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Tony jaa at his best

This movie is Tony jaa best film in my opinion... shows the different types of martial arts and tells the story of how Ong Bak began

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Packed with action, but hey its an action movie. A weak 3star movie

3stars, I think i'm being a bit generous but let me explain. Its an action movie, and the 3rd of its kind. So, if you havent seen the other 2, you'll be a bit lost in the plot. Although the movie CONSTANTLY jump's back, almost as if they know not many people have seen the 1st two. Now, since its an action movie, big time martial arts star, thats what you expect. And in that sense it delivers. But that all it really delivers. If you've seen the other 2 movies, you'll want to get this 1. You wont be calling friends to tell them about it, but I guess in that sense its worth watching. But if you haven't seen the other 1s, and don't know what to expect. Pass this 1 up. Think, old japan movie, mixed in with the Crow. They tried to make this a good 1, but its not.Read full review...


The fighting scenes are great ..actioned packed..

Excellent movie ,action packed .I have 1-2 and now I have the collection with the 3rd .This movie has lots of action .Tony Jaa does all his own no stunt's.I watched this movies three times when I first got it,and when I see it again there is always something defererent.Read full review...


i like this dvd

I like this DVD because it has action, moves that are difficult to perform, and te stars are doing a great job. I recommended it.


Ong Bak 3

My family and I throughly enjoyed, Ong Bak, and Ong Bak 2. However, we were all disappointed with Ong Bak 3. A lot less action and too much mysticism! Like always, Tony Jaa was incredible!


I love the kata in this movie! Super Super cool!

I love that this movie shows him practice a kata then puts a fight scene where the kata plays out. So super cool!

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