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No More Doggie Breath

Petrodex does the trick for my two Chihuahuas. Even though their mouths are pretty small for me to get into and actually brush their teeth, I swear by the stuff. Why? Because even if you do what I do, the dogs get a daily dose of what I like to call "bacteria fighter" in their mouth. My dogs don't have bad breath, and their teeth don't look half bad either, considering that I don't actually get a whole lot of brushing accomplished. Still, here's what I do every morning, without fail:

Put a small dab of petrodex (or bigger if you have a big doggie,)on their doggie toothbrush. Wet the tooth brush, and just let them lick the tooth paste off the toothbrush. They love the chicken flavor. Stand there a few minutes until the dog stops licking the toothbrush. With each lick, they are dousing their tongue with the "bacteria fighters." If they remain interested, sometimes I'll even do it twice. It's important to wet the toothbrush so you activate the enzymatic action.

I don't like to put my Chihuahuas under anesthesia, so they've only had a professional cleaning once in their 10 years. So that says something for using this toothpaste regularly.
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First ingredient is Sorbitol

Number one ingredient is Sorbitol, a corn based sweetener, non-toxic but unnecessary. Should definitely not be the first ingredient in anything for dogs. Also contains chicken digest. Another questionable ingredient. The dogs like the taste but I don't want them swallowing that stuff. Should have read the ingredient list before buying. A lot of product for the price.Read full review...

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Our Vet and Our Dog Recommend this Product

Our vet recommended this toothpaste because of its enzymatic action. The enzymes clean the teeth in addition to the actual brushing. Our dog loves this stuff. When my wife gets the tube and toothbrush out of the cabinet, he runs to the spot where the brushing occurs and sits. He love to lick the excess off the tube before the cap goes back on. He is 12 years old now and has no dental problems thanks to his once a week brushing with this toothpaste.Read full review...

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My dogs love it but don't like me brushing their teeth!

My dogs love it but don't like me brushing their teeth. However it's been two days and they are fighting less to allow me to brush their teeth. I use this product with Nylabone and dog dental treats. The dogs seem to love the taste. Between using the aforementioned products, my dogs have noticeable better breath and most of the hard deposits of tarter are removed. I'm happy with the product!

Side Note: Be sure to give your dog a treat after every brushing. They will eventually understand that their is a reward to being cooperative during brushing.
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My shelties say Petrodex poultry flavor toothpaste tastes great and helps keep their teeth healthy and white.

My shelties brush their teeth daily with this toothpaste (with a little help adding it to their toothbrushes and then holding the toothbrushes). This keeps their breath fresh and their teeth healthy and white, reducing how often they need to have their teeth cleaned by their vet. It is a particularly good value in the larger 6.2 oz size.Read full review...

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Only been using short while, but teeth look excellent.

The enzymes in this toothpaste are advertised to reduce plaque and tarter buildup. Have not used long but dogs teeth and gingiva look great. Got great price on ebay, so do not know if worth retail price as so many of these canine toothpaste are overpriced. Appears to be much more volume as compared to other canine toothpaste we have used. Should have more precise evaluation of product after couple of months of useRead full review...

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Good price and it works.

I have been using this toothpaste for the past 2 years because my dogs love the taste, it helps to keep their teeth clean, comes in a larger size tube than other brands and the price is very reasonable.Read full review...

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My Two Dogs Love The Taste

No dog really likes their teeth brushed, but my two little ones love the taste of the poultry flavored tooth paste and reach out for more after I'm done brushing their teeth. It also really freshenens their breath and helps keep their teeth clean. Highly recommended.Read full review...

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My large dog lets me brush his teeth because he loves the flavor of this toothpaste. Saw a review here dude was complaining about the price compared to human toothpaste. If you think about it I can see why it's more complicated to make and produce because it has to clean plaque off a dog's teeth and they have to be able to swallow it without stomach upset , try that with a human toothpaste. He can always buy it else where for twice as much and pay $6 shipping on top of that. I think it's a bargain here and just ordered 2 tubes. I've been using it for years with good result. Highly recommend.Read full review...

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I needed a larger tube and often they are hard to find in retail; this is exactly the right size and flavor for my dogs. Thanks you!

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Great as usual, Thanks!

Using this product for years with great results for my pets...always seem to find best price at eBay...shipping usually fast and FREE!

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