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Good value100% agree

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Good for the price

Everything has strengths and weaknesses. It is not a smartphone but if you text alot and need immediate access to a real phone and physical keyboard to text it is a good phone. It can also take a memory stick with all your music, we all know many smartphones can't.

If you are looking for apps and to impress your friends in 2016 it won't cut it.
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Good value, but clumsy to use at times

I got this texting phone for my wife, who was using a non-texting phone to do lots of texting.

Pro: Dual slider makes phone calls easy, as well as a full QWERTY slider for texting. Solid feel.

Con: Button arrangement, UI limitations

Regarding the button arragement, in specific the circular pattern makes it very difficult to know which button you are pressing. There is a four-way rocker button around the center button, and around that rocker are 4 separate buttons. I've used the phone several times and it is all too easy to hit the wrong button. It looks cool I guess, but it is not very functional.

The UI does not allow you to map the four-way rocker selections the way some other UIs allow that. So I cannot assign (for example) the left button to Bluetooth toggle.

The QWERTY keyboard has pretty small buttons, but it isn't too bad to use. The spacing is almost too wide for quick thumb typing. It isn't intuitive how the four-way or other buttons will be mapped when in QWERTY mode - that is, will they be flipped "on their side" when the phone is on its side? I don't know without trying them.

Overall, if you can get this phone for cheap (under $50 or so) it's not too bad. Especially if you don't like touchscreen phones and want a dedicated hardware dialer for simple phone calls.
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Pantech Matrix

While the Pantech matrix is a very stylish phone. It has allot to be desired.
Although the design of a "Dual Slide" phone is interesting. The framework is rather flimsy. The Chassis of the phone its self is too wobbly. Many of you that have used the phone agree, when the phone vibrates, the "Wobbliness" causes the phone to make a nasty crackling noise, unless the phone is being held closed.
As far as the built in features go. The camera is adequate. The media player and speaker make a great combination for an on the go Media center. I was not to thrilled with the cheap data/charge port, as I have had to fix it on one that I owned before. I do like that the SD card is located Externally. The battery is adequate as far as cellular use. But media use will drain the battery pretty quickly. I do rate this phone 4 out of 5 stars. It was good for its time. But now its better left as a back up.
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Good phone but I haven't been successful when trying predictive textin

The phone works well, seems to be well built and a good value for the money. One problem that I have with it is that it doesn't seem to have predictive texting. A note came up saying that it wasn't available on a querty keyboard, and when I slide it the other way, texting is totally random, changes letters around that I already typed in and definitely doesn't predict the word or phrase that I'm trying to type. Couldn't construct a text when the phone is slid into the up and down position.Read full review...


Good phone, cheap

Couldn't handle paying for a data plan with AT&T any longer, needed a "not so smart phone" and I didn't want to "up grade", so I picked this phone up for cheap. The battery life is great, it's fairly small compared to a Blackberry, and it works with out a data plan on the AT&T network. Just insert SIM card, update your contacts and your done. However, it's old technology and won't do the things you may be accustomed too: but the price is right. The only thing cheaper than this would be a Razor, and those were terrible back in the day so whatever.Read full review...


A Very Well-Designed Phone For Voice Calls & Texting

This wireless device is manufactured by a relative new-comer to the US wireless hardware market. The volume control key and the camera activation key, both located on the exterior of the case, are definitely a nice touch. I really appreciate the extensive BlueTooth features and capability; this set easily pairs with other BlueTooth-equipped devices, such as laptop PCs, wireless headsets, and even other wireless phones. Upon power-up, this phone quickly "boots up" and registers with a local network that employs HSDPA, UMTS, or GPRS technology. The included lithium-ion battery has above-average life between charges, unless you frequently use the BlueTooth feature, the media-player, or the internet browser. Voice quality is good. I have enjoyed playing some of my favorite tunes using the media-player, which supports a number of different audio file formats. So far, I have not yet used the built-in camera; therefore, I cannot address this aspect of the device. Overall, this phone is very user-friendly and enjoyable to use, although it never received very much publicity or media "hype" at the time of its original introduction to the wireless market.Read full review...


Kids love this phone. Texting without data plan. Buy!

Our kids are on their second set of these phones. They wore out the first ones, tried different styles, then begged us to find them replacements even if they were used. We love that you don't have to have a data plan to use these phones. The dual slide feature means anyone can use them whether you're a master texter with a number pad or need the full QWERTY keyboard like mom and dad.Read full review...


Not the best

As far as this goes - hypothetically it's wonderful. It has a lot of cool things on it that make me happy. However, it lacks some of the features that I would have liked to have. You can't set ring tones for for people in your contacts who text. You can set them for ring tones. A few other little things that aren't that big of a deal. The biggest problem is that this phone carries some bugs that seem to be a model problem and not an individual phone problem. It doesn't carry a charge well. I don't know if it is because I use it a lot more than my old model, but with the refurbs of this model that I had one completely died within a few days of having it. The messenger in all three I had doesn't work. In one model that I had you couldn't even hear the party on the other line unless you had it on speaker. The one I have now is good enough, but it was a lot of hassle at first to replace the ones that were not working. Ended up costing me more than if I had gone with a more expensive model. It also drops blue tooth but I don't know if that is a model problem or something that happens with most cell phones.Read full review...


Pantech Matrix C740

I love that the phone works but I don't like the fact that there aren't any games. You have to pay to get any. I also have at&t as my provider and because it is a Pantech phone and not an At&t phone I cannot send or receive any multi-media messages (which means no picture sharing) and I also am unable to go online....For anything. Besides those rather large disappointments the phone works perfect. In the event you were wondering I did bring my phone to at&t to see if the problem could be fixed. I was told that its a problem that occurs sometimes when you don't buy through your service provider and with someone else.Read full review...


Pantech Matrix pro for teenager

I needed a phone for my teenage daughter. She wore out an older LG phone that had a slide-out Querty keyboard. I decided on the Pantech Matrix pro because you can slide out the number keys to make a call and slide out the Querty keyboard for text messages. The phone styling is very nice. The phone battery life and charge time are very good.
I am however, disappointed with the camera option, it has no flash.
I have no opinion on the durability. I hope it will hold up to a teen-ager's usage.
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