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Fantastic Camera Just Needed a Battery

Silly people have abandoned perfectly good mirrorless cameras because the micro 4/3 format has become more fashonable. They do not realize that micro cameras have micro sensors and produce shaky results. I used one of the Olympus cameras in photography class in college but could not justify the cost for my personal use. Someone offered the lens and camera seperately but with no battery, which is hard to find and expensive except on eBay. The battery came with a charger, auto charger cord, lens cleaner, and mini tripod so I was able to revive the camera I really wanted at a comparatively low cost. Now all I need is a vacation to use the admittedly bulky camera and lens.Read full review...

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it is capable of decent photos with a good lens; very easy to operate; image quality not equal to a current $300 point and shoot, but you get more flexibility...at least that is what I keep telling myself. With the optional battery grip, and a large capacity card you can shoot all day.Read full review...

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Olympus Evolt E-300 Camera

I brought the camera as a repair project, once I rec'd it I purchased charger and battery. The Battery was install and firmware updates were performed and camera worked great. I use it now for my outdoor pictures, because it has a great reputation for weather resistance and durability. I love the camera and consider it a great purchase.Read full review...

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Still a great camera, and now good examples can be picked-up for peanuts.

Review written in May 2013, London, UK.

Well, I bought this now old digital SLR a few weeks ago and here are my thoughts...
It's my first digital SLR... I used film SLRs and medium format cameras back in my youth, but have only used 'posh' compacts and bridge cameras since turning digital (Leica d-lux 3, Canon G9, Fuji S9600 etc). I bought the E-300 off eBay for £99 (about US$150) with the 14-45mm kit lens, in mint condition. What a bargain! OK, it's an 8-year-old camera but produces pretty good results, and the build quality is fantastic. It's a big, chunky, heavy camera, and sometimes that's what I want. The full review on DPReview's website says all you need to know re technical strengths and weaknesses, but for me it feels like cameras used to feel, back in the days of film. The tiny 1.8inch screen and no live-view means you spend your time looking through the viewfinder rather than fiddling with the back of the camera... the whole experience for me reminds me of walking around with a film camera. Fantastic. I've also bought a used HLD-3 battery grip (for £20 or US$30), which makes this brute even bigger, heavier and maybe even uglier, and it feels great. Sure, go and spend about 4 times as much on a new camera and it will be better, but four times better? I doubt it. I dropped this thing the other day and it nearly broke the pavement. Camera was fine, and even if it had been damaged I could pick up another body for less than £100.
It's a rock-solid, good-old-fashioned bargain bit of fun which can produce some really good results (check out the Flickr groups of users photos)... but it's definitely not one for fashionistas wanting the latest thing. Very useful for hitting people like that over the head though...
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This is a fun little camera to use

I like this littl camera because of it,s retro look.It does
resemble a rangefinder camera.I really can,t find anything to dislike about this product.I can use it as back up camera and
the price ,I just couldn't pass up.I bought it w/o any lense,
but not to worry,I had some lenses that were just collecting
dust.I have been buying adapters to put them to good use.Those
adapters work really great.I have'nt had any difficulty in
metering,exposure,of course everything in manual mode.I'm not
a pro by any means, I just like cameras.I'm real happy with my
8mp .
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Great camera with an unconventional form

Although not sold as a pro model, the E-300 is perfectly suitable for shooting paying jobs. I've used it for portraiture, copy work, and for shots used for greeting cards, using the kit lenses, and have not found it wanting. As always, the default contrast, sharpness and saturation settings may not be to your liking, but the camera is quite adaptable in that regard. Raw shooting probably gives a slight advantage in final quality, but it is debatable --and debated hotly -- whether or not it is worth the extra work. I've used the camera to shoot raw, TIFF, and SHQ Jpegs, and I would not hesitate to recommend any setting; only adding that they should be chosen according to individual taste and the requirements of the job. It focuses all the lenses I've used on it accurately, and produces nice colors. WB is easily adjusted and fine tuned and I haven't found the much hyped noise problem on this camera to be a problem at all. The noise here at high iso settings is more defined, less mushy than on some Nikons, and I have shot at all the available speeds up to 1600 and gotten useable images. I consider 400 and 800 speeds unproblematical, only addding the caveat that, as always, shooting at noisier (or in film, grainier) iso settings requires careful exposure. Underexposure at these settings can be quite ugly, but my years working in photo labs leads me to believe that it has always been thus. Expect noise at 1600, but don't panic. 1600 speed film was "noisy" too, and quite useful at certain times. Anyway, NeatImage is an inexpensive and very useful tool when an image absolutely must have the noise in it lessened.
I now shoot an E-510 mostly, and the layout of controls on this later model is significantly improved, making it more enjoyable to use. But the E-300, despite a more cumbersome approach to menus and controls, is a good, solidly built camera -- probably more solidly built than the subsequent e500 series, whatever other improvements these introduced -- and it dependably produces fine images. My only complaint is that the metering system was sometimes, and unpredictably, influenced by hot spots in the frame to underexpose the image. Once aware of that, it's easy enough to take a spot reading or an average reading with the hot area excluded, and set the camera to manual with the appropriate f-stop and shutter speed.

Nikon nazis and gadget freaks are sometimes quite unkind to this camera. So, be careful, when reading reviews of digital cameras, to separate legitimate photographic concerns from those of photographically untutored gadget geeks, one one hand, or aggressive and blind brand loyalists on the other. To be up front about the latter: I've used Olympus cameras for most of my photographic activities involving hand-held equipment, using an OM-1 35mm SLR as my prime tool for years, with an OM-2 for backup. Nikon and Canon make great cameras, but so does Olympus, and its smaller SLR profiles have usually fit my less than large hands better. The 4/3 system is likely here to stay a while, and the size of the sensor devoted to actually imaging the object is not much different to the APS sensors used by some of the competition. See http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/43/sensor-size.html for an in depth review of this topic.

If you find this camera at a good price, don't hesitate to buy it. I paid the new $1000 for mine, and though the price quickly dropped, I never felt cheated. It's that good.
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Olympus E300 (E-300) EVOLT camera

First let me say I am not the the best, or worst picture taker out there. I have used an Olympus C8080 for many years and I have gotten quite good with the above average point and shoot C8080. I have sold some of my work and I have not had anybody say negative things about my pictures. I have now stepped up my capabilities with the EVOLT E300 and my capabilities have vastly improved. I thank my professional photographer friends for reccomending this camera. I love it and now own two with an eye out for a third.
Now about the camera...

This camera has been used by many professionals since it came on the scene. And this is for good reason. With almost a cult following, the E300 gives the average "picture taker" a chance to take it to the next level without breaking the bank or getting so technical they can't operate the camera. The 8MP the E300 has on hand is quite sufficiant for even a poster size print so a second morgage to buy a higher megapixel camera isn't justified for for all but a few pros. Lets face it... most people shoot in JPG, TIF or JPEG and never come close to 3MP in any file. This unit will let you expand your horizons with the RAW files. Why spend so much more for a higher MP camera with add ons you wont use and get so complicated you don't want to take the camera out and "work it"

Photo quality is exceptional with the stock lenses. If yo are a 35mm film affectonado you will like the fact that an inexpensive adapter lets you use all of the OM lenses so you can keep all of your old equipment. This saves a mountian of cash you can use for other things like props. One more BIG plus is the ease of repair and availability of repair parts for your lenses. If you have taken photos for very long you will agree we all make mistttakkesss. dropping a lens can be very costly. With the E300 lenses you can reduce the damage to your wallet by buying replacement parts right here on eBay. I have bought non-functional lenses and given them a quick fix to save thousands in cash.
This camera is easy to hold and use. The designers did their homework. The weight is light enough so it is not cumbersome and yet heavy enough to give the stability to reduce the normal "automatic shake" we all have in our hands. This aids in reducing blur in the images. The options, buttons, and programs are easy to use without juggling the body in your hands. Ergonomic design of the hand hold and ease of access to controls are always a plus but seem to be on the finer edge with this unit.

You will wonder why you waited to buy one once you start taking photographs with this camera. It seems I can't say anything wrong about the EVOLT E300 and I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who could.

You will be astounded with the results this camera can give.
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Just go for a newer olympus.

this camera does have the capabilty to take nice photo's, but technology has come so far since the time this came out - i owned this camera for one day, and returned it to the seller on ebay. it just can't hold a candle to the new olympus cameras - i decided to spend $120 more on a new model, and two kit lenses. WELL worth the extra money! i went for the e-520, and now i have a camera that i can have fun with....vs. the older, bulkier, and lack-luster e-300. i felt like the e-300 was going to hold me back in a way. i could barely hold it in my hands! it felt so bulky.

if you are new to DSLR cameras, i would suggest looking at a newer olympus E-series...the e-520 or e-620. i love olympus
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Love It !!!!!!!!

I love thie camera It is my first real camera.Easy to use and fun. I have a lot to learn but this was a good choice for my level. The lens options are good as well and aforable if you are a ebay buyer.so go for the olympus E-300 as your choice for the best price and value.Read full review...


Perfect novice's first camera.

I purchased this camera because it was an excellent deal, and found it to be a great backup to may E-500. When shooting at the kid's ball games I use a 14-45mm lens on the E300 and the 55-200mm on my E500. This keeps me from removing the lenses in the field and possibly getting trash in the body. I find 8 meg to be more than enough for me and with 2mb CF cards I have almost endless shots.
I have shot over a thousand pictures in the last 2 months and am more than pleased with this used camera. I would not say it is pro quality but for the soccer dad (or mom) I would be hard pressed to find a better value in a used camera.
Since you cannot find this camera new anymore I would suggest this used with the Sigma 55-200mm lens. It is not top end and is really not a great choice in low light, but for the price it would be hard to beat it.
I am enjoying my used camera very much.
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