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Prince Of Persia: las Arenas Del Tiempo (de Blu-ray/dvd Combo

Aventura mezclada con acción, me gusta mucho, muy buena.

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upgrade to blue ray

like movies about near east early history.

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Great action and great story A++++

In this video game adaptation, Jake Gyllenhaal is Dastan, a price of Persia and must save the world from his evil step uncle Nizam (Ben Kingsley) who wants to use the sands of time to go back and make himself King in the place of his brother. Along the way he meets and falls in love with the Princess (Gemma Arterto).

This was a great movie filled with action and adventure, high flying stunts, intrigue and edge of the seat entertainment.

The movie also stars: Richard Coyle, Toby Kebbell, Ronald Pickup, Alfred Molina, and Steve Toussaint

This Disney Movie is PG-13 for violence. Some parents may want to watch it first before allowing younger children to watch. I would not hesitate to allow children over 13 to watch. It has a lot of good, strong moral values.
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Adventurous Deja Vu

I had waited to see this film and was plesantly surprised. But it resembled a formula I had seen before. If you happen to live under a rock for a few years and had just seen Disney's Aladdin, then there's some scenes that are going to look a little familiar. The "street rat" being chased through the market place by guards, how he makes it to the palace, the almost cartoonish look of Jake Gyllenhaal that made him look like an Aladdin character, I was expecting Robin Williams to have a walk on part. But it entertained and thrilled and was a good story. I liked it so much that I bought the DVD, watched it the second time, and I think since I knew what was coming, it lost a little, but I still liked it. If you can get this at a good price, it'll be worth it.Read full review...


prince of persia the sands of time

good flick i liked the cinematography and the base line of the content a non predictable movie fast action in many parts spaced just far enough apart to keep you tied into the movie.


Prince of Persia is a must see you wont belive it Tell you see it

The movie is worth watching the acting is grate the story keeps you involved with story It a Must see film if you like a large production show with nothing spared in cost .It can not be explained in words it is a must see . It is worth the timeRead full review...


Pleasantly Surprised!!

Great movie.. A must Have for my DVD collection.. I have to say I wasn't sure about watching this at first but i am so glad i did.. I love this movie.. I agree with the reviewer about it resembling Aladdin.. but I thought it was cute..Read full review...


Great addition to any movie library

Great epic adventure. As someone commented it does resemble Disney's Aladdin. I love movies like this one. Worth your money if you collect movies.


Prince of Persia Blu Ray movie

The movie was excellent. I love the visual effects and the fact that it was blu ray made it even more vivid and clear. There is nothing I disliked about it. The price was perfect.


Good movie, good blu ray quality

A great movie that shows up in high quality hi-def. Good rendition of the video game. I enjoyed the extras too.

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