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Replaced my old old model - 20 years old

Norelco has my vote. My old one was golden to me. I needed a new one and only thought of Norelco. The 9311 feels great to handle, the shave is close and does not tear at my skin (neither did the old one). The heads float across your face, the variable speed adjustment, the balance - handle, it is worth the money. Especially since I hope to use it for the next 20 years! (I'll be 90 then.) EnjoyRead full review...

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by Top critical review

Considered best norelco series, yet very poor performance in comparison to old model's

* comfortable grip
* cleaning system does a great job, more then expected.
* quality build and materials.

Its not strong enough for men with thick beard hairs, like myself.
the shaver leave's behind hairy spots, even after a 10 min shave, while repeating the shave on the problematic spots,
there are still noticeable hairy spots.
I gave my brother the shaver for him to try, he described the same problems.
He tried it in a daily use, and even on young hairs the shaver missed noticeable area's.

For such an expensive price, i expected to have a near perfect shaving experience.
Im not pleased with the product, and i dont think i got my money's worth, not even close.
I wouldn't recommend this shaver to anyone over the age of 20.
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Nice razor

I've had an older Norelco electric shaver for the past 25 years and it finally succumbed to terminal battery failure. This razor shaves faster and closer than my previous one. I did like the pop-up trimmer on the older model better, this one includes a trimmer that you have to switch out with the rotary head to use. It's easy and quick to do, just a little inconvenient. Overall, i'm happy with this product.Read full review...

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You have to get used to it.... but then it works well...

This shaver actually works very well -- BUT the use is a bit "counter intuitive" as you do NOT shave "back and forth" with it -- rather you "shave in circles". The instructions in the manual are pretty clear but if you are not used to shaving that way, I suggest that you read the manual for this. When you DO shave as suggested, the shave is close. I also used the "sensitivity adjustments" and found that they worked pretty well. I have not tried to use the "cleaning mechanism" so far as I have simply been rinsing the shaver out with Hot Water (as documented in the instructions) and that has worked well.
Overall, I think that it is worth the money AND if you take care of it, I am sure that it will last.
Features work as advertised (Sensitivity adjustments, in particular)
Make sure to read the Manual.
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low-end Norelco 725RL

Very basic.
Cuts quite close. Didn't want a pin-hole blade shield....this has 3 radial combs with grooves for hairs to travel down. Makes more sense. 3-heads with about 15 rotating (instead of back-n-forth) blades in each.
Non-floating heads (had one of those many, many years ago) but seems to work fine.
Don't look for a heads-module release....there is none....just yank.
If you have a porcelain sink/tub/tank lid on toilet that is flat, these blades can be honed quite effectively with a circular motion.
This is a 115v model so no charging...replacing batteries...etc. Full power all the time!
Pop-up trimmer is superb.

I picked this one up used (of course / think it's fairly old) on Ebay for about $10 to see if I'd like better than blades. And I do! Cleaned....honed....good to go....should outlast me!
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The best travel electric shaver ...

I have tried several electric shavers models in my life ( I am 46 years old ). The Philips model has been the best for me. Easy to use, very portable, shaves very close to the skin and easy to follow your face curves. Using rechargable AA batteries ( not included ) you save a lot of money versus traditional razors. It also includes a nice and sturdy travel pouch. Highly recomened for a short ( one or two days ) beard.Read full review...

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great features easy to use no noise

exceptionally fine. delivered in time. like from the factory, as described ,no even the sign of dust etc. thank you for all.

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Surprisingly Disappointed

When the product came, it loooed perfect and fit like a charm. I was quick to try to out to make sure that it was exactly what was needed. I had purchased this for my father who lost his original charger. It worked perfectly when I tried it out, and worked great for him for one charge. Second time he plugged it in, it was dead, no more charging. Price was great, and had it continued to work it would have been a great deal, but it didn't. So I feel like I wasted my time and money on it, should have went straight to norelco to get a charger.Read full review...

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To everyone who thought buying cheap would give you more value, just get the top line razor. I opted for cheap twice, and I have endured razor-burn form more years than I care to count. Finally, I bought the Norelco 9311, and the FIRST TIME I used it, I knew I had finally found the razor of my dreams. No razor-burn, totally smooth shave, quiet efficiency, beautiful craftsmanship! I can't praise this razor enough, and I urge you not to wait as long as I did to take the plunge. You won't regret it. This razor performs. You will wonder why it took you so long to be convinced, but convinced you will be. Smooth shave, irritation-free, beautiful styling, great value. What more could you want? Just buy it now. Your face will thank you!Read full review...

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best shave i have had

i had and older Norelco that just wore out.. so i decided to get this one and i am really happy with it .i does a lot better job especially along the neck.

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