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Nice battery, if you can find it!

Logitech orphaned their wireless, solar-charging K750 keyboard some time ago, so these ML2032 batteries are no longer easy to find––and Logitech is no help either finding them or telling you how to switch one out of your keyboard if you do find a replacement.
However, replacing them with regular CR2032 batteries, which are available everywhere over the counter, isn't ideal because those kind aren't rechargeable. I don't know how long non-rechargeables would last in this keyboard, or if they would overheat with the trickle current of the photovoltaic cell constantly trying to charge them. So, if you can find the ML2032 online, and need it for your device, you should probably do as I did and buy two. They have a long shelf-life. And they get the job done without any issues.
Fortunately, there is also a YouTube that will show you how to switch out the battery without damaging the keyboard.
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by Top critical review

Same as above

Yes to all of the above BUT, we had to wait quite a long time for it to fully charge before using it - about 24 hours, BUT, then the charge did not hold for long. WE use it for a solar-powered computer keyboard and while it works, it is great BUT AGAIN, although the room is very well-lit and has a lot of sun streaming in on it during the day, the charge does not hold for long.
Have to literally take it out of the room and put it in the sun for a few hours before using keyboard. The battery we had before this one did not require this extra step - putting keyboard out in the sun. The sun coming into the room was quite enough to just go ahead and use when needed.
This time it requires taking out into the sun - a bit of a pain really.
When it works it is great but the added step to keep it charged is quite a pain.
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Great battery at a great price.

I bought this to replace the battery in my Logitech K750 MAC keyboard that wasn’t holding a good charge anymore being it was 3 years old. As soon as I changed it out the solar app told me the charge was 100% and it has been at that for the last week with no problems. Before the new battery I was trying to puttee KB out under the lights directly to try to charge it up but even then it would get to around 90% and drop very quickly. I am happy with the speed of the shipping and the quality of the battery. Logitech said right on the original batter DO NOT REPLACE but I knew others did with good results and for the price I decided to try it for myself. You must be sure to use the CORRECT battery ML2032 which is rechargeable unlike the standard 2032 which is not.Read full review...

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Saved my solar keyboard!

Woke up to a whacked out Logitech solar keyboard, yes, the battery goes that quickly, well it has been 5 or 6 years of use, but it goes downhill fast and in a hurry when it decides to die. Grabbed a YouTube video, got the coin cell battery out (what a struggle - cut the sides of the battery tray as recommended so next removal will be a piece of cake.😀) Anyway, popped the new battery in and it was up and working right away - and it was charged to 99% right out of the bag. Score! Great price, and it looked like an exact replacement. Highly recommended. Two weeks later and still charged at 100% without issue. Read full review...

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An Excellent Replacement for the Sega Dreamcast's CMOS Battery

I needed to replace my Sega Dreamcast's moribund, 17-year-old CMOS battery. Sega, in its infinite wisdom, decided to ship its final console to stores in a state such that the the battery itself was soldered to the controller board rather than a socket that would enable easy user replacement. So I purchased this rechargeable battery and a socket.

The desoldering process was somewhat painstaking, though not a delicate job that could easily render the controller board useless. I soldered the three-prong battery socket to the board, popped this battery into the socket, and never since have had to reset the Dreamcast's internal clock upon startup.

This battery is a very reliable device that was constructed in Japan and has performed admirably. It is important, however, to remember, that after the initial installation, the battery should enjoy a one-time, 2-hour charge, which is achieved by simply playing the Dreamcast or allowing the system to run for that time without a disc present in the drive.

Like all batteries it will eventually need to be replaced, but the presence of a battery socket renders the process as simple as popping one battery out of and another into the socket.
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Quick delivery. Saved my life.

I rely on my K750 so much and when it stopped working, I thought the world had ended. Finding out that the battery was replaceable and also only a couple of bucks was like winning the lottery. Can’t believe how quick battery was delivered.Read full review...

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Good price for a hard to find battery

The price was really cheap, especially when you consider how hard it is to find these. I am using this in my solar logitech keyboard.

The battery has worked perfectly (I have only had it a few weeks so I can not attest to the longevity of the battery or how well it recharges)Read full review...

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Logitech K750 like new!

It took a bit of time to come but after I had it and watched the battery replacement video on Logitech website it was super quick and easy. No forcing anything open or damage done while replacing the old ML2032.Read full review...

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Great Battery Excatly what I needed does what it's supposed to!

Great battery, had instant gratification once installing it into my solar powered keyboard, charged up quickly holds charge very well hope to not have to put my keyboard in a box for another 5 years for this battery to die. if I have to have a replacement I'd buy from the exact same seller as I did this one!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: r-lsales


Perfect replacement for keyboard

Battery worked perfect.. I wish Logitech would have made battery compartment easy to open.

HINT: use a pastry knife. Flexible blade and thin

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: r-lsales

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