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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree

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Great little camera. Compact, lightweight with great features!

I bought this camera to replace my Polaroid i633 that I had dropped and damaged! It was the first digital camera that I bought and it was so easy to use that I did not want to relearn to use another brand digital camera. The Polaroid i633 is just the right size to keep in your purse so that you never miss a great photo op!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: fastone1960



uses standard SD cards
uses standard AA batteries
It is very silent
30fps video with sound and digital zoom while recording

Bad image quality,
Horrible image quality at low light conditions
Only one video mode (320x240, 30fps)
Slow startup
Slow focus
Slow shooting

I have been frustrated with that camera. I expected that a traditional camera maker like Polaroid would make a great digital camera, but I was wrong. This is one of the worst camera I have ever tried.

It has a long delay from power-on until it is ready to shoot. Another long delay for focusing. And another long delay for shooting.

Images were not sharp. At normal indoor conditions using auto ISO, the noise is much higher than other cameras that I have. Outdoor pictures were not so bad, but still below the expected.

Digital zoom is not smooth. It is made in abrupt steps, even when recording video.

It has only one video mode, 320x240 at 30fps.

When I go to the beach or other places were my camera can be stolen or broken or lost or get wet, I will take my Polaroid i633 instead of my Canon Poweshot or my Casio Exilim, because if I lose this one, it won't be a big miss.
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Awesome item love it

Great Camera my 2nd one i will always use the polaroid digital camera. It takes great pictures records and has awesome features


Great working Camera at good price

Bought camera as is for parts got it popped batterioes in and it works fine..Taken dozen of pictures nice and clear easy to use and stylish


Camera review

i like the way the camera functions it still has the battery problem but i can work around it.I decided to buy the camera for parts but just decided to use the camera itself as a primary.



Very nice item that was shown. I hope to get lots of use from the camera. I love to take pics of my dogs and my husband and son. Thank You very much.


The camera arrived with a scratched screen&I have to op

The lens has to be opened with the top of my finger nail & the screen was all scratched up & no owners instruction manual came with it & I can't find one on line. Very unhappy with my purchase.


Polaroid I633 6.0 Megapixel

I bought this camera for a graduation gift for my son's girlfriend. She absolutely loves the camera. She had one before but she dropped it in the water when we were on vacation.



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