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No complaints, entertaining and fast paced.

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Love Pirates

Always a fun time watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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I'm having a "Pirates of the Caribbean" week! Why? Well, I finally got around to updating "Dead Man's Chest" to Blu and when I entered my magic Disney points code, I was told that I have a free cinema ticket to the fourth part, so I figured in order to watch the fourth one, I should watch (or re-watch) the original trilogy. Thing is, I remember (vaguely) watching the original movie and thinking it was good, thinking the second one sucked, and I aint seen the last one, or rather the third one, since there is now a fourth, so that would be the last one, or latest one as I am sure they will keep on churning out sequels until the cash cow finally kicks the bucket.

Anywhoo, as for the original movie it was a BLAST. Lots of action, and in a good way, kinda like the original "Zorro" movie (okay, the original remake movie) It was just full of good old fashioned action and fun. Not bogged down with blood, nudity or swearing, it is an action movie for the entire family (although it will be scary for the little ones) and, get this... it has a PLOT and a good one too! There is pirate treasure, and skeletons and plenty of buckles being swashed, plus you get to see the origins of Jack Sparrow, probably one of the most iconic characters from the past ten years. Johnny Depp has made this pirate a modern day legend. Who'd have thunk that ripping off Keith Richards would be so entertaining.

Anyway, if you haven't see this one yet, do so. You won't be disappointed.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-Ray

I had the original DVD's of the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy. However, one day I had bought Batman Begins Blu-Ray to complement my Dark Knight Blu-Ray. I had already owned Batman Begins on DVD and once I put the Blu-Ray on it was amazing... yet I didn't know how much. So I put the DVD on, and since the PS3 up-converts DVD's to 1080p I thought I would be getting the same results. I was dead wrong. The DVD's picture wasn't even close to the beauty of the Blu-Ray. It had a lot of grain throughout as a result of the up-conversion. And the sound had so much limitations. My old surround sound, before I decided to upgrade, had to be placed near max so that I may get some similar effect as the Blu-Ray. And the same was with the Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-Ray. I immediately saw the amazing picture the Blu-Ray had to offer. As all the professional review sites say, "This is reference quality." And that is not said lightly. If you have an amazing HDTV, such as a Panasonic Plasma or Samsung LED, then you'll see perfection. The sound blew my old surround away, where I had to keep it near the 40's or 50' notches. If I went past that it started to go through the walls. Overal I love this product. The movie is awesome, the picture and sound quality is reference, and the extras are something to have. If you have an HDTV, please get this Blu-Ray to see what your missing. If you already own the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy on DVD, upgrade. It's worth it.Read full review...


2004 My Favorite Pirate Film's on Blue-ray Disc

Now, on a 2007 Blu-ray disc, viewers can enjoy beautiful clarity of spectacular settings created for this bound-to-be classic pirate film.

The story line goes: A governor's daughter is in charge of a young boy her own age who has been pulled out of the sea by her father's upper-crusty crew. She notices his necklace is a pirate's & takes it from him so that he won't be hung.

The gold medallion is the last 1 of a pirate's treasure that has cursed all of the crew of the "Black Pearl" ship. Without the medallion's return, with the blood of the boy on it, the skeletal crew remains dead, unable to feel any life in themselves & aren't killable since they're already dead!

Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp), though a bumbling comical pirate, is in pusuit of the ownership of the "Black Pearl." This pirate ship is 1 the cursed crew stole from Sparrow. Depp plays a marvelously non-machismo, loveable, pirate character who's the glue that holds all of the loose ends of the film together. Depp gives 1 of his cutest performances I've seen. He's now my favorite pirate! The script is quite amusing & entertaining.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), is not y/our typical Errol Flynn type of machismo swashbuckling pirate. Nor does Depp play another Disney Captain Hook. He's more like Fagan in "Oliver." Ever so fey & charming.

Although the pirates on the "Black Pearl" ship are dead & sometimes in their skeleton form, they aren't scary enough for kids, since this is a comedy. I highly recommend owning the Blu-ray disc 2007 version~
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Blu ray is best

The movie itself is fantastic. the blu ray version is even more fantastic! ANY of the 'pirates of the caribean' in BLU RAY is awesome! VERY stunning details and colors. i have seen many blu ray movies, but with the ocean scenes with the pirate ships, puts this movie in the lead above others. as far as this movie goes, THIS particular 'pirates' movie is the best one out of all of them as far as storyline,action, and overall movie performance. i highly recommend this movie to everyone, young and older.Read full review...


A blu-ray movie that is worth your money

The reason for which I decided to write a review is not for the movie itself (although it's very good) but to tell to my readers how much you will be pleased with the quality and sound features of this blu-ray. To put it simple, let's say it's one of the best encoding I've ever seen on this support, so if you are looking for a demonstration movie for your brand new blu-ray player, don't look elsewhere cause you hold a very good challenger that will utterly fit to your desires.

As a matter of act, the movie is well known and most of you already have an idea of what we are talking about. The thing is, with an image and a sound of this quality, there is nothing to say: you'll just stay with your mouth wide open having chills every time a canon fires up. And what to say of this 3D impression moving objects will get on your screen....I won't do it much longer so that you don't get bored, but in one word, this movie is a thrill when looked at in High Definition. That's what a blu-ray can do when you give it some good food;)

That's all folks. You want something reeeally nice to show to your buddies....just add this movie to your collection.
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Great movie

The blue ray increases the entertainment. Love the movie before on DVD it even better on bluray. Johnny Depp makes the movie with his portrayal of CTN. Jack Sparrow. Disney has a winner.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

With Johnny Depp in one of his most eccentric and fully engaged roles ever, he takes us along for the ride as his Captain Jack Sparrow sails the high seas getting himself into one mess after another. With amazing naval sequences, fantastic special effects and stunts this movie runs at a furious pace with non stop action and many laughs as it goes. A terrific family movie and great when watched as a trilogy with the other two films or it stands up very well on it's own. A top notch cast will make you forget what year it is and a great score and fantastic costumes fill in the gaps. Just a thoroughly well made and film with a great screenplay.Read full review...


Great Movie - FANTASTIC Blu Ray!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is a fun, exciting adventure based loosely on the Disney theme park ride. Johnny Depp is remarkably good as Captain Jack Sparrow, a somewhat good natured rogue. Gore Verbinski's direction of the story is inspired - perfect for this type of movie! The movie may be 5 or 10 minutes too long, but it never drags. It is definitely one of the better Summer Blockbusters of recent years.

Beyond the movie itself is the Blu Ray disc, and it is here that Disney really outdid themselves. Fully utilizing the capability of the Blu Ray format, the Blu Ray version of Pirates just utterly destroys the DVD version when it comes to picture and sound quality. The Blu Ray is so crisp and clear, with lifelike skin tones, vibrant colors, and solid blacks with great contrast. It's almost like really being there.

This is a Blu Ray disc that should be in the collection of almost everyone who owns a Blu Ray player.
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