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Panasonic SDR-H80S - first impressions

Well, I have to buy a new small camera and there's no time for long investigation. Also the money were raged so, I bought this one.
Preliminary technical data were OK,price also was acceptable and I took it with me on a long journey.


1. Excellent zoom. Fantastic
2. User friendly
3. Loooooooong time for recording
4. Easy editing on the camera
5. Long batery life and very fast batery charge!

TOTAL:Very good for it's class.

Why Very good ?
1. Bad quality when the light is absent /night ..../
2. Weak editing software on a disk supplied with camera....

So, what's the final verdict?
A very good product, easy for use and my recommendation is to buy it!

1. Be carefull to keep obective always clean
2. Keep it in a case /it is not supplied with camera should buy additionally/
3. If you have opportunity to have add light for night shooting, it's a really excellent tool!
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good for the price

Bought this camera for my brother. Was impressed by the zoom and it easy use. Fit well in the hand and if you work with the seting does a pretty good job. Stability is difficult when zooming. If this is your first camera or you do not have to much experience then it is a good buy. For the price it is a good buy. Does not take great pictures in camera mode but the video is pretty decent and with 60 gigs of space you can take a lot of video. card slot good for transferring to other sources. video edit that come with it is ok but there are much better out there. All in all good for the price. Personal comment my brother did not put it down the whole trip and now keeps it with him.Read full review...


Great Camcorder, Exceeded my epectations!

Great zooming capabilities, superb video quality in XP recording mode, compact design. I look forward to enjoying many home videos with this little gem :)


pros and cons

very compact and powerful zoom! small sensor leads to poor video quality, and it feels a little cheap for not being very cheap


The standar resolution is the necesary it

This machine has the expectacular zoom 70x but the high definition only 12x, the important is has the memories.


great golf camera

I bought this camera to view my golf swing not knowing if it would be good or not. Turns out it is unbelievable. Has ability to view swing at very slow speeds in continuous motion, not segmented. Great camera!!!Read full review...


No light

Good camera in general the only thing is that this camera is useless in dark areas with low illumination!!!

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