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Awsome little camcorder, wish I had it years ago!

We were looking to replace our old digital camera and possibly get a camcorder. The size of this camcorder makes it easy to use and take anywhere. Nice size internal storage, and long battery life. Awsome 42x optical zoom for great close-ups, we are bird watchers and this camcorder is great.
So far there isn't anything about this camcorder we don't like, and compared to others we looked at it was a great buy! Thanks Ebay!
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Worth the money and Easy to use

I bought it to take videos at a casino Karaoke because my camera wasn't clear enough. It really zooms in close and gives some great shots and compensates for movement. I haven't figured out how to take a video without the light coming on but will work on that part. Very light weight and comfortable to use. I would recommend it to everyone interested in a decent camcorder at a reasonable price. The person recording me singing forgets to shut it off and I get a lot of carpet shots LOL Very Pleased with this purchase.Read full review...


Very small, light and easy to use camcorder.

The camcorder is very small, light and easy to use. The picture isn't as good as I thought that it would be, it isn't as clear as I thought that it should be. The editing software is not as easy to use as I thought that it should be.Read full review...


all good

Excellent unit easy to use. Picture and sound are excellent. Haven't had a lot of chance to experiment with all the features but I'm looking forward to it.


Awesome product! Great deal

I bought this item because is small and practical and very good performance! I like because it is small and light weight!


Awesome buy and price!

Got it for a friend. I checked it out to see that it had everything with it, and even used it to make sure it worked. Everything was good to go. Great buy!


Low price, great product

I bought this camcorder to my little sister.
This is a great purchase....is very easy-to-use camcorder.
Best gift for your loved one.
I will recommend this product!!


Good and inexpensive camera.

It is a good video camera for the money, however it will not allow attchments to the lens for telephoto use. Overall it is a good choice.


awesome product great value for the money

i bought this item bcos i realy need it,and love the product bcos is workikng good,and this is uncomparable with other product.


It's great Camcorder

Качество съемки, понятный софт, оптический стабилизатор, цифровой зум до 2000 (реально можно увидеть до 92) Встроенная память, при записи в HD до 2,5 часов хватает. Аккумулятор садится раньше.

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