even puts the film out of order. So, you have to watch the whole thing before you can put it all together. Even then, you may need some time to think about it. If you love mob movies, thought provoking conversations, and a good shoot 'em up, you'll love Pulp Fiction. I'm sure it's the graphic violence, drug usage, and language that were the driving forces behind the movie's R rating.Read full review...


worth a watch...time and time again

Uma never looked sexier...travolta at his best and Sam Jackson a force of nature(when Jules talks about roaming the earth like Kain in Kung Fu...i want to see that show!)the only fault i find with the film is the seemingly random editing where everything's out of order...never understood why he did that(frankly i did my own chronological edit when the vhs was first out...the movie still works nicely if not better) the last scene in the "story" is willis and girlfriend riding off on the cycle.However, in the tarantino edit the last scene in the movie is jackson and travolta walking out of the restaurant....even though earlier on Vega was killed by Butch...???...just tell the story Quentin!Read full review...

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