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Great movie

Awsom movie, lots of action.

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Gr8 movie

Awsome movie, & effects. This 1 mayb the best predator

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A bunch of random killers are dropped on a planet and have no idea why. It turns out they have been chosen to fight against a group of Predators, and given that they are the best of the best (Yakuza, Black Ops, Death Row Inmate, etc) if they can't beat the Predators, who can?

This is pretty much your usual action/survival horror flick. You have a group of people and it is your job to predict who (if any) will survive until the end credits. The movie starts off well enough and has some good action in the first half, but around the midway point everything slows down to a crawl until you get to the final third of the film, which (like AvP) is VERY hard to see what is going on most of the time as the movie is set during nighttime, and thus it's all very dark and moody (and hard to distinguish most things)

Strangely Adrien Brody is very good as the lead role bad-ass, which is kind of weird as I still think of him as the mild mannered guy from "The Piano" to see him as an asskicking merc with a ripped body and a gravelly "Batman" voice is very unusual, yet he pulls it off fantastically. It would be like if you read David Schwimmer had been cast as "The Punisher" it just seems wrong.... but somehow the movie does not suffer because of it.

Well below the levels of the original Predator and Alien movies, yet well above the recent AvP and Requiem sequels, this is entertaining enough for a Saturday night, just don't go in expecting a huge amount, it's a decent action movie, nothing more, nothing less.
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"FANTASMIC !!!!!!!!!"

PLOT, CHARACTERs, and, ACTORs !!!!!! ALL ARE GREAT !!!!!!!!

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Could Have Been 100 Times Better But Failed to Impress!

Without further ado, I'll have to say that I was quite disappointed with this film. I'm so glad that I didn't actually spend money on this in the theater. I would have probably walked out after the first 45 minutes. My major complaint about this film was the ridiculous dialogue and the careless handling of the development of the characters in the film. The dialogue was so simple and choppy, it didn't make much sense. Not to mention the fowl language and vulgarity from the character labeled as the death row inmate who said that he couldn't wait to get "coked up and rape some women".

Leading the team is Adrien Brody, who as soldier of fortune, decides early on to be a loner, so he's not going to forge any emotional bonds with anyone, being quite dogged and determined to leave the gaming planet alive on his own.

This of course irks Isabelle (Alice Braga), the female soldier from Israel who holds a few secrets of her own, and others from the likes of the Chechnyan soldier Nicolai (Oleg Taktarov) to the odd Dr. Edwin (Topher Grace), given the rest have tasted real life action in the killing fields, now brought by alien abduction to a planet whose atmosphere is almost identical to Earth, for a game of cat and mouse to test their survival skills.

The most disappointing thing about the film was that the trailer leads you into thinking that their were perhaps more alien hunters by showing Adrian Brody being targeted by a large number of 3 point laser cannons when, in the film it only shows about two.

The highlight of the film was when Laurence Fishburne materialized in an Alien invisibility suit. I thought, wow, this film is getting ready to go somewhere, but he just decided to take a nap and then slipped out the back and started a fire around the party to steal their weapons. What a poor way to use someone with such talent in a first rate film for ten minutes.

If that's not enough to convince you to skip ahead to the action scene, then find the spot where they spend two minutes watching the entire cast climb though a door one by one. What's really confusing and disappointing is when they suddenly start talking about the fact that "They see our traps." What? What traps? Did you see them make any traps? No, but I did spend 2 minutes watching the entire cast climb through a door. If you start watching the movie and you start getting that feeling like 'Hmmm, this is terrible, it's like the feeling when you get when you buy a lemon at the car dealership. They call that cognitive dissonance. You keep saying to yourself "Nah, I'm sure it will get better." I suggest you trust your instincts on this one, and if you have to see it for yourself, make sure that you have an exit strategy. This was an Epic failure.

I'm extremely happy for Adrian Brody, who actually looked pretty buff in this film, probably thanks to working out in a weight lifting facility. I was constantly reminded how stupid it was to have this Doctor Edwin character played by Topher Grace tagging along with no gun and being the off planet expert botanist. So what did I miss when he decided to turn evil and slice Isabelle (Alice Braga) with a poisonous pocket knife? Were we supposed to believe that this little twerp was in cahoots with the predator creatures? Another unanswered question was why was the predator chained to the stone? Why did he blow up his own space ship? If the film was supposed to be different from the first, then why did they steal lines from 1987?
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Surprisingly good for the franchise

Forget Aliens vs Predators and even Predators 2, this movie was a great follow up to the original classic. For being a SciFi Action movie based on another planet it could have been a whole lot worse. The character building, acting, storyline and action were great. Anyone who enjoyed the original would enjoy this movie.
It wasn't an academy awards caliber movie so don't expect that when watching it. If all you expect is a good time watching a great action movie, then this is the movie for you.
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Predators is a classic!

This movie was made way pass well, better than the original, wow! Those are big words because the original was one of the best movies of my generation. Predator 2 was ok, good enough if you are a predator fan! Fighting 3 Predators at one time, really is impossible, they will fight each other just to see who gets to kill you, I guess that is why they brought 9 of the best killers from earth! I can go on and on about predators but I will just say "PERFECTION" I purchase this movie because I am a true Predator fanatic! I hate that Larry Fishburn had like 15 minutes in the movie and that the movie wasn't long enough! They didn't show the weapons off enough! However you did get to see the predator named the falcon, you got to see his bird and you got to see the sword fight showdown in this movie, remember in the original the indian stops running to fight the predator. He pulls out his machete and you see the predator appear befor him and the scene cuts with the indian screaming! Predator 2, you see the jamaican in the alley where he pulls out his sword from the cane, the predator appears before him and the scene cuts with the jamaican screaming and the predator is walking away with his head! Predator, you see the Japaneese man stop running and pulls out the samurai sword to fight the predator, the predator appears before him and the start fighting, I love that they finally show what happened in the showdown this movie! Overall "I LOVE IT!!!"Read full review...



I'll be short and sweet with this review. If you liked the original Predator movie(starring Arnold) then you'll most likely dig this installment to the series. I thought it was a fun ride, despite the occasional predictable plot element. It stands well on it's own, but adds a bit of depth to the mythology. It reminded me a great deal of the novels I had read back over a decade ago as a teenager. Lots of guns, lots of explosions, lots of blood. Greatest movie ever made? Absolutely not. Mindless entertainment to chill out and eat a bag of popcorn to? Heck yeah.Read full review...


An excellent movie - highly recommended

The Predator has always been fascinating in my opinion, and very different from the other aliens type movie. The creators combined something hard to imagine, a highly advanced alien race that are cold blooded killers at the same time. This particular movie is different from the other Predator movies because this time the adventure happens on another planet, it's not in our backyard anymore. 2 different Predator species, very related to each other and both very technologically advanced, compared to us, yet one enemy to another. They bring humans on this planet and release them just to hunt them. Let's face it, sounds like the worst nightmare right? Well this time they bring a few that are different, they put up a fight and win. On a scale from 1-10, I rate this movie a 9. It's pretty intense and it will make you hold your breath through the most part, because it's very hard to anticipate what happens next, throughout the movie. it has a good story line that has a great potential for a Predators 2.Read full review...


Decent movie for a franchise that's been loved by it's fans

Did not know what to expect from yet another predator movie,i am a fan of the first two predator movies(not so much the whole AVP series)so i had some hopes of it being at least decent.Thankfully it lives up to it's name in a diferent way that the first two did,the whole alien planet thing makes things feel out of control of the main caracters wich is a good thing,i felt it just needed more gore and action but it stands as a decent secuel,if you are a fan of the series it's a must have and see!Read full review...

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